Trump Should Be Arrested – Cries a British Leader

Britain First’s deputy leader Jayda Fransen
Britain First carries out Christian Patrol in Islamist hotspot Bury Park, Luton
23rd January 2016

Being a true Prophet is the loneliest job on Earth. Everyone turned on me. The only ally I found that was on my side, was Sir Ian Easton, Rena’s late husband. Today he rises from his grave and declares………

“That is enough – of this!”

Antony Hayden Guest is kin to Winston Churchill who was behind the formation of the British Defence Staff, so that Britain and the U.S. will always be allied, always go forth to meet the common foe.

Jyada Francen leads Angry White Men on Christian Patrols. Here is Britain’s Sarah Palin who was backed by a biker gang.

I talked to a woman at the State Department. She never heard the BDS. Trump is dismantling our Diplomatic Core. Tomorrow, I will restore the True Knight Templars, and take on these hateful frauds carrying a cross and some cheeky cote of arms!

It was Heather Ann Nauert who I spoke to about Ian Easton’s Diplomatic mission. Would Rena have become a Fox – Fox?

Jon Presco ‘The Prophet’

Heather Ann Nauert (born January 27, 1970) is an American journalist who has served as the spokesperson for the United States Department of State since April 2017.[2] She is a former co-host of Fox & Friends and Fox & Friends First, and was previously a correspondent for ABC News.


White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Thursday that President Trump did not know that Jayda Fransen was a leader of the ultranationalist group Britain First when he shared her anti-Muslim videos on Twitter.

Trump has been under fire for sharing the unverified videos that purport to show Muslims engaged in acts of violence, which were shared by Fransen, the deputy leader of Britain First who faces charges of incitement in her homeland.

On Thursday, Sanders was asked if Trump knew who Fransen was before he shared the controversial videos.

“No, I don’t believe so but I think he knew what the issues are,” Sanders said. “That is that we have a real threat of extreme violence and terrorism, not just in this country but across the globe, particularly in Europe. That was the point he was making. I don’t have much to add beyond that.”

Sanders also said she was uncertain of how the president had come across the material.

“I’m not sure every single video the president has viewed,” she said.

The British Defence Staff – US, which was previously known as British Joint Staff Mission and British Defence Staff (Washington), is the home of the Ministry of Defence in the United States of America and its purpose is to serve the interests of Her Majesty’s Government in the USA.[1]

The British Defence Staff – US is led by the Defence Attaché who is British Ambassador’s senior adviser on defence issues, and has responsibility over 750 military and civilian Ministry of Defence personnel located both within the Embassy and in 30 states across the USA.[1

Admiral Sir Ian Easton KCB DSC (1917–1989) was a Royal Navy officer who held various command positions in the 1970s.

Naval career[edit]

Easton joined the Royal Navy in 1931 and qualified as a pilot at the start of World War II in which he saw active service on aircraft carriers.[1] On 4 January 1941, flying a Fairey Fulmar of 803 Squadron from HMS Formidable during a raid on Dakar he force landed, with his aircrewman Naval Airman James Burkey and was taken prisoner and held by the Vichy French at a camp near Timbuktu until released in November 1942.[2] He was appointed Assistant Director of the Tactical and Weapons Policy Division at the Admiralty in 1960 and was seconded to the Royal Australian Navy as Captain of HMAS Watson in 1962.[1] He went on to be Naval Assistant to the Naval Member of the Templer Committee on Rationalisation of Air Power in 1965, Director of Naval Tactical and Weapons Policy Division at the Admiralty in 1966 and Captain of the aircraft carrier HMS Triumph in 1968.[1] After that he was made Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Policy) in 1969, Flag Officer for the Admiralty Interview Board in 1971 and Head of British Defence Staff and Senior Defence Attaché in Washington, D.C. in 1973.[1] He last posting was as Commandant of the Royal College of Defence Studies in 1976: he commissioned armourial bearings for the College which were presented during a visit by the Queen in November 1977.[3] He retired in 1978.[1]

LONDON — One member of Parliament called him a “fascist.” Another described him as “stupid.” A third wondered aloud whether President Trump was “racist, incompetent or unthinking — or all three.”

The stream of criticism that began after Mr. Trump shared anti-Muslim videos from a far-right British group on Wednesday morning turned into a gusher on Thursday, after he rebuked Prime Minister Theresa May in a nighttime tweet, telling her: “Don’t focus on me, focus on the destructive Radical Islamic Terrorism that is taking place within the United Kingdom.”

Mr. Trump’s one-two punch managed to generate rare unanimity in a Britain that is deeply divided over the contentious process of leaving the European Union.

For one day at least, political rivals redirected the ire they normally aim at each other to focus on Mr. Trump.

