Meet The Peckerwoods

In 1961 my first flame, Marilyn Reed, took me to see the movie ‘Black Orpheus’ . We were both fifteen. A week later she took me to see her good friend, Les McCann. Thus began the Race War of Love.

“Why do I have to track up to the hills to see a black man?”

When I presented my portrait I did of my first muse at the home of Kenny Reed, her half sister and son was there. I later announced I used to be a racist. Shock ran thru the house. I went on to say, being in love for the first time, changed me.

Marilyn went to Paris to live with her sister who co-authored ‘Fela – This Bitch of a Life’ that was made into a musical. She knew Black Panthers, and other Black Radicals. When she disappeared for several years, her mother contacted ex-Panther, Elbridge Cleaver, after seeing him on Pat Robertson’s T.V. show. A week later, they got a letter, from France.

Cleaver invented a codge-piece that he swore would change the world. In my series, I trace this phalis to the Boii tribe in Bohemia, who went with Hannibal across the Alps to conquer Rome. To celebrate this victory, they paint their faces black, because Hannibal was a black man, and thus, Roman Legtions were afraid to fight the Black Bohemian Broterhood of Celtic Folks. The object of my series is to show crackers and rednecks their true (make-believe) roots, so they won’t vote for another Trump, if that is possible.

Marilyn and I have taken separate paths. Below is a video of I coming to the end of my Floral Quest, that now includes the artwork of Kehinde Wiley, who I could not ignore. Cleaver was ahead of his time. Size does matter…….and the color of your Penis Pants?

Happy Mardi Gras – everyone! It’s been a shit-stomping year, liken to a bursting white pussy boil, and a lit bag of dog-doo. We got to get some fun in!

Jon Presco

Copyright 2018


About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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