Maud, Rosemary, Augustus, Bonnie, and June

Where did Sydney Morris, a partner of Robert Brevoort Buck, get the idea we could not handle our own history, and thus he brought in outsiders to be our substitutes. Morris allowed Stacey Pierrot to be the New Rosamond, and Tom Snyder to be the sober, me. These imposters are not historians, custodians, psychiatrists, or artists. They defiantly are not writers and publishers.

There were other success stories besides that of Christine Rosamond Presco. Our uncle, Jim Bigalow owned Sam’s Anchor Café located in Tiburon in Marin County. Oscar Presco owned Oscar Presco & Sons located in San Rafael, in Marin County. William Stuttmester was a successful dentist who purchased two properties in San Geronimo, located in Marin County.

Vincent Rice owned a construction supplies company in Los Angeles. Victor Presco ran his loan business out of his home Lafayette. Jim was a good friend of Walter and Margaret Keane, and owned several big eye paintings. Victor Hugo Presco was a very successful Bohemian Gambler and fair-thee-well who lived on a houseboat in Crockett, that I and my ex, who married Thomas Pynchon, tried to make the next Sausalito. Mary Ann Tharaldsen lived in San Rafael for many years.

Royal Rosamond, sailed out to the channel Islands with Dashiell Hammet, and camped with members of the Black Mask. He was the husband of Mary Magdalene Rosamond, who gave birth to four beautiful Rosamond Women: June, Bonnie, Rosemary, and Lillian. And then there is Carl Janke, who owned one of California’s oldest theme park in Belmont.

Christine Wandel was the first beautiful woman I was homeless with on Mount Tamalpais. After we became lovers, our best friend, Keith Purvis, flipped out, and we got thrown out. Keith was my sister’s lover for a while, and the lover of Berry Zorthian, the daughter of ‘The Last Bohemian. Wandel was also the lover of Peter Shapiro, the lead guitarist for The Loading Zone, that played at a festival on Mount Tamalpais where The Second Coming of Susan was filmed. Michael Barry was my friend in High School. Wandel is involved with the famous artist, Stefan Eins. I am working on their portrait.

Jim always had the biggest Christmas tree, with golf bags and T’V’s.  I am thirteen. My uncle asked me what I thought of the original Keane he had on the wall.

“It’s not real art. This is commercial art.”

He was not happy. I had dare insult him, lessen his self-image. I had not yet discovered the lost crypt of the Stuttmeister-Janke family in Colma – with Tiffany window! These are my father’s ancestors. I am slipping Christine Rosamond’s AA coin into William’s tomb. He brought his ancestors here after they were evicted from their graves. He then retired to San Geronimo, where he died. His wife’s name is on the Tiffany window, and on a Deed in San Geronimo. They were pioneers of this beautiful valley. My ancestors are no happy to see their people being degraded and demonized – especially after they died! These are Oddfellows who honor their dead.

I have thirty years sobriety.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2017  

Stuttmeister Date: Tue, 23 Nov 1999 17:09:58 -0800 Hello List and
Sandra,Thanks for the Stuttmeister information. I did get all their
death certificates, and information from Colma. This is Friedrich
William Rudolph’s middle son, William Olin Stuttmeister studied at
UC, became a dentist. Oddly enough I cannot get any personal
information on him at all, yet he lived in San Francisco all his
life, until he bought large portions of San Geronimo Valley, and
moved to Marin County in the 1950’s. Interesting that he was married
in Belmont. I suppose the Janke familymust have lived there, as
Augusta’s parents are buried in Colma too. Good sleuthing, and much

Title to Rancho San Geronimo was then sold several times, finally, in 1854, to Adolph Mailliard, whose father was Louis Mailliard, “natural son” of Joseph Bonaparte, King of Spain and Naples, and elder brother of the infamous Napoleon Bonaparte. After the family’s exile from Spain, Louis Mailliard retrieved from Switzerland a strongbox filled with the family’s jewels, and brought the treasure to their new home in New Jersey. Adolph Mailliard purchased the rancho, to celebrate the birth of his son, Joseph, for $50,000, a mighty sum considering it was purchased a mere eight years earlier for $1000.

Launched in 1920 as a watering hole for railroad workers, original owner and namesake Sam Vella bypassed Prohibition until its 1933 repeal by smuggling whiskey through trap doors under the building.

Vella ran the restaurant and bar for 40 years. He sold the property and business to Tiburon resident Eugene Wheary, who sold the business a year later, in 1961, to James Bigelow of Character Restaurants.

