Rosamond Is Kin To Godfrey de Bouillon

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boulliongThe great grandmother of Rosamond Clifford was Judith of Lens de Bouillon, or Boulogne, whose father was Lambert.

Here is the female line to the Kings of Jerusalem and Knights Templar:

Judith Bouillon
Alice de Huntingdon
Margaret de Toeni
Rosamond Clifford

Lambert de Bouillon’s father was Eustache 1 who appears to have been the Standard Bearer for William the Conqueror as was Ralph de Toeni or Tosny.

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Raoul II of Tosny

Raoul II de Tosny[1] seigneur de Conches-en-Ouche[2] (died 1102) was a Norman nobleman of the house of Tosny, son of Roger I of Tosny. He was active in Normandy, England and Wales.

Victor at Hastings in 1066

[edit] Victor at Hastings in 1066

He is one of the very few proven Companions of William the Conqueror known to have fought at the Battle of Hastings in 1066.[3] Tradition says he gave up the role…

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