A Real Bohemian Family of SF

Sausalito school board of trustee» learned that Oscar Presco and Sons who had appeared to be low bidder on the construction job last week made a slight clerical error of about 824,000 too little on their bid. After a great deal of discussion on whether they should let Presco withdraw his bid or reject it, they decided to reject the bid. Thereby Presco was able to take back his bid bond of approximately $20,000 which would have been forfeited if the bid was withdrawn.

Rosamond Press

boh2boh3boh10boh11boh13boho10“Once upon a time it seemed San Francisco artists visited Los Angeles only on condition they were tripping on LSD, or some other hallucinogen.”

I am finding many articles that lament the loss of the Bohemians and their lifestyle from San Francsico. My ancestors came from Bohemian and Austria. They lived in San Francisco. Carl Prazak became the second husband of Christine Braskewitz who was married to Wensel Braskewitz. Prazak is the City of Prague in Czech Republic. For the reason this Exodus is very newsworthy, I am cutting all members of my family, a break. History will now be good to you – regardless! So far, I have not located another real Bohemian Family who lived in the City by the Bay. For the reason that all people who hold, or held, the name Presco, were involved in the advancement of the world famous artist, Christine…

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