Belle’s Bums vs. Artists



What Alley Valkyrie fails to address is the conflict the homeless have with the Downtown Arts, and Patrons for the Arts. Thousands of citizens have come downtown to enjoy First Friday Art Walk, only to be accosted by aggressive BUMS – Bloviating Uneducated Miscreants

Bloviate: to speak or write verbosely and windily

Uneducated: not having been educated to a good standard:

Miscreant: a person who behaves badly or in a way that breaks the law.

Two months before Barack Obama became the President of the United States, I founded the Bohemian Bank of America. My friends had started up businesses in Eugene that were part of the service industry that employs 70% percent of Americans. These businesses were Bohemian in nature. Basing my bank on the study of Richard Florida, I promoted a trickle-up economy. What I did not count on, was the army of homeless who took over downtown Eugene, and with the help of dangerous and greedy advocates, intercepted monies that would have gone to the Arts, Artists, and Bohemian businesses.

When I ran into the mortal enemy of the Arts, Belle Burch, she was working Ken Kesey Square with her BUMS she had on a leash. Like ants milking aphids, Belle was using the homeless to enrich herself. When you feed her BUMS, you are feeding Belle, and putting Party Money in her pocket to she can have a good time with her “real” people.

In my video you see the same characters one beheld on the news – all the damn time! Someone needs to chose one BUM and do a study. Alley Valkyrie paraded her BUMS before the camera in an insidious FUNDING DRIVE! Alley used our public places and crisis to broadcast free commercials for her small group of core people that make up SLEEPS. How much money did she put in her pocket? Instead of giving money to creative artists, citizens are tricked into financing BUMISM! How much money goes to the middlemen for destroying our Downtown?

I now understand why Belle did not tell me she was a SLEEPS advocate. They had read this blog and ascertained I was the competition, and thus I was not going to be cut in on the deal. However, my resources would be used to line the pockets of the Seven.

I believe I have found the solution, being, to Privatize Bumism. Let us take away Bloviating Valkryie’s civic welfare rights talking points by creating a Bums Entertainment Warehouse. From 5 to 11, Bums will enter the warehouse and perform live on a computer site. They can do a drawing, do a tap dance, recite a poem, act, do a puppet show, give a speech, dress like a clown, do acrobatics, ect. If Artists must perform to get funding and patrons, why not BUMS? After each BUM performance, viewers can give money to their favorite BUM through PayPal. A person behind bulletproof glass will hand out cash to the performers. This is Capitalism! Get with the program, or, get lost!

BUMSGOTTALENT.COM is born! I just bought a domain name. BUMS are here to stay. Stop throwing your money away – for nothing! Let them amuse each other while they amuse you on a live-stream!

“Act C767! They liked your sock-puppets in Cleveland and Kentucky. Here’s $374 smacka-roos! Keep up the good work. NEXT!”

When I met Belle I was talking to my fellow artists about holding Eugene’s First Artist’s Soap Box Derby! We artists will do almost anything to amuse non-artists – FOR FREE! Make Belle’s BUMS workout and make us smile!

Note the three balls Belle has in her hand. I think she was juggling them as part of the covert Square Revival Scam on Art Walk Patrons.

My late friend, Denny Dent, dated my late sister in Junior High. No one was buying art in the late sixties and seventies. Denny took his art to the rock and roll stage. Rosamond cranked out affordable posters.


We may get a handful of ABUM from this group. Artistic Bloviating Uneducated Miscreants.

What is that secret street sign that BUM is giving Belle? I still need a lip-reader.

“Hooked big fish in front of Jazz Station.” is my Luckey guess.

Jon Presco

President: Bohemian Bank of America

Bohemians helping Bohemians take our World back.

Barack O’Bama has shown the world that when little people pool their
resources together, WE can change the world. This power of change can
be applied those who are fond of Artists, Writers, Musicians, Crafts
People, and others Creative Souls, whose patronage supports Bohemian
establishments such as Coffee Houses, Craft Shops, Restaurants,
Health Food Stores, Galleries, Fairs, Concerts, Music Stores, ect.

In what can be described as Reverse Elitism, it is time we Bohemians
take care of one another! I am deeply concerned about the fate of the
Bohemian Capitalistic Lifestyle that has a long history of
Survivability, but, may not weather the current economic downturn
that is hitting the Service Industry hard. Below Main Street, at the
bottom rung of the Service Industry, are what can be described as
Bohemian, even Hippie establishments that have survived outside the
mainstream capitalist institutions with very little, or no backing
from the Banks – that are now failing! What kind of fools are they?

This survivability has been made possible by a pulling together of
community resources and like-minded people who give their support in
a variety of ways. Quite often Musicians and Artists become
carpenters and laborers with the understanding once a new coffee
house is open for business, their artwork will hang on the wall, and
patrons will enjoy a fresh cup of Java accompanied by some Jazz
tunes. It is this Community Spirit that is needed in these hard

This creative community service should be rewarded and supported by
all its members, and their family and friends. Your vision and ideas
are most welcome here. Together we can overcome these adverse times,
and be an inspiration to everyone! If we Artists, Writers, Musicians,
and Freethinkers can not inspire the world, what are we good for!

For too long, Artists and other so-called Leftists and Elitists, have
been attacked by the Right-wing. With the election of Barack Obama we
have seen how the computer can bring people together to contribute to
our Democratic process. There is a Change coming, and you can keep it
energized by backing and patronizing those who have worked hard for
alternative solutions and change.

