Robert Brevoort Buck and The Davinci Code

Frank Buck, and his brother, Leonard, were Knights Templar Masons, and members of the Bohemian Club.

In 2001 a John Brown asked to become a member of my group Rennes-le-Hoax. He never posted. There were rumors going round.


John Brown

Feb 22, 2001

I’d like to join the Rennes-le-hoax group.

John Brown, you are most welcome. You do not need my approval as I understand it. However, if you have trouble send another email. Jon …

Don’t miss my angry letter to Sydney Morris, who combed through my cryptic letters look for a death threat. I wrote cryptic messages in the Templar because there were about four published authors, and several wanna-be writers on the topic of the Rex Deus. I did not want them to steal my Rose Line. The Sinclairs were saying Rosslyn was “rose line”. I told them this name meant “horse-snake”. I was evicted. This Brown guy joined my new group several days later. I had been studying Robert Graves ‘The White Goddess’ for a year.

Morris wanted to believe I was sending him schizoid-maniac Zodiac-like messages. I am sure he showed them to his boss, Bob Buck. They had a good laugh, with their feet on the desk, asking Stacy to pour them a fresh cup. My book would have renewed waning interest in Rosamond’s work, and inspired a movie.

The Real Rose Line is filed a Superior Court. By following Bob Buck’s lineage, my long search came to an end. My first copyrighted autobiography ‘Bonds With Angels’ was ignored by Snyder and Pierrot. I began it in 1992, two years before Christine was “killed” by a rogue wave – or so they say. The sales of my published book will go to house the homeless in Springfield Oregon.

On March 5, 1998, I sent a letter to Judge Richard M. Silver who oversaw the probate of my late sister. I declare that I am acting head of my family. There is no need for a “caretaker”. I speak of the “The Rose Line”. I am authoring a book on this topic since 1997. It should have been published within a year. Then Judge Silver appointed Sydney Morris who belles Pierrot’s book that denigrates Rosemary Rosamond, Christine Rosamond, Shannon Rosamond. My Rose Line is utterly trashed! Garth Benton’s family are Masons.

Message 2 of 2 , Feb 22, 2001

Dagobert’s Revenge] Diana the Merovingian Princess

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Jon Presco

Feb 12, 2001

DANGEROSE, is Queen Eleanore of Aquitaine’s mother. Her great grandmother is
surnamed ROCHEFOUCAULD after FOUCAULD DE LA ROCHE (Sire De La Roche) also
spelled DE LA ROSA, as ROCH is ROZ and ROSE. Diana’s mother is FRANCIS
ROCHE, descended from SIR JOHN DE LA ROCHE. I suspect Queen Eleanore is the
mutliated statue of a Knight Templar at the family chapel built at ROSLYN.
This is WILLIAM DE ROS. A DE ROS married a SINCLAIR. Princess Isabel of
Scotland, and Queen of Jerusalem, married ROBERT DE ROS. Another Robert
marries another Isabela of ALBINI. ELIZABETH DE ROS married LEWIS CLIFFORD
(Sir Knight of the Garter. The ROSAMOND name and ancestry hover around this
ROCH and ROSE. Is it any wonder Princess Di was called DE LA ROSE DE ALBION
Many of the Queens of England adobted Rose badeges. The ROCHE family crest
consists of three fish, and represents a ROSE, ROCK, and RAVEN.


Has anyone posted anything on the Kingdom of GOTHA, a plan to Unite all of
Europe in the 1800’s? If Di’s lover was descended from the Ptolomy family,
then this would be a great threat, as the Windsors have no blood ties to
them as they claim – and this is so very key! Here are some links to these

christineex5 christineex6 christineex7

From: Jon Presco <braskewitz <at>>
Subject: Rex Deus & House of David
Newsgroups: gmane.culture.templar.rosemont
Date: Friday 23rd September 2005 15:34:31 UTC (over 12 years ago)

There have been many books published suggesting the offspring of 
Jesus and King David have become powerful and secret rulers some 
have titled the Rex Deus, and the Black Nobility. Is there any 
evidence of this? If so, how could their agenda remain a secret? 
Perhaps it is more visible then these authors, and their readers, 
would like to admit. What would be their motives for keeping us in 
the dark? 

