Buy Bill a Bar


“That’s right boy. You eat that cherry, and grow up to be big and strong like me!”

Above is the infamous photograph of my grandson in a bar with a ex-bartender named ‘Flip’ who refused to shake my hand when we met, and gave me a hostile look, like he wanted to go outside and fight me. Flip will soon die of acute alcoholism. This photo may be adopted by Alcohol Justice. Tyler Hunt may be their poster boy.

The reason Flip was so pissed with me, was, he had been convinced I was not doing anything to promote my daughter’s million dollar career as Rosamond’s niece. They never met. Heather Hanson came into my life when she was sixteen. Our story is just like ‘Matchstick Men’ except we are really bloodkin. The solution for my extreme fatherly negligence, was, to get my family to buy Bill Cornwell a bar.

Our uncle Vinnie died and left ten of us a half million dollars in a trust that was handled by a professional attorney. Heather’s kindred thoroughly enjoy/enjoyed our windfall that she and Bill did not see a penny of, thanks to me! Not so with the law firm of Heisinger, Morris and Buck who sold our families creative legacy to two Flim-flam females from Fresno, known as ‘The Caretakers’.  I think they are part of the Fresno Mafia. What! You never heard of the Fresno Mafia? Take note of the name Brevoort. This Dutch family owned a quarter of New York.

Two months after I learned I had sired a child, I lost her. Heather and her mother, Patrice Hanson, are working for a Scientology couple at their bed and breakfast in Sonoma. They have been separated. Heather is living in their home as an opaire to their child. I never lived with my child. After being told I must do volunteer work, and, I could not see my child, I raised hell. I was taken to a Anti-slavery meeting at the home of this head honcho, who was off to Africa with Oprah Winfrey. You can not make this stuff up!

In the next scene, I am sitting with ‘The Sea Wife’ looking at the defunct winery Scientology bought. I had been taken for a tour. The huge winery was being chopped up into Recovery Stalls for addicts and drunks. ‘The Wife’ asks about my famous sister who was allegedly “killed” by a rogue wave. I began to get the Big Picture. Patrice ‘The Stage Mother’ has been making brownie (nose) points by suggesting ‘Rosamond’s Brother’  take part in a special rosy recovery program, modeled after Christine, who died on her first sober birthday.

“We do not honor dead drunks!”

2007-02-05 17:49:00 PST SAN FRANCISCO — San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom said today that he will seek treatment for alcohol abuse.

“Upon reflection with friends and family this weekend, I have come to the conclusion that I will be a better person without alcohol in my life,” Newsom said in a written statement. “I take full responsibility for my personal mistakes and my problems with alcohol are not an excuse for my personal lapses in judgment.”

There would be some major exploitation of the dead which Sydney Morris was all for.  The strange recovery story, written by a ghost writer hired by Stacey Pierrot – who Morris sold everything to – is an abomination! All such stories are written by ‘The Victim’ ‘The Sufferer’, the ones who have conquered their disease. ‘When You Close Your Eyes’ by Tom Snyder was DESIGNED to thwart my recovery biography ‘Bonds With Angels’ that I began two years before my sister drowned.

Snyder would crawl inside my skin and walk about my kindred doing Christine and my twelve step program. He lured my daughter and her mother into his camp in order to apply The Family Seal and make it all official. Tom is not a drunk, and is sane! He owns no degree of any kind. How would Gavin react if a Judge and Executor, ordered a ghost writer to author about his drunken experiences? The proceeds of Snyder’s book – is not going to my two nieces – Rosamond’s Heirs! This Book of Lies reads like the National Inquirer.

I celebrated thirty year of sobriety April 7th. No family member has every congratulated me on remaining sober – against all odds! My family, and their beloved ‘Caretakers’, dare not say in public I was Rosamond’s Mentor, but one. Larry Sidle the father of the adult Heir, Shannon Rosamond. I wrote Morris several letters begging him not to sell ‘The Family Recovery Program’ to outsiders, because WE will need it for generations to come, because, alcoholism in a genetic disease, as is diabetes.

