Eternal Muses and Culture Wars

Why aren’t THE RICH, who hobnob with Bohemians and Artists, objecting to this evil tax cut for the rich? We should boycott them. Consider the French Revolution, our Mad President, and Mad King George, from who we won our Independence.

Rosamond Press

There are people who I was close to who are threatening my Copyright – as usual! They want to come in with their butcher knife and carve off a big hunk of money for themselves. Like my daughter, they think they have struck THE JACKPOT! I have worked very hard, in almost total isolation. I have been titled “INSANE” in the hope money pour in the greedy fists of morons who have not read one book. Andy Warhol got tons of support and mounds of money, and he threatened to quit. With the election of Trump, my WILD PROPHECIES – are spot on! Reality as Warhol knew it, is………FINIS! The value of life is disappearing. Western Culture is being undermined by Brexit and the End Time Lovers of Donald who waged war on the NEA and NPR. Tim and Beverly LaHaye are powerful Whack-jobs who have made a billion dollars…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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