Scientology and Dead Rosamond Cult

Patrice lied to me about she and my daughter being members of Scientology where sexual abuse takes place.

Rosamond Press

stcc-course-pack-sidetyler-gregthetaIn 2000, Stacey Pierrot, who was sold the Rosamond Legacy, hired Tom Snyder, a ghost writer, to author a biography about my late sister. Pierrot  put an ad on her web page that begged for folks who KNEW Christine to contribute. I am my brother, declined.  Patrice Hanson never met Rosamond, or, any member of my family. Being a Stage Mother, she answered this ad. She did not say who she was. She did ask if I was going to be at the reopening of the Rosamond gallery she was invited to, and was told I would not. She and my daughter, I did not know existed, promenaded about the gallery, introducing themselves. Heather was a singer and actress, who did not want to see me, because her mother told her bad things about me. Patrice promised our daughter she would be rich ad famous IF THEY ever found Rosamond. My…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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