Like my late father, I struggle with diabetes. Five years ago I underwent 45 radiation treatments for Prostate Cancer. Not once did my daughter call me and ask how this was going. I was rendered impotent. There are complications. After a terrible bleeding incident using a catheter, Dr. Brembe came into my life. He is my ‘Companion Animal’.

Here is Doctor Brembe at the catheter station making sure I wash my hands.

I have not conversed with my daughter and grandson in five years, ever since Heather’s aunt (Flip’s lover) took a giant pee in the back seat of the car I rented, and, told a joke that made Tyler laugh. He was sitting next to this drunk who could not hold it in after emptying the big pictures of beer you see in ‘The Ads’ they made and posted on facebook that I insisted they take down, lest Heather’s boss see them – and she gets fired!

I got removed along with the photos. Here was THEIR PROOF, that the only one in the family who has a drinking problem, is me! How dare I slander Team Bill, the race car driver, who never won a race! Bill demands loyalty from his pit-crew. At the Grand Canyon, Bill would not let me drive my rental car claiming he did not want to put his life in the hands of a Mad Man! You got to laugh!

When I suggested to Bill on his facebook, that he talks a good game of ‘Family Values’, but, he has no intention of marrying my daughter – he unfriended me! Respecting your elders – only goes so far!

“Are you sure your father quit drinking? His boxing gloves are cutting my face up like a razor!”

If it were not for me, Heather would be enjoying her first million, as would Stacey. Then, there is the movie they threaten to make from Rosamond’s Alcoholic Tale. ‘Before The Wave’ is yet another attempt to exploit ‘Drunken Christine ‘ in a HBO series!

When I confronted Bill and Heather about the Giant Pee Stain I saw when I returned the rental, they said I was insane! Bill told me I was a ‘parasite’ because I get SSI. Heather agreed. Bill’s father is a Tea Party fanatic, and they both refuse to held Bill’s mother who is confined to a wheelchair due to obesity – a disease that takes the lives of millions!

When I learned Bill was born on my father’s birthday, who was called ‘Bill’ due to his middle name, I was in shock. Heather was born on my mother’s birthday.  Vic and Rosemary, two abusive alcoholics – had risen from ‘The Dead’ – along with the ‘Save Bill’ program I grew up with. Heather knew I would not approve of Bill, and, he had a drinking problem, but, Bill’s ‘Drinking Problem’ was, he could not get enough to drink! Heather had a steady job, and he didn’t. After finding a drinking buddy he get’s to fornicate with, for free, she begins to complain about her credit card bills. A great night on the town with ‘Mad Bill’ could cost as much as a hundred dollars. Who can afford a engagement ring!

This FUNTIME was becoming a problem for Flip&Linda, too, because they were drinking up the legacy Linda’s drunken gold mine left her. When THEY heard about Uncle Vinnie’s legacy, they saw the answer to their prayers. Bill best friends ran a Bar&Grill in Santa Rosa, and when I saw photos of them in their bar, it was clear they were drinking up all the profits. The goal was to get ‘Uncle Vinnie’s Sober Team’ to prop up four drunks in a bar.

It never dawned on them why I own so much recovery. My friend Paul Drake says he took up acting because of me, because of the way I would mess with folks at the bar. When he auditioned for the role of Mick in ‘Sudden Impact’ he said he applied the same foreboding energy I applied – to Clint Eastwood. They were alone in a room.

“I could tell he was scared!” says Mr. Drake.

Take note of the two pitures Linda Comstock has knocked off! Is it time for another HUGE PEE, Linda? In Snyder’s book, Christine and Shannon encounter Clint. Is it possible Flip picked up some of my dormant bad-ass vibes after insulting me in front of my grandson – he too wanting to be seen as a father-figure? Most drunks start off their ‘The Better Me’ program by USING children. Growing up, I was subjected to the latest Bar Psychology going round. While Vic and his men, drank up at Oscars, they got into this Oedipus Rex, ditty. Changing your children into monsters, was much easier than quitting drinking. I would be titled ‘Rosemary’s Baby’.  Vic’s friends laughed.