Prince Bernard of the Netherlands has been identified as a member of 
the Black Nobility and the Rex Deus. What has he done in the name of 
his illustrious ancestor, Jesus Christ, that would be seen as a 
continuing attempt to rule the world?

Prince Bernard, and his wife, was a close friend of Denis de 
Rougemont a co-founder of the European Union and the European 
Cultural Foundation of which Bernard was President, and most genrous 
contributor. Rougemont may be related to the Habsburgs, another Rex 
Deus family, and thus Bernard via the Chalon family. Both men were 
instrumental in the foundation of the Bilderburg meetings, and 
several other important European intstitutions that some say are 
trying to create a One World Global rule. Is this an agenda Jesus 
and King David would approve of? Evangelic Christians suggest this 
is the agenda of the Anti-Christ, thus, this agenda is the core 
focus of world domination, as well as taking control of all western 
culture, including the Arts.

"Masons, like Knights Templars believe they received this apostolic 
succession through James (the Just), the brother of Jesus. This 
succession is said to be through a group of people known as the "Rex 
Deus" families who are prominent throughout Europe; and that it 
rests with the Grand Master of the Knights Templar (now highest 
Mason).   Rex Deus is a group of people who are said to have been 
established by King Solomon - to be the Kings of God.  This could 
very well be another good reason, that Masons in 1717 "distanced 
themselves from the Knights Templars."

Jon Presco

"European Cultural Foundation 
[14. 2. 2005, Katerina Brezinova]

Active in culture and the arts as well as the media, and with an 
impressive track record in education since 1954, the European 
Cultural Foundation is Europe's only independent, non-national and 
pan-European cultural foundation. It runs its own programs and 
awards grants, which keeps it close to the grassroots cultural 
sector, and makes it a credible advocate of strong cultural policies 
for Europe. Its work is cross-border: directed across the borders 
that exist between people and between countries, throughout the 
European cultural space and across the Mediterranean. 

An extensive network of 20 National Committees supports the European 
Cultural Foundation throughout Europe. Their very different national 
backgrounds and character reflect Europe's diversity. The 
Multicultural Center Prague serves as the Czech National Committee 
of the European Cultural Foundation. Since 2003, the Multicultural 
Center Prague has supported the efforts of the ECF as the Czech 
National Committee of the European Cultural Foundation.
The Swiss philosopher and European visionary, Denis de Rougemont, 
set up the European Cultural Foundation in 1954, appointing Robert 
Schuman as its first President. The Foundation moved from Geneva to 
Amsterdam in 1960, thanks to the generosity of the Foundation's 
President at that time, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands.
It was founded to 'promote cultural and educational activities and 
research of a multinational nature and European character and to add 
a cultural and human dimension to the economic, technical and legal 
processes of European integration. 

The European Cultural Foundation is an independent, non-governmental 
organization. It stands for an open, democratic Europe which 
respects the basic human rights and cultural diversity of its 
people. It is committed to the importance of the cultural dimension 
within the process of wider European integration. The Foundation 
developed innovative programs to encourage respect for cultural 
diversity, such as ERASMUS and EURYDICE on behalf of the European 
Commission and closely cooperated with the Commission on the TEMPUS 

Bonds with Angels’ Message List
 Reply Message #120 of 7395


‘Bonds with Angels’ is the story of two creative siblings and their
quest for a spiritual and creative Sanctuary. Published in
installments under the banner of, Royal Rosamond Press, named in
honor of the author and poet, Royal Rosamond.

This biography of Christine Rosamond, and, John Presco, was began in
1989 when I had two years of Recovery in AA, CODA, and Adult Children
of Alcoholics. It was to be the biography of all four Presco
Children, it my hope we would all get into a Program, as all six
members of my family suffered from the disease of alcoholism, and all
the abuses that are associated with this life-threatening tragedy.

On the morning of March 26, 1994, my beloved sister, Christine, known
around the world as the artist, Rosamond, was swept off treacherous
rocks near Carmel by the Sea, and drowned. This day was her first
Sober Birthday in Alcoholics Anonymous, she due to recieve her One
Year Coin that had this message upon it; “Unto thy own self be true.”

