Not Quite Not A Rose

MONACO – APRIL 19: Portrait of Rainier III, Prince of Monaco to Princess Grace on their wedding day on April 19, 1956 in Monaco. (Photo by 3777/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

Artist Heide Hatry understands the fundamental human desire to have the dead with us always – as image, as memory, as physical remnant.

Several days ago Saint C described to me what she considered a “DEATH CULT”. She had confronted a woman three months ago, who tried to kiss Stefan in a European way. She karate chopped her wrist. This woman is Heidi Hatry. Later, When Heidi saw Chris again, she threw her hands up – in surrender. Why then did she try to kiss Stefan again? Christine moved in! She shoved Heidi’s face away. She looked startled. Heidi said it was customary to kiss people like this in  Europe.

“This isn’t Europe! This is America! We have manners!”

“I have manners!” Heidi declared.

“No you don’t!”

Heidi has made a name for herself for her rude and impertinent art, that is a slap in the face to serious artists, and lovers of art. Christine is accusing Heidi of being CHEEKY. She told me she was going to confront Heidi – and fight for her man! Now, this is High Art!


adjective: impertinent

  1. 1.not showing proper respect; rude.”an impertinent question”
    synonyms: rude, insolent, impolite, ill-mannered, bad-mannered, uncivil, discourteous, disrespectful; More

    impudent, cheeky, pert, audacious, bold, brazen, brash, presumptuous, forward;

    tactless, undiplomatic;

    informalsaucy, sassy, smart-alecky

    “impertinent remarks”

    antonyms: polite
  2. 2.formalnot pertinent to a particular matter; irrelevant.”talk of “rhetoric” and “strategy” is impertinent to this process”

Christine told me she was defending Stefan from evil spells. This is Grace Kelly getting off the train, and running back into town to – DEFEND HER MAN!

It is alleged Grace Kelly was involved with a Death Cult, as were members of the ROSEMONT family, who may be my kin. Heidi’s Declaration that she has removed Beauty from the Rose, and destroyed the Rose as a symbol of beauty – in the name of art – in her book ‘Not A Rose’ made me wonder if she know what she is doing, and, getting herself into! There are REAL DEAD BODIES wearing DEAD SKIN, in this one Heidi. Are you shocked? Has your comfort level been – challenged?

Saint C described this cult as escaped mental patients  engaged in a macabre basket-weaving contest to see who can be the most C00-Coo. Heidi has given some very smart men and women PERMISSION to disregard the input of the Church in regards to dealing with IMMORTALITY – which involves being with the dead in the after-life!  This is a SHOW-DOWN. Saint C delivered a Courtesy Warning……

“Don’t fuck with my man – or the dead!”

Who do the dead belong to, anyway? I hereby copyright all Dead People! The book that begs to be written is how ancient celtic women tried to cheat death, trick Mr. D up a tree in order to keep him from taking – their man. Best be safe than sorry, was Saint C’s reasoning. That corpse on a stick (the crucifixion) begs European Pagan Men to give up and surrender to the Slave Masters of Rome, who raped children they captured.

Is Heidi seeking commissions from those NEAR DEATH, she famous for doing portraits of DEAD PEOPLE in order to immortalize them? How like the black robed priest who appear at the foot of the bed, and after dismissing the family, he bend down and whispers;

“Give me your gold, or, burn in hell!”

Saint C compares Heidi to the Nazi Cultist that produced images of mounds of teeth containing gold fillings, and, mounds of cropped hair. Death is rendered into mounds of Cash! There is an American flag painted on human skin. From where did Heidi, and others, find permission to render these things? Where did they get the human skin? The key word is PERMISSION! How human beings come to own such ghoulish and murderous permission, is the stuff that real art and literature is about. Saint C made a stand against this Permission.

This far, and no further! Didn’t Hatry hear about the famous fight Saint C had with Brook McGowan that is now a traditional Art Happening presented by New York’s newest artist. A witness to this, came forth and kissed C’s hand. This is the new cultural high water mark and litmus test, that I suspect will catch on. The rarer the stamp, the more precious!

In the age of ‘Me Too’ why shouldn’t Artists and Writers construct the rules for TOUCHING. Let us end the age of ‘Anything Goes’.

‘You must fight for your bench!”


You are now in the Rosy Labyrinth. Prepare yourself for the Labyrinth Run!

Jon Presco

Copyright 2017

“I’m on your precious bench, and you’re never going to have it for yourself again.”