Linda chose to marry a rich old drunk, rather than a man who could sire a child. She is motherless in vacuous and cruel stage she made. Those pitures used to be mine, when it looked like I would die…………without ever fathering a child. Heather used to be my miracle, my sober reward. I was a real threat! WE were a real threat!

Bill could not conceive a child. How about Flip? If he had children did they get away from him after they got into therapy? Then there is fatherless Uncle Craig, who gets drunk on the phone with my daughter as she tries to heal him – for hours! Heather was raised to be ‘The Daughter of Mother Healer’ who healed her family after her mother jumped off a cliff in order to get away from her drunken and abusive husband. I met Patrice in a bar, and in the morning she asked me to rescue her two sons from her abusive husband.

Is it any wonder Flip wanted to take me outside and beat the shit out of me in front of my daughter and grandson. I am in a ‘Bar Fight’ over a six year old boy. I was ‘The Fly’ in the ointment, the Bad Guy, who would make it all go WRONG FOR THEM. My twenty-five years of sobriety was the monkey wrench in the works. THEY booked me into a casino, where they hoped I would join in on the FUNTIME! At the bar, after hearing Heather get on stage and sing a song, Linda went in for the kill.

“What’s the matter. Aren’t you going to ask your daughter to dance?”

After I threatened to sue the Head Scientologists at the winery, my seventeen year old daughter was disappeared from my life. I was uninvited from her High School graduation. The ‘Stage Mother’ wanted HER daughter to connect with my surviving brother and sister who backed Tom Snyder, who threatened me with attorneys if I did not sign the non-disclosure agreement he sent me in the mail. His evil document, is not an art book. It is a hatchet-job done on a Sister and Brother in AA. The bloody literary tool falls from his hand as he whispers the name of the company who made it………


I could not get anyone to understand, that the reason I reject ‘Their Program’ is – I already have one! When I left Sonoma I took my family to the library and they checked out four books on Co-Dependency, and OUR FAMILY DISEASE! Did they even open them? Is this a unfair question to ask? I think the scales are tipped in my favor!

We have all seen those scenes from Vampire movies, where a human holds up a cross to ward off the advancing fangs of the hypnotic devil. Here, Linda, this Bud is for you!

EXTRA! I just discovered that James Gordon Heisngner died in 2008. With the research I have done on the Brevoort family, we are looking at an amazing Artistic Dynasty, that needs to be preserved, and cast in a true light. I have been considering restarting the Good Templars, and the Nazarite Vow, to take on the Opiate Addition, that is like the plague. Unity can, and must – be achieved! Let us create a creative legacy that will save lives!

I just joined Alcohol Justice that tried to get a bill passed that would tax companies for damage done by pushing alcohol. Mayor Gavin Newsom vetoed this bill that was aimed at PlumpJack Wines. Newsom and Lawrence Chazen are partners in PlumpJack as are several members of the Getty Pelosi family. Chazen tried to get appointed the Special Executor of Christine Rosamond’s Probate, and went up against my niece, Shannon Rosamond, whose lawyer said;

“I am a member in good standing of the State Bar of California and an attorney on record for 50% interest in Shannon Rosamond. In my 16 years as a member of the State Bar California, I have never experienced a more deliberate fraud on any court or more reckless and calculated attempt to fraudulently take control of a probate estate at the exclusion of the lawful heirs and total manipulation of a tester’s intent that the present efforts of Attorney’s Robin Beare, Lawrence J. Chazen and Garth Benton, the descendants former spouse.”

I wrote attorney Sydney Morris a letter beseeching him to not sell our Family Recovery to outsiders who just want to make millions of dollar of my famous sister The Dead Artist, whose funeral fell on her first sober birthday in AA.

“Christine was my sister in AA where we honor living drunks, not dead ones!”

