Victoria at Sea

Last week I talked to Bruce Lee Livingston on the phone. He heads Alcohol Justice, that is funded by the Buck Foundation. He told me AJ has been defeated in court on major undertakings. I told him I would help by bringing my family history into play. I asked him if her heard of the Good Templars. He had not. I will be posting this blog on the Sinclair Family facebook. I am seeking their help in forming an International Peace and Goodwill Center with Buck funding. This will include a Cold War Studies, a World Wide Healthcare Study, and an Environmental study. Can a scientific cure for alcoholism and opeiad addiction be found?

Beryl Buck wanted her foundation to come up with a Spiritual Program to help poor families, and Alcoholics. So far, the Buck Foundation is devoid of any such thing. I suggested the vow of the Nazarites, but, why not invent a new World Religion that puts military solutions on the back burner, and, disarms all religious sects. Can this be done? We must try!

A month ago I talked Navy Commander, Sarah Higgins.

“A half hour ago I got off the phone with Sarah Higgins, a woman who works for the Defence Department, and specializes in NATO affairs. She had never heard of the Royal College of Defence Studies.  She sent me an e-mail so I could enlighten her.”

When I was twelve, I was very concerned about being incinerated by a nuclear bomb, a scientific device. I was in terror about losing both alcoholic parents, and I and my siblings sent to an orphanage. I prayed to Jesus that they would stop their fighting, and live in peace for the sake of their children. I was drafted, but was classified 4F because my best friend killed himself on my 18th. birthday. He was beaten almost everyday by his military father who graduated from West Point. Bonding with the opposite sex was scary for me, because of the abuse I suffered. I became disabled by drug and alcohol abuse. I marched for Peace in Washington. As a senior I am terrified my life-support will be defunded.

Buck funding goes for finding a partial cure for aging. What a waste! I can tell you, the older you get, the scarier it gets. Why keep me alive – longer! I have thirty years of sobriety thanks to AA and Serenity Lane. The quality of my life and state of mind has gone down due to the President’s need to restart the Cold War, and cut funding for recovery programs. Everything the Buck Foundation, and I, stand for – is under attack! What was good and great about my generation – lies in ruin!

We need a Civilian Military and Peace Program that carries forth the promise of Peace by Jesus. I have proven the Rougemont Knights Templar owned the Shroud of Turin. We need a Civilian Board for International Cooperation. Foreign Policy should belong to ‘We the people’. Our President is making his foreign policy to appease his base – only!

I suggested a beach be named after my muse. Victoria Beach. Consider Ralph Stackpole’s Pacifica. Thee could be a statue celebrating the British American Alliance.

Jon Presco

What are your everyday public affairs duties for the Navy?

It depends on the job. In New York, I was in an office with just two public affairs officers. We helped with Fleet Week. We also provided information for anyone who was writing a book about the Navy. They would come to us, and we would help them get the right information. Plus, there was a lot of relationship building with national media based in New York.

At my new job, however, I’m on an aircraft carrier called the U.S.S. John C. Stennis, a ship of about 2,500 people. I’m in charge of all the communications that happen with the ship, and I’ve got a staff of about 20 people.

The president of the United States and the American people expect our allies to keep their word and to do more in our common defense, and the president expects real progress by the end of 2017,” Vice President Mike Pence said at the NATO headquarters in Brussels last month. “It is time for actions, not words.”

Navy Commander Sarah Higgins, a Defense Department spokeswoman, said in an interview Wednesday that Defense Secretary James Mattis held discussions with partners about making a“fair contribution” during the recent NATO Defense Ministerial meeting in Brussels.

“That was one of the main messages that we were trying to get across — that we are committed to NATO but as well we need everyone to have their fair share of the commitment. And the message was well-received.”


For a child has been born for us, a son given to us authority rests upon his shoulders; and he is named Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid (John 14:27).

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

Victoria is the Latin word for ‘victory‘ or ‘conquer’ and is used as the feminine form corresponding to the name Victor.

In Roman mythology, Victoria was the name of the goddess of victory, corresponding to the Greek goddess Nike.

