Jesus-Balaam Augur and Magi

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There has to be a good reason why the Zoroastrian Magi followed a star to Bethlehem. The truth is the shepherds of the Medes came here every year to sell and trade livestock, and wool. But, this year was a Jubilee Year, and as kinsman redeemer, certain foreigners were allowed to pay the debts of their people and release them from bondage.  Gentiles, who were once admitted into the Covenant of the Lord, left for home with their kindred and their children after a ritual performed at the Temple. With the Reforms of Joash, and the finding of a false Covenant, many religious observances were abolished. Certain Children of God were cast out, and made slaves for life. They were rendered Illegitimate Aliens.

For the reason Trump is destroying the Republican Party founded by my kindred, as Go’el Redeemer I reveal many secrets in order to reform my party that was corrupted…

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