Robert Buck owns the law firm that stepped into to be the Special Executor of Rosamond’s creative legacy after Vicki Presco refused to serve. Robert is connected to the Buck Trust and Institute that is right out of a science fiction novel in regards for searching for the Fountain of Youth.  Robert also owns Del Monte Aviation that flies in professional golfers to play at Pebble Beach. This beats anything Thomas Pynchon could dream up. This is what Heather,  the sixteen year old daughter ‘The Gold Digger’,  was after, Fame, Fortune, and an unending fountain of booze. Heather’s ambition was the be the Most Popular Girl in the World. This is why Linda Comstock told my minor child to un-invite me to her High School graduation. Linda and Flip had major plans for this minor.

I kept telling my daughter; “All’s well, that ends well!” As it turns out the Buck Trust established Alcohol Justice because the Buck family suffered from alcoholism. In Rosamond’s probate are pleas to Morris to respect the family miracle of sobriety, thanks to Alcoholics Anonymous.

Robert B. Buck, President and Principal OwnerBob Buck is the President and principal owner of Del Monte Aviation. Mr. Buck acquired and redeveloped Monterey’s fifty year old Del Monte Aviation in early 1996, using his more than five thousand pilot hours as a guide.Mr. Buck’s development of Del Monte Aviation followed many years of activity in real estate development, agribusiness and oil production. He is a founding partner of the Carmel law firm of Heisinger, Buck and Morris. Mr. Buck is active in charitable endeavors, now serving as Vice Chairman of the Buck Institute in Marin County, California, a medical research facility specializing in the problems of aging.He was the founding president of the Frank and Eva Buck Foundation, which grants college scholarships in Northern California and has been on the Board of the Jeffers Tor House Foundation in Carmel for many years.

Robert B. Buck is the Member of Del Monte Aviation, LLC and inactive roles in five additional companies .

Del Monte Aviation, LLC filed as a Domestic in the State of California filed on Monday, March 27, 2000. This corporation is approximately fifteen years old according to documents filed with California Secretary of State. Del Monte Aviation, LLC also lists CA1AVIATION Flight Charter Mngt as Member.

Robert B. Buck’s additional active roles include:

Robert B. Buck is connected to other officers through these corporate roles. One of the top connections is Michael Couch .

Robert’s past corporate interests include the President of Buck Ranch Company and the Managing Member of Buck Air, LLC Robert has additional archived roles with three other companies including:

Alcoholics Anonymous as a spiritual experience

Only the first of the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous mentions alcohol. The other 11 talk about redemption, restoring moral character, and devotion to God (or other higher power).

From that perspective, it makes sense that a new study finds that Alcoholics Anonymous increases spirituality. But it goes further than that: Spirituality may actually play a role in successful recovery from alcoholism, says research in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research.

The way that Alcoholics Anonymous members share their experiences of suffering is akin to what happens in a military unit or a musical group or a family, where the idea of “we’re all in this together” becomes particularly strong, said Keith Humphreys, professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Stanford University.

“Someone will say something profound that everyone can connect with beyond themselves, and it can be very moving,” said Humphreys, who was not involved in the study but also researches the effects of Alcoholics Anonymous. “That is a spiritual process.”

The Reverse Friar TuckPolitical junkies are already familiar with the term “reverse Robin Hood,” wherein fiscal policy seems to take money from the poor and give it to the rich. A bill currently before Congress, S. 236 / H.R. 747, elaborates on that theme with a “reverse Friar Tuck,” wherein those profits go to the richest alcohol companies at the expense of American citizens who have been impacted by drinking.

Alcohol Justice has detailed elsewhere how S. 236 / H.R. 747, aka the Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act (CBMTRA), hides behind the lie of fostering small business growth. In fact, the benefits to small brewers and distillers are nominal. A new AJ report, however, gives dollar estimates of the industry giveaways. Among the most egregious fiscal giveaways:

• At least $321 million of lost revenue.
• $50 million to 7 “craft” brewers that produce over 2 million barrels annually.
• $128 million to distillers producing over 100,000 proof-gallons—250% more than distillers under 100,000 proof-gallons receive.
• $18 million lost in undermining a tax break meant to reward makers of lower ABV wines.
• An extension of credits meant for small wineries to those producing up to 620,000 gallons of wine.

