Under Seige by Ugly Monsters

In the top photo we see Mark Broderick Presco with our niece, Drew Benton. He demanded I sign Snyder’s non-disclosure agreement, knowing I was Christine’s mentor. Below Mark is Bill Cornwell who wants my grandson all to himself because he can’t sire a child. He does not want me around as a witness. Mark is thrilled he has Bill on his side. But, Bill has to share Tyler with fellow alcoholic Flip Fuck Face, who lost his kids a long time ago. He died a year after this photo of acute alcoholism. I wish I had read Snyder’s anti AA book – that uses AA members to transfer the creative legacy I began at twelve, over to ‘The Custodians’ who depicted Christine and I as being dangerous and insane. You can see they are after BEAUTY, because they are UGLY demons.

Jon Presco

From: John Ambrose <braskewitz@yahoo.com>
To: Daryl Bulkley
Sent: Thu, January 13, 2011 11:49:40 AM
Subject: Re: Bill Broderick

I am sorry to hear about your brother. So much of OUR family history is gone. Bill could have given me answers about my father, but, refused to contact me. There are so many things sealed in the Family Black Box, too many for me to ignore – and still have any history. Of course I regret not being able to paint a rosy family portrait – not even using good intentions!
Bill and Vic tried to employ me against Christine and Garth over the family partnership prints. This partnership was founded by monies Melba left Vic. I feel so much for Melba. She was sorely used. She always had good intentions, but, could never put her only child out of her life. Vic made sure that never happened lest he be cast out of everyone’s life. He kept her isolated and afraid.
Thank God Heather and Tyler are in my life. They never met Vic or Rosemary. They went with me to the Stuttmeister tomb, and driving through San Francisco I said this to her;
“This is your and Tyler’s city. The Stuttmeisters are listed as a Pioneer San Francisco family. When I am gone, you will always be grounded by these members of my family.”
I told Heather I was in contact with you and she perked up. She is socially healthy. She has no interest in my family intrigues, None! Here is her number if you care to say hello.
1 707 364 1622
I liked your brother. May he rest in peace.
Jon Gregory
Many famous artists suffer from mental illness. Chazen tried to become the Executor of my sister’s creative legacy, and failed because he was the No1. Creditor who I suspect backed Stacey Pierrot the OWNER of the Rosamond gallery, who was sold everything four years ago. My nieces do not get a dime. Million want to know who is at the bottom of the Mortgage Crisis. If an alleged mad man points out a culprit – so be it!


Christine and Garth were in trouble with the IRS. Someone was going to jail! Vicki and her son lied about my sisters’ demise. My family has convinced you there would be nothing wrong anywhere with anyone IF only YOU see me as insane and deluded. You chose to help them with the Cover Up – after I trusted you! I am going to assume you are interested in protecting the family name from your bother’s insanity by silencing my SANE voice!


Fuck you!







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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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  1. Reblogged this on Rosamond Press and commented:

    I made a big mistake by giving Daryl Bulkley Heather’s phone number. Her daughter, Kimberly Bulkley, and our cousin, Murray Oltman, refused to answer my question about they knowing anyone who is authoring a book about any family member.

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