Criticism came from ideological opposites like Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London and a Muslim with whom Mr. Trump has repeatedly feuded on Twitter, and Nigel Farage, the euroskeptic provocateur who traveled across the Atlantic to campaign for Mr. Trump last year. (“Put your hands up, say ‘I got this wrong,’ and, frankly, try to move on,” Mr. Farage advised Mr. Trump.)

Helen of Britania




britania4(c) Monmouthshire Museums Service; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation





britannia-tshirt_closeupHelmet1easton-adm eastonbitrena-large

It pained me to write this blog that will prove the most profound and prophetic works of art in history. What I saw in my dream was Rena’s dead daughter bidding me to rescue and take care of her mother. There was much at stake. She was speaking as Ian’s daughter. What may have alarmed Rena, is my implying her daughter took her naked form. and came into my bed in the shape of how I remember her best. Who wouldn’t? A hundred million men have longed to see an extremely beautiful woman – naked! This want is the great engine of all the battleships that have sailed around Britannia, just to keep her safe!

But, she take in a Trojan Horse, and, only a great love story……..will save Britannia, now!

Jon Presco

‘Capturing Beauty’ Copyright 2016


Brexit will go down in history as one of the most ugly, reactionary and regressive political campaigns ever conducted in an advanced and mature democracy. Strip away the embroidery and it is clear this was a referendum based on immigration and migrant workers, whom a large swathe of the white working class across England’s de-industrialized north have been persuaded are the source of their increasing alienation and inability to make ends meet.

In conditions of severe economic depression, compounded by austerity, along with the free movement of people that is a condition of the single market, the archetypal perfect storm was in place, one that proved political manna from heaven for the right and extreme right of the British political spectrum.

Placing Brexit in a wider context, it is the UK manifestation of the resurgence of the far right that has and is taking place across Europe – in western Ukraine, Scandinavia, Holland, Hungary, France and Germany – such as we haven’t since the 1930s, when similar conditions of economic depression and austerity were in place. Ultra nationalism, even neo-fascism, is the result, portending an alarming retreat into national particularisms, chauvinism, and in the last analysis the elevation of racism to mainstream prominence.

Meanwhile, back in the UK we now have a situation where the people of Scotland have voted for the future while the people of England have voted for the past. In response, as England prepares to sail back into the 19th century, a second referendum on Scottish independence has already been placed on the table by the leader of the SNP Nicola Sturgeon.

Unlike the first referendum on independence on Scotland in 2014, which was defeated, the stakes involved in the second will be even greater. For unlike in 2014 when the primary objective of its progressive wing was to break from the status quo of neoliberalism, the second will involve breaking from an even more grievous status quo of xenophobia and ugly British nationalism, erected as a monument to the country’s colonial past.

The spectre of fascism has loomed over Europe for several years, and it’s reached a fever pitch. In France, the United Kingdom, Austria, Greece, Denmark, and Sweden, right-wing nationalist movements are gaining steam with every election.

In 2014, when elections were held for the European Parliament, it was evident that the political winds were shifting rightward. Thane Rosenbaum summarized Europe’s “Weimar moment” well:

I am going to paint Rena Victoria Easton as Britannia. How perfect! When I’m done, I will see if any of my titled friends on facebook want to purchase it. I will make posters for the Brits to enjoy. Who knows, William Windsor may want it on his wall in order to honor his beautiful wife.

Rena has the most beautifully shaped almond eyes like we see on the Corinthian helmut – that would look great on her. Now we put a spear in her raised hand – and problem solved!

All the images of Britannia are of Cutsie-pie girls that you would chase through a garden after you had a cup of tea. The image of Rena looks like she wants to – tear your heart out. She is capable of this.

One reason Rena has not come forth, because she is now a wrinkly old sea hag, and wants me to be inspired by the young beauty she was. I do wish she would send me old photos via e-mail- for Art’s sake!

I like that poster of old Uncle Sam with Britannia. Perhaps I will make a Britannia doll with accessories.

Rena is going to love this painting because she considered what her life would be like if she born male. She saw how unfair it is to be born a woman. Shall we go back to the Museum now, where Rena posed as Diana, the Goddess of the Hunt?

Perhaps I am Neptune – the Old Man of the Sea?

Come to me my beautiful Muse. Be by my side as I render you to music. I love the Sea Symphony, and Ionathan Livingston Seagull.

You can make me a cup of tea, come to me from the kitchen in your walker and old ladies shawl as I thrash about the studio throwing color and hunks of clay around! You can wipe my creative brow, and pop crumpets in my mouth. Your life with a true artist – true to you – could be so grand!

Jon Presco

Copyright 2013

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    I talked to a woman at the State Department. She never heard the BDS. Trump is dismantling our Diplomatic Core. Tomorrow, I will restore the True Knight Templars, and take on these hateful frauds carrying a cross and some cheeky cote of arms!
    It was Heather Ann Nauert who I spoke to about Ian Easton’s Diplomatic mission. Would Rena have become a Fox – Fox?
    Jon Presco ‘The Prophet’

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