“This dishonest federal measure is being portrayed as an incentive for small craft brewers,” said Bruce Lee Livingston, Executive Director/CEO of Alcohol Justice. “But the real winners are the largest beer and spirits producers in a race to cut their already ridiculously low tax rates.”

As significant as they are, these figures reflect only the giveaways for domestic alcohol production. Further language guts the government’s ability to tax imports. Alcohol Justice has prepared a preliminary report on the financial impact of the CBMTRA, but has only scratched the surface. The organization urges everyone concerned with promoting public health to oppose this bill and stand up for public health.

TAKE ACTION to tell Congress to pick public health over Big Alcohol.

$5 Million Spent in California in 2010

to Defeat Alcohol Mitigation Fees

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (October 5, 2011) – Industry watchdog Alcohol Justice, formerly Marin Institute, released a new report today that chronicles an obscene outlay of Big Alcohol dollars to California legislators in 2010.

The report, Drunk with Power: Industry Kills Alcohol Mitigation Fees in California 2010, documents more than $5 million dollars spent to influence all levels of government last year. A majority of the alcohol industry spending went toward campaign donations; lobbying state and local lawmakers; and contributions to political action committees in support of state initiative Proposition 26.

“Big Alcohol’s $5 million investment in 2010 was a really bad deal for California,” said Sarah Mart, director of research at Alcohol Justice and report co-author.  “The politicians and the alcohol industry gained, while California youth, communities and government agencies lost big as they struggled to pay for increasing alcohol-related harms with ever-decreasing resources.”

The biggest recipients of alcohol funding included Daryll Steinberg, D-Sacramento ($96,500), Sam Blakeslee, R-San Loius Obispo ($60,600), Alex Padilla, D-Pacoima ($53,645), Michael Villanes, R-Clovis ($47,970), Kevin de Leon, D-Los Angeles ($47,796), Isadore Hall, D-Los Angeles ($47,672), Noreen Evans, D-Santa Rosa ($42,177), Bill Emmerson, R-Hemet ($39,200), Felipe Fuentes, D-Los Angeles ($38,200), and Gloria Negrete McLeod, D-Chino ($36,867).

The alcohol industry also spent more than $1.3 million to lobby state government on at least 49 proposed bills in 2010. Alcohol lobbyists focused on issues such as alcohol taxes, fee programs, alcohol licenses, and inter-state wine shipping. The greatest single focus of Big Alcohol’s spending last year totaled more than $2 million to pass state initiative Proposition 26, making it virtually impossible to establish any new alcohol mitigation fees.

The top alcohol lobbyist employers in California in 2010 included Diageo ($220,061), Anheuser-Busch InBev ($165,000), MillerCoors ($165,000), Wine Institute ($142,000), Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America ($138,000), California Beer and Beverage Distributors ($96,000), and the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States ($87,600).

“Our state government is operating under the influence of Big Alcohol political contributions and lobbying,” stated Bruce Lee Livingston, Executive Director/CEO of Alcohol Justice. “Critical revenue for alcohol-related programs was denied, as alcohol impact fees were ultimately defeated by Prop 26. The industry passed several bills to increase access to alcohol, while policymakers failed to protect public health and safety. This is what happens when government accepts Big Alcohol bucks.”

Drunk with Power also notes that only $10,000 was reported being spent by the industry in San Francisco to defeat Supervisor John Avalos’ Charge for Harm fee, despite their major grassroots campaign that produced a veto by wine distributor Mayor Gavin Newsom after the Board of Supervisors passed the fee. “We question whether there has been full disclosure of lobbying efforts by Platinum Consulting and Barbary Coast at the behest of the alcohol industry, and encourage them to rectify it immediately,” added Livingston.

