Before The Wave – There Was An Ocean Of Lies

I ran into a friend of Jeremy Dundon, and I blurted out he had unfriended me. Turns out they are friends. He asked me why I don’t get along with the Dundons, anymore. I refrained from telling this stranger the truth, that goes like this; “I was a bright shiny thing in their midst. I was the real gifted one! But, this could not be, after I was open and verbal about my fourteen year old sister screwing a twenty-four year old Vietnam Vet, posing as a hippie! Jim Dundon was putting Vickie Dundon’s girlfriends to work in his leather sweat-shop he ran out of the Dundon residence!

His son, Shamus Dundon, could not stop telling me lies, after I caught him in the first one. To protect the Dundon Clan, here and abroad, they had to lower my I.Q. numbers seventy points, because they made a point to surround themselves with Irish morons in Rhode Island. They began to believe their own lies, and became as dumb as a bag of hammers. You could talk about the Presco Family secrets, and have a good laugh, but, you could not mention that old man Dundon was an Irish lush, who married Rosemary, a manic depressive. Right now, I feel so daring letting this truth out. The Dundon Clan will whittle me down to size – if I still let them.”

In the top photo we see Jeremy;s father, Michael Dundon, with Christine. He takes credit for Christine’s success, as does Jim, because they brought Industry to the Prescos. On her fifteenth birthday, Jim gave my sister a set of leather-working tools. Above we see Vicki with her Christmas gift given to her by the next task master she married. It is a Commodities’ Investment Kit complete with a big book on how to conceal one earnings from the IRS. Shamus is examining his new roofing hammer that he will expertly use putting a new roof on the house, come spring.

Rosamond Press


That my family can’t admit I was Christine’s mentor, is to take away the soap box she was using to make accusations against members of our family. This is a COVER-UP. Rosamond’s fans wanted/want to hear from her mentor. To silence me is a DESTRUCTIVE COVER-UP. What happened to me – after Christine’s death – happened to my sister before the fake wave.

Jon Presco

The Suede Jacket Lie


Around ten days after my sister, Christine Rosamond Benton, drowned, my surviving sister, Vicki Presco, showed my friend and I a video she and her son shot down in the cove at Rocky Point. They find a suede jacket they surmise belonged to Christine – high up in the ice-plant. They say the large waves must have deposited it there. When the video is over, Vicki goes into her closet and produces this…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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