The Buck Foundation Trust was created by Beryl Hamilton Buck after the death in 1953 of her husband, pathologist Leonard W. Buck. Leonard’s father, Frank Buck, was one of the founders of Belridge Oil.[8] When Beryl Buck died in 1975, the bulk of the estate became part of the San Francisco Foundation, about $7.6 million dedicated to “charitable purposes in Marin County” including, “extending help to the problems of aging.” The Belridge Oil stock in the trust was bought in 1979 by Shell Oil for $253 million, increasing the trust’s value substantially.[8][9] Attempts by the San Francisco Foundation to use the cy pres doctrine to spend outside of Marin County resulted in litigation which the SF Foundation lost.[8][10]

As part of a 1986 court settlement, the Marin Community Foundation was established which administers the trust, today valued at approximately $1 billion.[11] The settlement distributes 80% of the trust’s annual earnings to causes specific to Marin County. It divides the remaining 20% among three Marin County organizations:

  • the Buck Institute for Research on Aging,

  • the Buck Institute for Education,[12] and
  • Alcohol Justice, formerly named The Marin Institute, which deals with alcohol-related problems.

Our armorial bearings were granted in 1977, on the occasion of the college’s 50th anniversary. A painting of the design was presented to Admiral Sir Ian Easton, the Commandant, by Sir Anthony Wagner, Garter King of Arms, in the presence of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II during her visit to Seaford House on Friday 11th November 1977”

What follows is a list of the major programs, agencies, and initiatives that President Donald Trump’s budget proposal calls for eliminating funding for entirely, and how much those cuts are estimated to save.

In many cases, the proposal calls for ending these efforts because the Trump administration believes they are wasteful, outdated, duplicative, their impact is unproven, or they handle matters that should be funded by states or private sources.

The Journal of Cold War Studies features peer-reviewed articles based on archival research in the former Communist world and in Western countries. Some articles offer reevaluations of important historical events or themes, emphasizing the changes of interpretation necessitated by declassified documents and new firsthand accounts. Other articles seek to bring new evidence to bear on current theoretical debates. Many existing theories of international and domestic politics have relied on generalizations from the Cold War period, but until very recently the evidence for these generalizations was tenuous at best. Articles in the Journal of Cold War Studies use declassified materials and new memoirs from the former Eastern bloc and Western countries to illuminate and raise questions about numerous theoretical concerns, including theories of decision-making, deterrence, bureaucratic politics, institutional formation, bargaining, diplomacy, foreign policy conduct, and international relations. Drawing on the latest evidence, articles in the Journal subject these theories, and others, to rigorous empirical analysis. The Journal‘s emphasis on the use of new evidence for theoretical purposes is in no way intended to exclude solid historical reassessments, but articles set within a theoretical context are particularly encouraged.

A half hour ago I got off the phone with Sarah Higgins, a woman who works for the Defence Department, and specializes in NATO affairs. She had never heard of the Royal College of Defence Studies.  She sent me an e-mail so I could enlighten her.

Alcohol Justice is the newest name of the Marin Institute, formerly known as the Marin Institute for the Prevention of Alcohol and Other Drug Problems.

In reporting its new name, the former Marin Institute finally acknowledged that “we aren’t a research organization as ‘institute’ implies.” The fact that the Marin Institute wasn’t a research organization has long been noted by observers, although the activist group has often presented itself to the public and media as engaging in research.

Alcohol Justice is a massively endowed temperance-oriented organization that has picked up the anti-alcohol banner previously carried by earlier temperance groups. It is even recognized for its activities by the Prohibition Party. 1 Yes, the Prohibition Party still exists and has thousands of members and millions of supporters.

Alcohol Justice is funded by the Buck Trust, whose founders directed that its resources be used exclusively for the good of the people of Marin County, California. 2 In spite of that mandate, Alcohol Justice now engages in nation-wide temperance activities. 3 The Buck Trust assets are reported to be about one billion dollars. 4

In addition, Alcohol Justice has received many millions of dollars of taxpayer’s money at both state and federal levels. Millions of that have been channeled through the federal Center for Substance Abuse Prevention, a very controversial agency.

Rougemont Family Templars Worshipped at Fontenotte

Today I found the Templar Chapel of Fontenotte where the Rougemont
family of Knights Templar worshipped.

