A Bookcase, Pennent, and Trophy

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There are reasons why many people want to see Ken Kesey’s mural in downtown Springfield, work. I will post on the Mayor’s speech later on. What had to be sought was permission to render this mural on a building owned by the Oddfellows. They were mentioned in what can be described as a political speech. Most everything is political these days. For sure no one that mattered was for ‘Cosmic Ken’. To render a giant mural with Saturn and a shooting star above Magi Kesey’s head, is a No-No! There can be no beatitude smile on his face while he hand-feeds a Unicorn that has just come across the Rainbow Bridge. This would not pass muster. Everyone is going to scream…..


Even though these thing were used to sell dairy and yogurt products, stuff that is good for you,  let us put these magical things in books, and put these books in…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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