Alcohol Prevention Programs and Lives at the Tipping Point

Alcohol Prevention Programs and Lives at the Tipping Point

Big Alcohol Profits are Behind the Play to Defeat SF’s Alcohol Cost Recovery Fee

In November 2008, San Francisco voters approved Prop T to provide treatment on demand for residents suffering from alcohol and drug dependency. Despite the firm majority of people who supported Prop T, Mayor Gavin Newsom and the Board of Supervisors have been engaged in an annual tug of war to cut and restore funding from public health treatment programs. The Mayor’s cuts and Board’s restorations to substance abuse treatment is like a never ending cycle repeated year after year in a downward spiral exacerbated by our on-going economic crisis and budget deficit.
So wouldn’t it be a no-brainer to support an innovative fee to help the City to recover over 16 million dollars in alcohol treatment and service costs from the alcohol industry?
The Alcohol Cost Recover Fee will charge beer, wine and spirits distributors – mostly out-of-town businesses – who sell products in San Francisco, the equivalent of three to five cents a drink to recover the alcohol-related costs borne by the City, and its taxpayers. The fee was purposely placed as far away as possible from restaurants and bars, in order to minimize administrative burden to the City’s local businesses.
However, “Big Alcohol” producers, multinational firms like Anheuser-Busch InBev, MillerCoors and Diageo, have employed the top two lobbyists in the City (Platinum Advisors and Barbary Coast Consulting) to incite local opposition to the fee. Paid lobbyists are fomenting fear among bar and restaurant owners and local merchants organizations. They have posited that the fee would kill jobs and hamstring businesses. Yet the impact of the fee, as measured by the City’s economist, is nominal at best: miniscule job losses with only a one percent decrease in consumption if the fee passes.
Now, the future of this much-needed fee hangs in the balance. It is in the hands of both Mayor Newsom and Supervisor Bevan Dufty, both of whom may not support the fee. While the legislation already has majority support from the Board, a veto from the Mayor would require Dufty’s vote to save the legislation.
Mayor Gavin Newsom is a major owner of a wine distribution business, known best as Plumpjacks. As the executive in charge of signing or vetoing legislation, he cannot be recused. However, we expect that Newsom, who himself has combated alcohol abuse, understands the need for improved access to alcohol treatment would look at the alcohol fee from the point of view of the public good and not his pocketbook.
The companies that haul our garbage pay a tipping fee to the counties where they dump it. Auto drivers pay a gasoline tax. Taxes on cigarettes help pay for hospitals, early childhood services and health prevention. And the Mayor himself has sponsored innovative tobacco clean-up fee in the City. By not recovering costs for the harm that alcohol causes in our communities, we end up subsidizing the corporations who produce, deliver and profit from alcohol while people battle alcoholism.
The Alcohol Cost Recovery Fee will only be used to help recover the costs the City incurs for the treatment of people whose lives are shattered by alcohol. It will recover funds for emergency transport and care, hospitalization and alcohol treatment and prevention services including sobering centers and detox programs. Currently, the millions of dollars in emergency medical transport costs are not paid for by alcohol consumers or sellers, but by San Francisco taxpayers.
The Board of Supervisors last year unanimously passed a resolution, sponsored by Supervisor Bevan Dufty, supporting the proposed Statewide alcohol-mitigation fee.
The Alcohol Cost Recovery Fee Ordinance is supported by Director of Public Health Mitch Katz, the Health Commission, the Democrats, the Greens, the San Francisco Labor Council, Fire Department leaders, the Firefighters union, SEIU, the California Nurses Association, and the San Francisco Medical Society. Many in the LGBT community and most HIV/AIDS agencies are actively advocating for its passage.
So let’s get off the dime, end the subsidy to alcohol corporations, and continue to support the least among us who have fallen prey to alcohol addiction. Alcohol prevention and intervention programs save lives!

