Bonds With Angels In Oakland

Frank Coakley helped oppress Mario Savio’s FREE SPEECH MOVEMENT. His daughter saw the Angel Christine and vicki saw. When Kay Coakley wanged to go shopping, a Oakland Police squad car took her.

The Police in Oakland went nuts again, and hurt a ex-Marine. I want to be there, and am.

I posted the follwoing in 2002


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‘Bonds with Angels’ is the story of two creative siblings and their
quest for a spiritual and creative Sanctuary. Published in
installments under the banner of, Royal Rosamond Press, named in
honor of the author and poet, Royal Rosamond.

This biography of Christine Rosamond, and, John Presco, was began in
1989 when I had two years of Recovery in AA, CODA, and Adult Children
of Alcoholics. It was to be the biography of all four Presco
Children, it my hope we would all get into a Program, as all six
members of my family suffered from the disease of alcoholism, and all
the abuses that are associated with this life-threatening tragedy.

On the morning of March 26, 1994, my beloved sister, Christine, known
around the world as the artist, Rosamond, was swept off treacherous
rocks near Carmel by the Sea, and drowned. This day was her first
Sober Birthday in Alcoholics Anonymous, she due to recieve her One
Year Coin that had this message upon it; “Unto thy own self be true.”

This story is on the verge of not being told as it should be. It is a
tale of Insanity, Magic, and Wonder, almost beyond belief!

Two weeks ago an attempt was made to get me to sign a paper giving
exclusive rights to a writer hired by Stacey Pierrot the owner
of ‘Rosamond Publishing’ preventing me from telling the truth about
my late sister. There are members of my family, and others, who would
use my sister’s fame for only making a profit, and for hiding the
terrible wounds an incestuous family system does make, behind all
those Masks, the angelic faces of those beautiful ‘Rosamond Women’.
It is time to unmask this secret wounding of children so the true
story of the ‘Rose of the World’ can emerge.

Our bonds with angels began early one Saturday morning when Christine
and my younger sister, Vicki, came rushing into the Boys Room at the
first sign I was awake. I was ten years old at the time, Christine
nine, and Vicki, five. Getting them to calm down, their faces lit-up
with excitement, they told me one of the strangest things I have ever
heard in my life. They told me in the middle of the night they had
woken to behold a powerful blue light filling their room, and in the
middle of the light, was a beautiful woman standing at the foot of
Christine’s bed looking down on her. She was in a long flowing gown,
and if she had wings, my sisters did not say; but they reasured me,
begged me to believe; “She was an Angel!”

Some of us are never called upon to believe in anything so
extraordinary, and as the morning progressed I had trouble with, her,
I not being a witness – and if I had been? In studying my sisters, I
saw they did not quite know where to put it, her, and I felt sorry
for them.

I then got a call from Kay Coakly who lived just up the street, and
who had befriended all the Presco children. She was stricken with
Parkinson’s disease when she was young, brought on by a car accident
at her coming-out party, she the daughter of a famous Judge in
Oakland Claifornia. The Coakley family owned large tracks of property
down by Lake Merrit where Jack London used to sail. Kay was a real
life Crone, and she wanted me to come fix her radio, the atenae that
she attached to her bedsprings prone to come loose. After seeing it
was still attached, I saw her looking tentively out the window. I
asked her what was wrong. She told me she was awoken in the middle of
the night by a powerful blue light – so powerful it burned holes in
her lace curtain; “Come take a look. I think it was those bad-boys
across the canyon shining a spotlight in my window.”

With the hair on the back of my neck, up and alert, I went over to
the window and beheld a ring of tiny burn holes about the size of
one’s head, and no bigger then the tip of your baby-finger. I looked
out the window, stood on my tip-toes, and told Kay; “You can’t even
see the canyon from this window. It couldn’t have been the boys.”

Kay did not say anything, repute my innocent deduction, she already
figuring this out, and, somethings in life do not have an
explination, and defy all attempts to clarify and classify the truly
extraordinary. Such is the nature of this story, and my Family, no
one quite able to believe. But, they did, and they still do. This
story is for them.

Jon Presco
President: Royal Rosamond Press
Copyright 2001

Chapter One

“Don’t tell your mother you’re doing this.” Having given this gruff
command, our father, Victor William Presco, turned and walked out of
the huge factory, his heavy footsteps echoing as I studied my older
brother’s stoic grimace as we grabbed the ears of a hundred pound
sack of patatoes and lifted it up to the edge of the barrel-shaped
patatoe peeler, our traditonal two months of summer labour now under
way, we expected to do a man’s job, as we had long ago been
informed; ‘There’s no free lunch in this family!”


Here is an exert from the excellent Coakley/Colclough family
genealogy that says there is a family legend Fair Rosamond Clifford
raised her two sons disguised as shepherds so they could not meet any
harm. But, at least another Clifford ancestor did the same two
hundred years later. In studying the mystery of the Pirory de Sion, I
have come to believe the ‘Sheperdess’ is the Shekinah ‘The Light of
God’ also known as ‘Rosa Mundi’, and the Angel Christine Rosamond saw
was the ‘Rosa Mundi’, which is the White Rose seen of the black flag
Death is carrying in the terrot card “Death”. This card has its roots
in the plague that swept through Europe, which brought about the
appearance of the ‘Rosary’ which consisted of rose petals rolled in a
ball and strung on a rouge string. They were alternating red and
white petals signifying the Apothecary Rose that has been called
the ‘Rosa Mundi’ of ‘The Rose of Provins’. In the War of the Roses
the House of York was the White Rose. I am convinced the Sheperdess
is Rosa Mundi, and the Virgin Mary, who is more then a mother to
those who have found their way into the Labyrinth, but literally a
Spirit that will never die, and a guide to all who seek the Truth.

There is an epidemic of Child Incest in this country, if not the
world, much of this abuse feuled by the disease of Alcoholism. As a
Bishop in my Nazarite Church, I bid those who suffer to take the oath
of the Nazarite and never ingest alcohol again.

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Founder: ‘Rose of the World Foundation’

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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