Bigelow ran the restaurant until Sears and Wilson, along with a group of limited partners, purchased the business in 1978. The Wheary family owns the property.

Kirby Atterbury’s Caprice on Paradise Drive — but that faces on the j water, too. Obviously the patronage for these dineries isn’t supplied exclusively by the 5.000 or so | souls who live in Tiburon. nor 1 by the half of that number in adjoining Belvedere. Like Sausalito, Tiburon now has all the earmarks of a tourist attraction. And I’m inclined to classify as among the tourists to both cities! those who originate from the J rest of the county. By local. definition, you’re either a resi- j dent of the immediate area— or an out-of-towner. Be that as it may, Tiburon ! does hold a unique appeal for anyone in search of good viands. For the most part, prices are in line and the food is consistently good. So if you’re treated as a tourist on your own home ground — maybe you don’t get down there often enough to be recognized — and whose fault is that? NOW ON DISPLAY at Sam’s Anchor Cafe in Tiburon is a collection of “batiks” painting done by the ancient process of using dye and wax on cotton cloth as used in Egypt, China and Japan. The show, which is being held In Sam’s main dining room, is the first art display of two Terra Linda mothers — Jane | Santucci and Donna Salmela — who began experimenting in the : technique over a year ago. Both ‘ have college degrees in art.

Hamilton field temavi. pancake eaters outside as it does inside. The “deep dish pie” originated by restaurateur and pastry expert Eugene Lackenbach will soon be the subject of feature articles in three national restaurant magazines. Restaurant Group Organized The Marin County Restaurant and Tavern Owners Assn. was reorganized last May at which time a new panel of officers was elected. James Bigelow of Sam’s Anchor Cafe in Tiburon now heads the group as president. Ferd Masberg of County Club Bowl, San Rafael is vice president; Donald W. Downs of the Alta Mira Hotel, Sausalito, is secretary-treasurer. The three officers, together with Marsha Owen of Valhalla Inn and Max Horowitz of the Colonel’s Ranch wagon, comprise the association’s board of directors. Horowitz is also chairman of the membership committee. Two more directors are expected to be elected this year. THERE ARE MANY fair weather days during the year in Marin when outside tables filled with customers. Service on its m.. “Galleria” Is one of the attractions at Dominic’s Harbor Restaurant. Facing an the San Rafael Canal It Is a natural choice for guests.

Mailliard to Lagunitas Development Co., mortgage 43-119; lot 13, Map of Sub. No. 10, Lagunitas Tract. Deed — Lagunitas Development Co. to William O. and Augusta D. Stuttmelster, lot 13, Map of Sub. No. 10, Lagunitas Tract. Deed of Trust — W. 0. and Augusta Stuttmeister lo Katherlne Sheehy and F. Levy, to John B. ColeI man; same as above Deed

Come To Magic Mountain

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This is a tale of Three Amphitheaters, and, One Magical Mountain.

In June of 1967 I watched the Loading Zone pack their trailer with their sound equipment and head out for Mount Tamalpais to play at a concert in the amphitheater. I lived with this band in a large Victorian in Oakland. They played at the first Acid Test. Historians say this was the first rock festival. I say it was our Woodstock. This is the blue print for everything that came after. Note the hippie trinket booth. I am the first to connect this history to Eugene.

While the highly documented Monterey International Pop Festival continues to be remembered as the seminal event of the 1967 Summer of Love, the KFRC Festival took place one week before Monterey and is considered to have been America’s – if not the world’s – first rock festival.[

Last year I was shocked to learn the Eugene Celebration was canceled. I came up with an idea in days that included free concerts at the Cuthbert Amphitheater. I had just discovered a pamphlet advertising Joaquin Miller Day. Jaunita Miller was putting on a play about the Pre-Raphaelite Artists who befriended and promoted her father poetry when he met them in England. In my astute opinion this constitutes the Hipster Be-in in the Bay Area. As it turned out the Cuthbert Amphiteater was chosen to host the musical aspects to the Eugene Celebration.

The Bohemian Club of Crockett


I am a Journalist. I own my own newspaper that is registered in Lane County. The Bohemian Club of San Francisco was founded by Journalists who soon admitted Artists. I am also an Artist and Poet. I am not famous. To be famous, or, become famous, defeats the idea of being a Bohemian – a True Bohemian! For this reason, on this day, May 24, 2016, I found the Bohemian Club of Crockett California, the BCCC. Soon I will make available Certificates of Bohemian Authenticity, and present them to those who pass the test. This will include a portrait and brief biography.