This story is on the verge of not being told as it should be. It is a
tale of Insanity, Magic, and Wonder, almost beyond belief!

Two weeks ago an attempt was made to get me to sign a paper giving
exclusive rights to a writer hired by Stacey Pierrot the owner
of ‘Rosamond Publishing’ preventing me from telling the truth about
my late sister. There are members of my family, and others, who would
use my sister’s fame for only making a profit, and for hiding the
terrible wounds an incestuous family system does make, behind all
those Masks, the angelic faces of those beautiful ‘Rosamond Women’.
It is time to unmask this secret wounding of children so the true
story of the ‘Rose of the World’ can emerge.

Our bonds with angels began early one Saturday morning when Christine
and my younger sister, Vicki, came rushing into the Boys Room at the
first sign I was awake. I was ten years old at the time, Christine
nine, and Vicki, five. Getting them to calm down, their faces lit-up
with excitement, they told me one of the strangest things I have ever
heard in my life. They told me in the middle of the night they had
woken to behold a powerful blue light filling their room, and in the
middle of the light, was a beautiful woman standing at the foot of
Christine’s bed looking down on her. She was in a long flowing gown,
and if she had wings, my sisters did not say; but they reasured me,
begged me to believe; “She was an Angel!”

Some of us are never called upon to believe in anything so
extraordinary, and as the morning progressed I had trouble with, her,
I not being a witness – and if I had been? In studying my sisters, I
saw they did not quite know where to put it, her, and I felt sorry
for them.

I then got a call from Kay Coakly who lived just up the street, and
who had befriended all the Presco children. She was stricken with
Parkinson’s disease when she was young, brought on by a car accident
at her coming-out party, she the daughter of a famous Judge in
Oakland Claifornia. The Coakley family owned large tracks of property
down by Lake Merrit where Jack London used to sail. Kay was a real
life Crone, and she wanted me to come fix her radio, the atenae that
she attached to her bedsprings prone to come loose. After seeing it
was still attached, I saw her looking tentively out the window. I
asked her what was wrong. She told me she was awoken in the middle of
the night by a powerful blue light – so powerful it burned holes in
her lace curtain; “Come take a look. I think it was those bad-boys
across the canyon shining a spotlight in my window.”

With the hair on the back of my neck, up and alert, I went over to
the window and beheld a ring of tiny burn holes about the size of
one’s head, and no bigger then the tip of your baby-finger. I looked
out the window, stood on my tip-toes, and told Kay; “You can’t even
see the canyon from this window. It couldn’t have been the boys.”

Kay did not say anything, repute my innocent deduction, she already
figuring this out, and, somethings in life do not have an
explination, and defy all attempts to clarify and classify the truly
extraordinary. Such is the nature of this story, and my Family, no
one quite able to believe. But, they did, and they still do. This
story is for them.

Jon Presco
President: Royal Rosamond Press
Copyright 2001

Chapter One

“Don’t tell your mother you’re doing this.” Having given this gruff
command, our father, Victor William Presco, turned and walked out of
the huge factory, his heavy footsteps echoing as I studied my older
brother’s stoic grimace as we grabbed the ears of a hundred pound
sack of patatoes and lifted it up to the edge of the barrel-shaped
patatoe peeler, our traditonal two months of summer labour now under
way, we expected to do a man’s job, as we had long ago been
informed; ‘There’s no free lunch in this family!”


Here is an exert from the excellent Coakley/Colclough family
genealogy that says there is a family legend Fair Rosamond Clifford
raised her two sons disguised as shepherds so they could not meet any
harm. But, at least another Clifford ancestor did the same two
hundred years later. In studying the mystery of the Pirory de Sion, I
have come to believe the ‘Sheperdess’ is the Shekinah ‘The Light of
God’ also known as ‘Rosa Mundi’, and the Angel Christine Rosamond saw
was the ‘Rosa Mundi’, which is the White Rose seen of the black flag
Death is carrying in the terrot card “Death”. This card has its roots
in the plague that swept through Europe, which brought about the
appearance of the ‘Rosary’ which consisted of rose petals rolled in a
ball and strung on a rouge string. They were alternating red and
white petals signifying the Apothecary Rose that has been called
the ‘Rosa Mundi’ of ‘The Rose of Provins’. In the War of the Roses
the House of York was the White Rose. I am convinced the Sheperdess
is Rosa Mundi, and the Virgin Mary, who is more then a mother to
those who have found their way into the Labyrinth, but literally a
Spirit that will never die, and a guide to all who seek the Truth.

