Unholy Blood at Big Bucks

“At last he came to the tower & opened the door of the little room where Rosamond lay.”

Immortal Transfusions are being sold for $8,000 dollars a pop! These blood transferences are titled ‘Ambrosia’. There is a rose in this name. Who can afford these keys to longevity via THE BLOOD? The Salman Family can. These Bloodsuckers may make five billion! Follow the Money Trail.


When I was lined up to see my sister in her coffin, my brother said;

“She’s not dead!”

When I gazed down on Rosamond, I hardly recognized her. She had several plastic surgeries. Looks are not everything. Was this an imposter?

Christine had said this five years earlier;

“You don’t know who I am!”

I have proven there is no death scene for Rosamond. I now have a vision of rich Saudis being flown into the closed Hamilton Air Base in the middle of the night, and being taken to the Buck Institute – to get their fix! This is why they have so many Arabs on the board, lest folks get suspicious.

Are the poor being lured to the top of the hill, then, taken prisoner? Before the Divine Blood can be put in the veins of an Arab, it must first mix with the blood of Celtic folks. There already exists a clinic that does this. Sleeping Beauty was named ‘Rosamond’ which means ‘Rose of the World’.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2017

The immortal flower

The immortal flower

Throughout more than six centuries, the Florescu family has survived the trials and tribulations of a little known and understood corner of Europe. Despite all misfortunes, the Florescu name has stood tall and to this day continues to write its own story in a new age far removed from the first burial grounds of the first medieval tombs. Immortalized by a flower, the Florescu heraldry became the symbol of an immortal family, led by religious beliefs, national pride, a sense of service and a deep respect for Romania’s own national heritage.

A startup called Ambrosia will fill your veins with the blood of young people and empty your pockets of $8,000.

Jesse Karmazin is the entrepreneur who made the practice possible, by launching a clinical trial on the potential of “young blood” through his startup Ambrosia. He says that within a month, most participants “see improvements” from the one-time infusion of a two-liter bagful of plasma, which is blood with the blood cells removed.


Having said that, where does the Florescu saga begin? How did the authors discover the linkage between Vlad the Impaler and the Florescus?

Although there is no knowledge of where precisely the Florescus came from, Radu Florescu’s adventure started with findings at the Brasov Archives – where the name of Florea was rediscovered. The link to Vlad Tepes was found in the genealogical notes of Uncle George, Romania’s foremost genealogist. Indeed, Dr. Cazacu presumes that Vlad Tepes may have had Florescu blood in him: Tepes’ great-grandfather, Radu the 1st, , was married to a Princess Ana (later known as a Nun Calinichia) who was born in the Florea clan.

Within over 100,000 rare old documents, there is an ancient coat of arms depicting a man with a helmet, holding a flower – a Romanian statement of totemic legacy from Transylvania (“the land beyond the forest”). More than six centuries old, the coat of arms is that of a family called Florea, a Christian name which stands for flower (floare).

These facts – along with other findings in the book – establish the link between the Florescu family and Dracula’s bloodline and their descendants. The seal of the flower has become the family insignia – a graphic mantel that conveys an undying family for centuries past, and hopefully for centuries to come.



Several scientists and clinicians say Karmazin’s trial is so poorly designed it cannot hope to provide evidence about the effects of the transfusions. And some say the pay-to-participate study, with the potential to collect up to $4.8 million from as many as 600 participants, amounts to a scam.

What’s certain is that it’s based on some intriguing if inconclusive science. Karmazin, a 32-year-old Princeton graduate and competitive rower, says he was inspired by studies on mice that researchers had sewn together, with their veins conjoined, in a procedure called parabiosis.

Over the last decade or so, such studies have offered provocative clues that certain hallmarks of aging can be reversed or accelerated when old mice get blood from young ones. Yet these studies have come to conflicting conclusions. An influential 2013 paper in Cell showed that a particular component in young blood, GDF11, increased muscle strength, for example, but other researchers could not replicate the finding.

Further, parabiosis experiments offer little insight into how Ambrosia’s one-time transfusions will affect people. “In our study, circulation between the young and old mouse was maintained for nearly four weeks,” says Amy Wagers, a professor of regenerative biology at Harvard University and an author on the Cell report.

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