Jerry, p. 24

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Ashes to ashes, ashes to art. Only Heide Hatry could have dared to confront (and collaborate with) eons of belief systems and taboos to produce these evocative portraits of mortality and its mirror image.
Lucy R. Lippard (art critic, curator, activist)

Artist Heide Hatry understands the fundamental human desire to have the dead with us always – as image, as memory, as physical remnant. Her portraits made from the ashes of the deceased are haunting modern-day relics, poignant to any viewer, virtually sacred to those who knew and loved the departed. Each is a compelling likeness, a personal shrine.
Richard Vine (art critic, managing editor of Art in America)

In establishing new relations between the formerly unrelated – the essence of creation – Hatry found a contemporary formulation of the memento mori that has pervaded art since the very beginning of culture.
Wolf Singer (director at the Max Planck Institute for Brain Research, Frankfurt)

Rainier Outraged By Scandalous TV Report That . . . Princess Grace Was A 
Sex-Cult Priestess

Prince Rainier of Monaco is furiously denying an investigation that 
claims Princess Grace was a secret priestess in a bizarre sex cult!

Grace joined the Order of the Solar Temple just months before her death 
in 1982, according to a blockbuster TV documentary.

They say she stripped and underwent a sexual initiation ceremony -- and 
she handed over more than $9 million before she eventually turned 
against the cult's charismatic leader shortly before she died following 
a car accident.

"Grace was a woman of many secrets," said TV producer David Cohen, who 
spent a year investigating the cult. "Her lovers are only one aspect of 
the story. She was an extremely religious woman -- and it was her search 
for spirituality that delivered her to the Order of the Solar Temple."

Prince Rainier "is furious about these claims," a Monaco insider told 

"He thinks it's all just sensational rubbish to grab TV ratings and a 
cheap shot at somebody who can't answer back," the insider said.

"He's convinced it never happened, and he is sure she couldn't have 
given them so much money without him knowing. Prince Rainier is going to 
make sure this program is never shown in Monaco."

The cult became notorious three years ago after 69 members in Canada and 
Europe died in an apparent mass suicide, which now is being probed as 
mass murder.

According to the program, Grace was not alone among the European upper 
class duped by the Solar Temple. Many rich and powerful people in Monaco 
and Europe were lured to join and then conned out of money by cult 
leader Joseph di Mambro.

They were told the Order gave them special access to God during 
ceremonies that involved part- Catholic, part-mystic mumbo jumbo.

Di Mambro convinced his recruits he was in touch with 33 spiritual 
masters who watched over the world from the Himalayas. He also told 
followers that they were reincarnated from biblical figures or saints.

Producers for the program -- to be aired in Britain this month -- say 
their evidence comes from interviews with the cult leader's 
chauffeur/security guard and an acupuncturist who stripped and prepared 
Grace for the initiation ceremony.

When the Princess arrived at the ancient church in the South of France 
for the rite, she was "frightened and apprehensive" at first.

But she was sexually aroused by the acupuncturist, then given a drugged 
drink before being told to lie on a huge round altar in the church's 
crypt during the ceremony.

One of the cult's top leaders, Luc Jouret, then declared her a "High
Priestess of the Order."

She was asked to donate $10 million. She paid $9 million, but soon had
second thoughts.

Cohen said, "The notion of somebody as loved and respected as Princess 
Grace joining a cult -- after undergoing the sexually loaded initiation 
ceremony -- was hard to believe when we first stumbled across her secret 
two years ago."

Despite Prince Rainier's strong denials, Cohen said he is convinced the 
story is true.

Cohen claims Grace fought with di Mambro when she demanded her money 
back, threatening to expose him as a fraud. Then she died.

"Her attitude frightened di Mambro," Cohen said. "It draws attention to 
the mysterious circumstances of her death."


The Rose Portal of the Eight Beauties

In the a tower of Arginy Castle, members of a neo-Templar group that is not the Solar Temple group, drew portals on the wall so that diseased Knights Templars could come through and reveal occult secrets and the whereabouts of the vast Templar treasure that was concealed long ago. The De Rosemont family was involved in several searches for this treasure. Jacques Breyer had formed a new Rosicrucian cosmology. The Solar Temple attached itself to the Arginy Knights of the Rose Cross, and allegedly committed mass suicides and murders so members can pass into another realm, perhaps travel to a distant star. Consider the suicides by the Heaven’s Gate cult.

When important truths and facts were concealed just after the death of my sister, Christine Rosamond Benton, I said in letters a cult was formed. It may not have been intentional, but, cults strive on secrets. This secret cult sucked in my daughter who at sixteen was involved in Scientology, along with their mother. I met with the leader of the west coast Scineltogists, and told her she was using Heather Hanons like a slave. In two months Heather has cut off all means to contact her, and has contacted Vicki Presco in order to strike up a relationship with her – knowing we are at odds over her account of how our sister died. Heather was a minor child, who was counting on my relationship with members of my family never being mended! Heather, and her family, are like maggots living in the terrible wound death often leaves in a family. I suspect Heather’s aunt, Linda Comstock, and her attorney husband, were instructing Heather on how to handle me, how to own power over me – for starters!