It is my intent to move to Crockett and set up Royal Rosamond Press in a Gallery and History Room. In 1980, Mary Ann Tharaldsen, the sister-in-law of Christine Rosamond Benton,  and I, looked at the old Crockett Bakery as the potential site for an Art Gallery with studio space for artists. I predicted this city would become the new Bohemian Colony. Hence, it has become an Art Colony. I will be the Curator of this Gallery-Museum, and Caretaker of my creative family history, as well as the history of Crockett. I will stroll about my Art Colony as Captain Gregory. Gregory is my full middle name. I will get the latest scoop.  I will be the premiere Crockett character. I will make a Virtual Crockett and promote this town and my newspaper. My biography is now on hold. Our Bohemian Tales are too big to be confined to a book.

Here is a photograph of the house my father’s father, Hugo Victor Presco, was living in when my father, Victor William Presco, was born. For awhile, my grandfather lived in San Francisco and was a business partner of his brother, Oscar. They remodeled houses and built cabinets. Hugo is listed as a house painter on Vic’s birth certificate. Rosemary told me, after the brothers went their own way, Hugo ended up living in a tar paper shack under the Carquiniz Bridge  in Crockett, where Hugo made a living gambling. I had a talk with the old curator of the Crockett Museum who knew my grandfather. He told me he was one hell of a nice guy. Rosemary said 5,000 people came to his funeral, including the Mayor of San Francisco. The curator told me there were scores of gambling joints and whore houses. This is the City of the Golden Setting Sun. Hugo also gambled in the Barbary Coast in San Francisco.

When Vic was delivering produce to Crockett one day, he took his two sons down to the wharf to meet his father who lived in a houseboat. When Hugo answered the door, in a gruff voice my father introduced his sons to the man who had abandoned him, and walked away, we never to see this man again.

Rosemary told me Vic took the money Hugo’s friends had given him to buy a headstone and got drunk. What he did with the body, is a mystery. I would not put it past my father to have weighted his father down with rusty chains and dumped him in the bay. Captain Vic never paid a Vet bill if he could help it.

Victor’s father, Wensel Anton Prescowitz, came from Bohemia Germany. My father’s lineage is true Bohemian that took root in the city by the bay that would become world famous for its Bohemian flavor. The name Victor Hugo suggests Wensel was an intellectual. His history blends with that of Jessie Benton, Bret Harte, Jack London, George Sterling, and Joaquin Miller who established Oakland, Carmel, San Francisco, as Bohemian Meccas. Add Crockett to this list.

Captain Gregory

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Copyright 2016

fremont28 VICCCCCC3

Wensel Braskewitz

 Born in Bohemia on 1851. Wensel married Christine Marie Roth and had 3 children. He passed away on 1921.


Wensel Braskewitz

Born in Bohemia on 1851. Wensel married Christine Marie Roth and had 3 children. He passed away on 1921.

Gregory Roth

Born on 1824. Gregory married Kristine Krause and had a child. He passed away on 1894.

The Bohemian Club was originally formed in April 1872 by and for journalists who wished to promote a fraternal connection among men who enjoyed the artsMichael Henry de Young, proprietor of the San Francisco Chronicle, provided this description of its formation in a 1915 interview:

The Bohemian Club was organized in the Chronicle office by Tommy Newcombe, Sutherland, Dan O’Connell, Harry Dam and others who were members of the staff. The boys wanted a place where they could get together after work, and they took a room on Sacramento street below Kearny. That was the start of the Bohemian Club, and it was not an unmixed blessing for the Chronicle because the boys would go there sometimes when they should have reported at the office. Very often when Dan O’Connell sat down to a good dinner there he would forget that he had a pocketful of notes for an important story.[6]

Journalists were to be regular members; artists and musicians were to be honorary members.[7] The group quickly relaxed its rules for membership to permit some people to join who had little artistic talent, but enjoyed the arts and had greater financial resources. Eventually, the original “bohemian” members were in the minority and the wealthy and powerful controlled the club.[8][9] Club members who were established and successful, respectable family men, defined for themselves their own form of bohemianism which included men who were bons vivants, sometime outdoorsmen, and appreciators of the arts.[5] Club member and poet George Sterlingresponded to this redefinition:

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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