Alan Fox’s 20 Million Dollar Gift

Rosamond Press


Alan Fox gifted 20 million dollars to a university in order to immortalize un-gifted members of his family.  He is trying to establish an Artistic Dynasty. What a joke. He is not a player in the Art Casino unveiled in the Panama Papers as far as I can tell.

It occurred to me I should have sued Alan for ‘Wrongful Death’ after the statute of limitations ran out. This would have revealed much. My main interest is still to own how my sister was “killed” by a rogue wave. It might be possible for my niece, Drew Benton, to sue Alan Fox. She is a member of a REAL Artistic Dynasty and suffers from mental illness due to her brush with death. She watched her mother die. Our family could have used 10 million dollars to save and promote the Rosamond Legacy and all out creative members – for generations…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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