Bruce Lee Livingston, MPP, Executive Director, CEO, Marin Institute, Bernal Heights resident
Supervisor John Avalos, Chair of the Budget and Finance Committee


Members of Gavin Newsom’s wine, restaurant, bar, resort and real estate partnerships since 1991:

Kevin & Bronwyn Brunner, John Burton, Casey and Michelle Cadwell, Bob and Barbara Callan, Frank Caufield, Donna Chazen, Lawrence Chazen, Joe & Victoria Cotchett, Michael & Hilary Decesare, Philip DeLimur, Don Dianda, Gretchen Dianda, Edward Everett, Richard Freemon, James Fuller, Stanlee Gatti, Robert Gerry, Andrew Getty, Ann Getty, Anna Getty, Chris Getty, Gordon Getty, Mark Getty, Peter Getty, Ronald Getty, Tara Getty, William “Billy” Getty, Robert Goldberg, Florianne Gordon, Stu Gordon, Gordon Goletto, David Goodman, Arthur Groza, Richard & Martha Guggenhime, Tony and Anthony Guilfoyle, Shelly Guyer, James & Shea Halligan, Bob & Jill Hamer, Erin Howard, Thomas Huntington, Isolep Enterprises (Paul and Nancy Pelosi family personal investment company), Peter Jacobi, Gaye Jenkins, Jeffrey Kanbar, Chad Kawai, David Lamonde, John Larson, Rob Lavoie, Leavitt/Weaver interior designers, Marc Leland, Maryon Davies Lewis, Anne McCutcheon, Chris McCutcheon, Ross McGowan, Rich McNally, Robert & Carole McNeil, Paul Mohun, Robert Mohun, Jeff Morin, Sara Moughan, Terry Moughan, Brian Mueth, Bob Naify, Marshall Naify, John Nees, Barbara Newsom, Brennan Newsom, Catherine & David Newsom, Gavin Newsom, Patrick Newsom,
Tessa Newsom, William Newsom, John O’Hara, Jack Owsley, Pacific Design, Matt Pelosi, Robynne Piggott, James Samuel Powers, Elizabeth Rice, Jeremy Scherer, Paul Scherer, Gary Schnitzer, Steve & Theresa Selover, Steve Siino, Trevor Traina, Chris Vietor, Francesca Vietor, Kenneth Weeman, Nicki West, Justin & Aridne Williams, Kevin Williams, Thomas & Kiyoko Woodhouse

Credible estimates of the prevalence of alcohol and drug abuse suggest that alcohol abuse affects 30% to 40% and drug abuse 10% to 15% of homeless persons. A review of policies that address substance abuse among the homeless finds that interventions alternate between control and rehabilitation. However, the unique needs of a changing homeless population require an integration of alcoholism and drug abuse recovery services with programs for women, adolescents, and the mentally ill. Alcohol- and drug-free housing is essential to support and maintain recovery. Psychology can contribute in the development of effective programs for homeless individuals struggling with addiction and alcoholism.

All Bottled Up

When Gavin Newsom and Billy Getty used to go into a wine shop, like other young guys, they were often directed to the light beer section faster than they could say “Merlot.” Maybe it was the baseball caps and sneakers. Whatever it was, it felt like a snub.

It didn’t matter that both young men come from very prominent California families. Newsom’s dad is the well-respected Judge Bill Newsom, and Getty’s dad is the composer and philanthropist Gordon Getty. The younger Newsom serves as a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

In 1992, Newsom and Getty, both in their early 20s, decided that they had had enough of the “ageism” and opened their own wine shop on Filmore Street in San Francisco.

Newsom says, “The primary reason (we started PlumpJack was that) we were sick and tired of the snobbery surrounding the business.”

Getty concurs. He tells me, “Every new 21 year old is greeted with open arms by trillion dollar advertising campaigns for the apathetic consumption of hard alcohol or drinking light beer with the Swedish bikini team. And yet the one form of alcohol consumption that has proven medical attributes is shrouded in this nonsensical snobbery.”

The Company We Keep

Thus, PlumpJack was born. PlumpJack boasts a winery, thriving retail shops, restaurants, and a brand new Web site.

And they’ve stayed true to their focus.

Newsom tells me, “The whole strategy of PlumpJack is inexpensive value wines.”

The bottom line is that PlumpJack is introducing great tasting and affordable wine to a whole new generation. They’ve taken the mystery out of wine and put the enjoyment in.

And the business is thriving. The guys tell me that it takes 500 employees to run the company, a number that is likely to double next year.