There is an epidemic of Child Incest in this country, if not the
world, much of this abuse feuled by the disease of Alcoholism. As a
Bishop in my Nazarite Church, I bid those who suffer to take the oath
of the Nazarite and never ingest alcohol again.

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Founder: ‘Rose of the World Foundation’

From: Stacey Pierrot <staceyp@xxxx>
Reply-To: stacey@
To: Jon Presco <jonpresco8@ vpresco@
Subject: Re: Rosamond Biography
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2000 23:21:49 -0800

Dear John,

I am delighted to hear from you and to know that you are willing to
participate in this project! In response to your concern with the
1988 American Express editions that your dad and Vicki invested in,
please know that neither Rosamond Publishing nor I
have any legal interest in the ownership of those prints. I
acknowledge that your father willed some or all of his interest in
those editions to you.
Therefore, neither Christine’s estate nor Rosamond Publishing has
legal ownership to the prints owned by you.

Just so you know, Rosamond Publishing deals primarily with the
publishing, marketing and sale of new editions; new imagery. This
agreement between you, Vicki and Christine’s estate in no way
involves Rosamond Publishing.

If any part of this is unclear, please let me know. I would be very
happy to discuss anything you have questions or concerns with
anytime. We are
eager to move forward with the project and so happy you will be part
of it. Thanks again John, Stacey

Jon Presco wrote:

To: Stacey Pierrot
Rosamond Publishing

From: John Presco
Royal Rosamond Press

Re: Rosamond Biography

Dear Ms. Pierrot;

Mr. Tom Snyder contacted me today, and asked me to contribute to the
biography he is writing of my late sister. I agreed to be open and
positive about his endeavor as long as he was honest, and there
existed a
more open and honest approach to the artistic legacy my sister left
behind, the foremost being, the attention paid to my familie’s
Recovery. Mr.
Snyder and I talked about setting guidelines, he saying he is
to listen to what I want included in this biography. Tom talked
sending me a
release, and that you and he had talked about having discussed this
biography with attorneys at length, you both deciding on a less
stringent approach?

Before I agree to this biography, or sign anything, I want some
acknowlegement from you that you understand we are Partners in
regards to the prints my father gave me, my sister Vicki saying as
much when I
visited her, she having documents from Vic giving these prints to
Are you aware of these matters? If so, I need to see some legal
from you attesting to this before I sign any release.

The reason for this is, Vicki and my Aunt Lillian knew I was writing
a biography of Christine, and had copyrighted with the Office of
Patents and Copyrights a biography I had begun before Christine
this a
biography of all four Presco Children titled ‘Bonds With Angels’.
first chapters were written twelve years ago when only I had a
Program of
Sobriety, I hoping by the time this book was done we would all be in

I also Copyrighted all the letters I have written since Christine’s
death that may become chapters in a book of my letters. I have over
five hours of
recorded interviews with my Aunt for my biography. Also, I have a
portion my families biography on my Homepage

That my Aunt, and my sister did not tell me they had talked to Tom
Snyder months ago – he saying he interviewed them both together when
my sister visited Lillian – has already cast a shadow over this
Family matter, as not being told of other pertinent Family matters
the past has led to much angst between you and I, and a tragic split
in my family. I thought
this split had been mended, and that all concerned were going to act
in Good Faith – a term that you know is a legal one in regards to
real Partnerships.

II need to know from you, personally, if you believe there exists a
Partnership between you and I in regards to the Partnership prints.
do not think it wise that your defer this matter to Vicki as you
done in the past. You might consider having your attorney respond to
me, so that we can proceed, be sure Christine’s story is told
correctly, the right
author chosen for the task, for the fulfillment of
Christine’s ‘Dream’ – that Dream being, Family Unity. To divide my
Family once again, with our Family
Story, would be tragic. I will send a copy of this email to Mark,
and Lillian.


John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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