For the reason I may never see my grandson again, I am bid to put a Time capsule, a Portal, for him and his children to find me, his grandfather. This is my ineage. Tyler Hunt’s father never wanted him, and his father, disowned Ryan Hunt.

Some people believe members of the Solar Temple were murdered. I tend to concur for the reason several babies were demonized and butchered. This looks like someone, or a group of people, were trying to demonize and discredit the Solar Temple. If true, who is that group? It is as if monsters came through portals all over the world, and slay these people whose bodies were placed in a star formation, and burned.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2012

Chateau d’Arginy & Secret of the Knights Templar
A friend of mine just told me about a very cool chateau in Charentay, not too far from Lyon. I visited it and have become rather obsessed about it.

Gorgeous, n’est-ce pas?

You can click here to read more about it in English and see some amazing photos. (I google translated the website for you, so the text is a little funky.)

The castle sits upon an ancient salt mine from the time of the Gauls. A Roman lieutenant named Arginusae built a small town upon the site, hence the castle’s name, Arginy.

In the 11th century, a castle with three towers and a donjon, or house, was built upon the site. The castle has been lived in by noble families, non-stop (With perhaps an exception during the French Revolution), since its creation. Much of the castle we see today was constructed in 1533.

It is said that the castle contains a treasure of the Knights Templar. This would most likely be secret writings. Documents, which if reveled today, would knock the Catholic church on its behind. Kind of like the Da Vinci Code ….

People have been hunting for this treasure since the 15th century. (The treasure would have been from the 13th century when Pope Innocent III launched a campaign to exterminate all Cathars and Templar Knights in 1208–such an innocent guy. The treasure was apparently later transported to a “place of safety”, le Chateau d’Arginy?)

Each time people dig for the treasure, there is a mortal accident, someones head gets crushed. In 1883, a man’s foot was crushed as he descended into a vertical gallery. In 1914, Count Pierre de Rosemont, the owner, was given a “spiritual order” to stop looking for the treasure. People believe that he may have found the sarcophagus of the Knight Templar who was buried in an underground chamber and who is responsible for writing mystical symbols on the wall of the burial chamber. (Click here for photos of the symbols)

In 1953, a team of occultists from the l’ordre souverain du Temple solaire, or Sovereign Order of the Solar Temple were called in by the owner, Jacques de Rosement. They declared that there are 11 ghosts of the Knights Templar guarding a treasure.

Several books have been written on the chateau d’Arginy, most notably Time out of Time by Gabrielle Carmi.

The current owners are not keen on people visiting. Please respect their wish for privacy if you decide to visit the area.

Voila! Gros bisous des château hanté et a demain.