This Templar Order came to own the Templar Seal of Etienne de Til-

In this genealogy we see the Lords of Rougemont are also the Lords of
Til-Chatel, and Trichatel which is the same place.

Allow me to change the names.

“The First Preceptor of La Fontenotte

The fifth son of Guy II of Rougemont and Guillemette de Coublant,
Etienne de Rougemont was lord of Pichanges. In December 1265, having
recalled the donations made to the temple by Aimon IV and Guy II, he
gave to the Templars, with the agreement of his elder brother, Jean,
Lord of Rougemont, the right of pasturage on his lands of Pichanges
and Spoy. He died in 1271 and was buried before the altar in the
chapel of Fontenotte and conferring his Templar rank of Preceptor

After the death of Etienne, Jean de Til-Chatel had to confirm in 1274
the rights of the Templars over Fontenotte. In 1278 his younger
brother, Guy, who had been curate of Til-Chatel in 1242 then
archdeacon of Le Tonnerois in the church of Langres, succeeded him at
the head of the lordship of Pichanges.

In May, 1274, Jean de Rougemont, Marshal of Burgundy legally
recorded “for the repose of his soul and that of his elder brother,
Etienne de Rougemont, who lies in the cemetery of the said Temple,
and of the souls of his forebears”, granted to Henri de Dole,
Commander of the House of Fontenotte:”

I have found a Hughes/Hue de Rougemont who a “grand maître du
Temple”in two accounts, and the maître du Temple of Burgundy in
another.This Hugues appears to be related to Humbert de Villersexel
who wasthe Lord of Rougemont and Til-Chatel. Is this the Hughes that
preceeded Bernard de Tramelay/Dramelay? Did this Hugues come after
Bernard. In the Fromond/Dramelay genealogy we find a line of De La
Roches, and thus the Rougemonts are kin to another Templar Grand
Master, Amaury de La Roche.

“Bernard de Tramelay (died August 16, 1153) was the fourth Grand
Master of the Knights Templar. He was born in the castle of Tramelay
near Saint-Claude in the Jura. According to Du Cange, he succeeded a
certain Hugues as Master of the Temple, although this Hugues is
otherwise unknown. He was elected Grand Master in June of 1151, after
the abdication of Everard des Barres, who had returned to France
following the Second”

“Hugues de Rougemont, grand maître du Temple””and Hugues de
Rougemont, large main of the Temple”

Humbert de Rougemont owned the Shroud of Turin. Humbert is a Hue name
and is kin to at least two Templar Grandmasters. Humbert was also the
Lord of Villersexel. He married the great granddaughter Geoffrey de
Charnay a Templar Grand Master. This is to say this Knights Templar
family, and thus the Knights Templars, owned and protected the Shroud
of Turin that they may have seized at Ascalon along with a great
treasure which would account for the large number of castle owned by
this very large Templar family. Never has such a constellation of
Knights Templars gathered in one place, under one roof as they did
come Sunday in Fontenotte.
Amaury and Othon de La Roche brought Jacque de Molay into the Templar
Order, the last Grand Master. Amaury disappears from history, it
alleged he was in keeping of the Templar Treasure.


Thibaut and Humbert de Rougement were Bishops of Besancon and the
ancestors of Guillaume de Vienne who co-founded the Order of Saint-
George ‘Brotherhood of Rougemont’ that was taken over by the wrong
people during the Reformation. The Rougemonts fled to England and
Canada, where as members of the Canadian Parliament, they admitted
members into the Loyal Orange Order. Bennett Rosamond was a master
of the LOL.

Was there a ‘Sisterhood of Rougemont’? Jacquotte de Rougemont is
listed as a member of the Brotherhood and she is the sister of
Thibaut who was the Archbishop of Besancon, and the Chief, or,
President of the Brotherhood of Rougemont.

of Rougemont Thiébaud archbishop of Besancon 1449
of Rougemont Jacquotte sister of the precedent 1449
of Rougemont Jean-Guillaume knight 1449

Amedee de Dramelay/Tramelay was an archbishop of Besancon, and the
son of Templar Grand Master, Bernard de Tramelay. Fromond de
Dramelay married a Rougemont.


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