During hard times, the tendency is to isolate and wait for the axe to
fall. But history has shown that in past Depressions, people have
survived by coming together and pooling their resources – along with
their Hope! It is this Unity of Purpose that has made this Country
Great – and enjoyable – in the best of times, and in the worst of
times! As my late friend Denny Dent said;

“We are taking our world back!”

Constitutional Curfew II

No free speech at the Free Speech Plaza

By Camilla Mortensen

Alley Valkyrie fights for her right to free speech. Photo by Trask Bedortha.

Does the Constitution have a curfew? Local activists say free speech doesn’t stop at 11 pm, but Lane County has designated the Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza as closed to free speech and other activities after hours. In Bethlehem there was no room at the inn for the mother of Jesus, and in Eugene there’s no room for free speech at the Free Speech Plaza.

Alley Valkyrie, who has been involved with Occupy Eugene, SLEEPS (Safe Legally Entitled Emergency Places to Sleep) and other protests and advocacy causes, found herself banned from accessing county and city government offices after being cited on Dec. 13 for violating a closure of the plaza. The plaza was one of the many places that SLEEPS staged pop-up protest camps to call attention to the plight of the homeless who are woken up each night as they seek safe places to sleep. In response to the protests, Lane County began to enforce a previously unposted curfew on the plaza, and it shut the plaza down for several days to be “disinfected” after the SLEEPS protest.

The Wayne Morse plaza and the nearby federal plaza that has also been closed to protest after hours are both “traditional public forums,” according to Civil Liberties Defense Center attorney Lauren Regan. She says that means that the ability of the government to restrict activities there, such as protest, is limited. Regan has filed a case in U.S. District Court on behalf of Emily “Brave Beatrice” Semple and Terry Purvis after they were cited for protest in the federal plaza. Valkyrie says a case against the county’s closure is in the works.

“Whoever would have thought in progressive Eugene with a law school and a plaza dedicated to Wayne Morse we would have to be suing Lane County for the right to protest in a place called Free Speech Plaza?” Regan asks.

Oregon Sen. Wayne L. Morse, whose statue sits in the county plaza named for him, was known as an independent thinker and for opposing the Vietnam War on constitutional grounds.

Valkyrie says that like the barring of protesters from the federal plaza at night, barring protest in the Free Speech Plaza is unconstitutional. She also is going to file for a temporary restraining order on the restriction that is keeping her from accessing the county government offices, she says.

“I can’t even put into words to explain how outrageous I find their conduct right now,” Regan says of the county’s restriction that keeps Valkyrie from attending public meetings, despite not having been convicted of a crime.

When Mayor Kitty Piercy was informed that Valkyrie could not access Eugene City Council meetings she said, “While I respect the county’s rights to make decisions regarding visitors to the county building, it’s not OK with me for them to determine who may attend or speak at a council meeting.” She says she asked staff to work with the county “to ensure that no one is blocked from our council meetings by the county.”

The county did not respond to a request for comment on either Piercy’s request or on the plaza issue itself before EW’s press deadline.

When Lane County closed the plaza at County Administrator Liane Richardson’s behest, the protesters were told it was due to health and safety issues. Richardson alleged she had found human feces in the planters.

“Nobody dropped their pants in the planters,” Valkyrie says. “I would have seen it.” She points out that by saying the plaza needed disinfection and accusing protesters of pooping in the planters Richardson is reinforcing negative stereotypes of the homeless.

Valkyrie says she sees the ban on protest as “targeted enforcement” against Occupy and SLEEPS and she has found no evidence that Lane County enforced a curfew on the plaza in recent years prior to the SLEEPS protests. She points out that if both traditional public forums — the federal and county plazas — are closed at night, there is nowhere else downtown that a large group can protest after hours. This restricts those who work and cannot protest in the daytime as well as groups for whom protesting at night is an essential part of the message, such as Take Back the Night events and candlelight vigils.

After Valkyrie was cited for violating the free speech curfew, 21 other free speech activists, who ranged from 16-year-old girls to a recent war veteran, protested the plaza’s closure and were also arrested. They have not been banned from accessing the county building, which is also targeted enforcement, she says.

“This is a case where a first-year law student would say ‘Duh,’” Valkyrie says, and she questions why the county “keeps wasting its resources trying to deny people their rights.”

Regan says the unconstitutional bans on exercising First Amendment free speech rights in the federal and county plazas leave the Civil Liberties Defense Center with “no choice but to challenge them and to bring them to court.”

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    Liora Sponko is the Director of the Lane Arts Council. A year ago Marilyn Reed, her daughter, Nisha Calkins, and myself, attended a Landmarl presentation conducted by Liora. We had a very enlightened conversation that amazed us. We talked about our expectations in life. I considered submitting a proposal for funding. Marilyn and her Gospel choir got funding from the Lane Arts Council. Did they have discussions with Liora who is in charge of First Friday Art Walk that has been severely disrupted by members of SLEEPS? Marilyn and Kathy Vrzak sent me a rude message that declares they do not want to get involved with the SLEEPS anarchists that threatened to destroy my reputation. I am convinced the stance I made against them, led to their fall from grace. They wanted Ken Kesey Square – whatever it takes! If they succeeded, I believe there would be no Art Walk.

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