Under Seige by Ugly Monsters

I made a big mistake by giving Daryl Bulkley Heather’s phone number. Her daughter, Kimberly Bulkley, and our cousin, Murray Oltman, refused to answer my question about they knowing anyone who is authoring a book about any family member.

Rosamond Press

In the top photo we see Mark Broderick Presco with our niece, Drew Benton. He demanded I sign Snyder’s non-disclosure agreement, knowing I was Christine’s mentor. Below Mark is Bill Cornwell who wants my grandson all to himself because he can’t sire a child. He does not want me around as a witness. Mark is thrilled he has Bill on his side. But, Bill has to share Tyler with fellow alcoholic Flip Fuck Face, who lost his kids a long time ago. He died a year after this photo of acute alcoholism. I wish I had read Snyder’s anti AA book – that uses AA members to transfer the creative legacy I began at twelve, over to ‘The Custodians’ who depicted Christine and I as being dangerous and insane. You can see they are after BEAUTY, because they are UGLY demons.

Jon Presco

From: John Ambrose <braskewitz@yahoo.com>
To: Daryl Bulkley
Sent: Thu, January…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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