According to “Peronnik” (a pseudonym of temple member Robert Chabrier) in his book, “Pourquoi la Résurgence de l’Ordre du Temple? Tome Premier: Le Corps” (“Why a Revival of the Order of the Solar Temple? Vol. One: The Body”) 1975, pp. 147–149 [1], the aims of the Order of the Solar Temple included: establishing “correct notions of authority and power in the world”; an affirmation of the primacy of the spiritual over the temporal; assisting humanity through a great “transition”; preparing for the Second Coming of Jesus as a solar god-king; and furthering a unification of all Christian churches and Islam. The group reportedly drew some inspiration for its teachings from British occultist Aleister Crowley, who headed the Order of Eastern Temple from 1923 until his death in 1947, and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, a 19th century Rosicrucian Order Crowley belonged to briefly.[2] Both occult groups had a grade system somewhat similar to the Solar Temple. Another Rosicrucian group, the Rosicrucian Fellowship headed by Max Heindel, also mentioned Rosicrucians worship Christ as “The Solar Logos” (Rays from the Cross Magazine, June, 1933), although this is not traditional Christian doctrine.
There were Solar Temple lodges in Morin Heights and Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pérade, Quebec, Canada, as well as in Australia, Switzerland, Martinique and other countries. The Temple’s activities were a mix of early Protestant Christianity and New Age philosophy using variously adapted Freemason rituals. Jouret was interested in attractive, wealthy and influential members, and it was reputed that several affluent Europeans were secret members of the group..
[edit] Structure
According to the literature of the OTS, the central authority was the Synarchy of the Temple, whose membership was secret. Its top 33 members were known as the Elder Brothers of the Rosy Cross (an alternative name for the Rosicrucians), and were headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland. The Council of the Order formed Lodges which were run by a Regional Commander and three Elders. Progression in the Order was by levels and grades, with three grades per level – the levels being The Brothers of Parvis, The Knights of the Alliance and the Brothers of the Ancient Times in ascending order. There were many organizations associated with the OTS including the International Archedia Sciences and Tradition, Archedia Clubs, Menta Clubs, Agata Clubs and Atlanta Clubs, all of which offered the teachings of Luc Jouret both to the general public and privately to OTS members. The Lodges had altars, rituals and costumes. Members were initiated at each stage of advancement in ceremonies which included expensive purchases, jewellery, costumes, regalia, and the payment of initiation fees. During ceremonies, members wore Crusader-type robes and were to hold in awe a sword which Di Mambro said was an authentic Templar artifact, given to him a thousand years ago in a previous life.
[edit] Mass murders and suicides
In October 1994 Tony Dutoit’s infant son (Emmanuel Dutoit), aged three months, was killed at the group’s centre in Morin Heights, Quebec. The baby had been stabbed repeatedly with a wooden stake. It is believed that Di Mambro ordered the murder, because he identified the baby as the Anti-Christ described in the Bible. He believed that the Anti-Christ was born into the order to prevent Di Mambro from succeeding in his spiritual aim.
A few days later, Di Mambro and twelve followers performed a ritual Last Supper. A few days after that, apparent mass suicides and murders were conducted at Cheiry and Salvan, two villages in Western Switzerland, and at Morin Heights — 15 inner circle members committed suicide with poison, 30 were killed by bullets or smothering, and 8 others were killed by other causes. In Switzerland, many of the victims were found in a secret underground chapel lined with mirrors and other items of Templar symbolism. The bodies were dressed in the order’s ceremonial robes and were in a circle, feet together, heads outward, most with plastic bags tied over their heads; they had each been shot in the head. It is believed that the plastic bags were a symbol of the ecological disaster that would befall the human race after the OTS members moved on to Sirius. It is also believed that these bags were used as part of the OTS rituals, and that members would have voluntarily worn them without being placed under duress. There was also evidence that many of the victims in Switzerland were drugged before they were shot. Other victims were found in three ski chalets; several dead children were lying together. The tragedy was discovered when officers rushed to the sites to fight the fires which had been ignited by remote-control devices. Farewell letters left by the believers stated that they believed they were leaving to escape the “hypocrisies and oppression of this world.”
A mayor, a journalist, a civil servant and a sales manager were found among the dead in Switzerland. Records seized by the Quebec police showed that some members had personally donated over $1 million to the group’s leader Joseph Di Mambro. There was also another attempted mass suicide of the remaining members which was thwarted in the late 1990s[citation needed]. All the suicide/murders and attempts occurred around the dates of the equinoxes and solstices in some relation to the beliefs of the group.
Another massacre related to the OTS took place during the night between the 15 and 16 December 1995. On 23 December 1995, 16 bodies were discovered in a star-formation in the Vercors region in France. It was found later that two of them shot the others and then committed suicide by firearm and immolation.
On the morning of March 23, 1997, five members of the OTS took their own lives in Saint-Casimir, Quebec. A small house exploded into flames, leaving behind five charred bodies for the police to pull from the rubble. Three teenagers aged 13, 14 and 16, the children of one of the couples that died in the fire, were discovered in a shed behind the house, alive but heavily drugged.
Michael Tabachnik, an internationally renowned Swiss musician and conductor, was arrested as a leader of the Solar Temple in the late 1990s. He was indicted for “participation in a criminal organization,” and murder. He came to trial in Grenoble, France during the spring of 2001 and was acquitted. French prosecutors appealed the verdict and an appellate court ordered a second trial beginning October 24, 2006. He was again cleared less than two months later on December 20.[3]


Occasionally, some of your visitors may see an adve

Heide Hatry‘s neo-conceptual photographs in “Not a Rose“ look like your standard calendar-worthy nature photography.

But if you think you are looking at a beautiful flower in bloom, think again. You’re actually staring at a cow’s vagina and a sheep’s penis, and you cannot un-see it.

heide hatry

In Hatry’s secret-filled garden, flowers are replaced with the flesh and sex organs of deceased animals. The scrubbed animal parts blend in surprisingly well with the plant-filled backdrop. Although the image of raw flesh can almost pass for that of a pansy, we imagine the accompanying scent would be telling. The stark juxtaposition of bloom and decay presents a dark take on the ephemeral nature of life — whether plant or animal.

Hatry’s work pins our aesthetic taste against our ethical judgment, hyperbolizing the ways in which sex organs can simultaneously attract and repulse. Her fleshy flowers suggest that perhaps Mother Nature’s most beloved eye candy is not as tame as it first appears. Whether you fall for Hatry’s non-vegan garden or would prefer your roses organ-free, we guarantee you’ll never look at a flower the same way again.

“Not A Rose” runs from May 23 until June 22, 2013 at Stux Gallery in New York. For another interpretation on lewd flowers check out Christopher Beane’s orchid orgies

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