The American Volunteer Tax

I just sent the following to my Congressman.

Dear Congressman DeFasio

The notion that FBI Director Comey was fired because he asked for my tax dollars to fund his investigation into Russian hacking and interference with out elections, is deeply disturbing. Our President used the phrase ‘Taxpayers Charade’. I hear reports from Congressmen and Senators their investigation into Russia’s collusion with government officials, is understaffed due to lack of taxpayer funds. For this reason I founded the ‘American Volunteer Tax’.

I applaud your efforts to save the U.S Post Office. When our founding fathers signed the U.S. Constitution, there were no telephones, telegraph lines, or airplanes. Our Nation’s Capitol was built so our elected Law Makers could gather to discuss how our taxes would be spent. This discussion can take place in cyberspace. Thanks to the Internet, We The People can fund what agencies we are in favor of – directly! We could use paypal, or an ap.

I have invented such an ap called The American Volunteer Tax. The AVT would allow all Americans to invest in America without going through the Congress and the Senate. One could give funds to the U.S.Post Office to keep it open, or, fund the EPA in order save our environment, or, fund the FBI in order to keep the Judiciary going forward in all their investigations! The AVT would be a way of instantly polling how American feel about our vital Government programs that have been weakened by radical groups who want their taxes back, and the radical Christian-right who want to eliminate most secular offices. Being against paying taxes, has been a real winner for the enemies of our Democracy.

After getting the President they wanted, and after making draconian cuts, it is already clear most Americans like how things used to be. But because the Tea Party candidates have taken over the Senate and the Congress, half of American Voters are rendered impotent. What I see are Patriot Points that anyone with a cellphone can own in a prestigious manner, and share with his or her American Patriot. When one contributes $2.00 dollars, they get a point. Monetary language is done away with. Even the word Tax is not applicable. One could go to their American Volunteer site and see they have a 100 points invested in the FBI. Their logo and seal appears that you can show to your family and fiends.

Yesterday , I ran into my childhood friend. Being 70 years of age, we counted noses. Many of our friends are gone. We are not happy how America turned out. We can not take it with you. I would like to leave behind a legacy that is a testimony to how much I love my country. Ones Patriot Points can be transferred over to your child and grandchildren. Contributors can be made public if one so desires. Those who own America, will be clearly seen. Those who wave crosses, flags, snakes, and American eagle – in your face – have had their day. Put your money where your mouth is. Those who proudly pay a Double Tax, will seize the day. Of course the AVT will help put the right people in the Senate and Congress, where a more fair income tax system will alas be the Law of the Land.

The Constitution says you will build post offices and roads to the post offices.. This law was made because there were no telephones. For the first time in our history We The People can fund our government – directly! The AVT will not replace the present tax system, for now. It can enhance it by giving more control to the people who will get much more attention then they are getting now. Money talks! If the AVT contributes $100 million dollars to preferred agencies, then in theory, they belong to us. We will take back our Government from those who do not want one!

I have founded a church, and may have the AVT be under its protective banner. The AVT can bee seen a tithe. If WE are one Nation under God, then it stands to reason God wants His nation to be sufficiently funded. in a Democratic manner! For sure the AVT will constitute a voting block, even a third party, that will be a force to be reckoned with. We will be a Powerful Network, known for our deeds, and not our empty promises. The will of the people will be done – in a very direct manner! We will be like golden sheaves of grain in the Land of Plenty.. Every golden grain, counts! We are the product! We are the bounty.

Jon Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Copyright 2017

WASHINGTON — Days before he was fired as F.B.I. director, James B. Comey asked the Justice Department for more prosecutors and other personnel to accelerate the bureau’s investigation into Russia’s interference in the presidential election.

It was the first clear-cut evidence that Mr. Comey believed the bureau needed more resources to handle a sprawling and highly politicized counterintelligence investigation.

His appeal, described on Wednesday by four congressional officials, was made to Rod J. Rosenstein, the deputy attorney general, whose memo was used to justify Mr. Comey’s abrupt dismissal on Tuesday.

It is not yet known what became of Mr. Comey’s request, or what role — if any — it played in his firing. But the future of the F.B.I.’s investigation is now more uncertain than at any point since it began in late July, and any fallout from the dismissal is unlikely to be contained at the bureau.

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