The Last Vietnam War

Let us hope Robert Miles has not read ‘When You Close Your Eyes’ because the author,  Robbie will fume when he reads how they used Lillian to destroy her sister. Why shouldn’t I send a copy of Snyder’s book to this Vietnam Veteran who never got any truths – over there, or, when he came home. That war was A Master Lesson In Lying. The lies were lined up like B52s that delivered a lethal and divisive payload to the American and Veitnamese People. The final battle occurred when Bill put on his father’s cock, and tried to fuck me – but good! That Vietnam Veteran wanted an Hier, because his son’s seeds were DEAD! This father and son Tea Party Patriot wanted my grandson they convinced my daughter I did not deserve. The Cornwells wanted to win the unwinnable. They wanted to fuck up the enemy! They wanted to be Winners vs. being Losers! I was their Last Chance to even the score.

This is Robbie. He married Rosemary in 1971. He is six months younger than me. I have watched one episode of ‘The Vietnam War’. This was Robbies War. He served with the Screaming Eagels, the 101st. Airborne.  What I noticed, Ken Burnes, has depicted this war, as Our War. I was at the vanguard of Protestors Against The War In Vietnam. Robbie tod his story to Tim O’Conor and his girlfriend at my wedding reception. We were afraid to ask. Tim told me the details later on.

Robbie was a Renegade. When he and other soldiers learned it was about Body-count, they told their officers to fuck-off. There was fragging going on. Men of rank wanted to win what could not be won – according to the Eldseberg Papers. They wanted to come away a Hero – no matter how many of their men got killed. Robbie and his Fellow Americans went out on patrol at night. Come dawn, they came back to camp, opened the flap on the officers tent, and threw in the necklass of Vietcong ears that they wore around their neck. Robbie killed many men. Within minutes of meeting me, he invited me outside, and knocked me on my ass. He tackled me as I cimbed the cyclone fencind that cut me off from the freeway.

“I love you Jon Gregory!” He declared. “Don’t go!”

Mark Presco did not include any photos of Robert Miles when he put our family pics on a disc. Why? Robbie was close with Cian, Mark’s son, who you see in the red MG sporting around town. Cian would grow up to be a Moody Presco Sulker, along with Vic&Mark – the Wounded Ones! What the fuck is their problem? Cian changed his surname to O’Brian to get back at his father. It never occurred to him that he was insulting me. I din’t count. I was the Hippie Scum who spit on our returning soilders.

Robbie did not become a father because he married a beautiful woman who was twenty-two years his senior. Rosemary’s womb had been shut, a Biblical term. They met at the Balboa Lounge and fell in love. Robbie got his papers to go to Vietnam. He got my mother to promise to marry him – if he returned.

Above is a photograph of Cian and Shannon Rosamond. Robbie took my niece and nephew on camping trips. I long wondered if other campers approached while they are making smores on the fire, and asked;

“Are these your children?”

“No. These are my wife’s grandchildren!”

Steve Bannon and Donald Trump have rekindled the Vietnam War and are dividing the Nation with the idea only Patriots are deserved. Only those who served own America. Bannon served, but, Trump got one college deferment after another.


Rosemary and Robert created a Nuclear Family. My mother took Cian to his modeling sessions. He is ‘Garden Child’ my late sister’s most popular painting. Above is the photo Christine took of me in her studio. I was going to be he first adult male portrait. Shannon was the Adult Heir. Robbie does not know that Christine’s ex-husband, with Vicki’s help, took over Shannon’s legacy. Special Executor Sydney Morris, and I am sure his partner, Robert Brevoort Buck, knew all about THIS BATTLE. Did any of these attorneys serve?


Jon Presco

Copyright 2017

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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