From A To Zinfandel
So what do these guys say is a surefire party pleaser this year?

“One of the big booms we’re seeing now is Zinfandel. People realizing that it’s a great alternative to Cabernet and Merlot,” Newsom says. “And there are so many different styles of Zin. You can have Zinfandels that taste like Merlot that are racy and jammy, bright rich fruit. And you have Zins that are more in line with Cabernet where you get more a spice and licorice.”

And what about the ever tricky champagne?

The guys recommend Dampierre Brut. Newsom tells me that this champange is “stunning. Every time we serve people (at one of their five restaurants) they say what the heck is this? It’s got a lot of fruit but a baked bread yeastiness, which is just awesome, especially on the finish.”

“I want some feedback on our movie. I want you to sign a non-disclosure contract. You may not used any information I have shared with you without my permission and for any reason I deem injurious to my preservation and cause as agreed to at our first meeting.”

Alcohol Justice was established in 1987 as one of three major projects funded by the Leonard and Beryl H. Buck Trust at the same time the Marin Community Foundation was formed. The Marin Institute reported in 2006 that “countering the alcohol industry has always been a high priority for the Marin Institute, but we now want to make it the central focus of our efforts. That means we’ll put 100% of our energy into stopping the alcohol industry from harming public health.”[citation needed] In July 2011, the Marin Institute changed it name to Alcohol Justice to better align the organization’s name with the national reach of its network.[2]  

James Gordon Heisinger

Obituary Condolences

James Gordon Heisinger
March 5, 1928 ~ November 7, 2008CARMEL – Jim passed away peacefully at home on Friday, November 7, 2008 at sunset, in the company of his family. He was 80. He was born in Sanger, California on March 5, 1928, the only child of Everett and Pauline Heisinger. Jim’s family moved to Pacific Grove shortly after he was born and then to Carmel in 1936.
Jim had many fond memories growing up in the small town of Carmel, hunting and fishing with his father and friends in Carmel Valley and performing with local friends as well as professional actors like Dame Judith Anderson in the Del Monte Summer Theatre. His mother instilled in him, and generations of Carmel’s children, a life long love of learning through her career as a schoolteacher and later as the children’s librarian at Harrison Memorial Library.
Jim graduated from Carmel High School in 1945 after serving as President of the Student Body. He made life long friends playing football at Salinas Valley Junior College (now Hartnell) and Monterey Peninsula Junior College after its opening. He graduated from Brigham Young University with degrees in history and art.
After graduation, Jim returned to Carmel, married Rosemary Walters and began his career as an architect. For nearly 60 years, his beautiful and practical residential and commercial designs have graced the Peninsula, bringing joy to many families. His own family benefited from a husband and father who was always available to them at home, just down the hall in his office.
Jim’s service as a volunteer in his community continued throughout his life. He was a founding member of the Carmel Youth Center and Padre Parents, as well as a volunteer and Board Member for the Carmel Chapter of the American Red Cross. Jim also served as a volunteer for community events including the SCRAMP races at Laguna Seca, the Bing Crosby National ProAm, the Fiesta at Carmel Mission and Monterey’s annual birthday party, the Merienda. He was a member of the Carmel Rotary Club for over 30 years and very proud of the honor the Club bestowed on him by naming him a Paul Harris Fellow.
Jim’s loving wife of 55 years, Rosemary, passed away in November of 2006. He is survived by his son, James G. Heisinger, Jr. (Pamela) of Carmel, his daughter Vicki Ann Mason (Tom) of San Jose and his grandsons, Michael Heisinger and Alex Heisinger, both of Carmel.
A memorial service will be held at the Carmel Mission Basilica at 11:00 a.m. on Friday, November 21, 2008. A reception will follow at the family home. Memorial donations may be made to the Larry Farrell-Carmel Rotary Club Fund of the Community Foundation for Monterey County, the Monterey Peninsula College Foundation, the Carmel Public Library Foundation or charity of the donor’s choice.

Published in The Monterey Herald on Nov. 16, 2008

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