Beautiful Miss Oregon Was Homeless


When I posted on Miss Oregon, a beautiful black woman, and after she accepted my friendship, Ms. Kathy Vrzak attacked me. She threatened to sue me and protect her people “whatever it takes”.  She was a on a mission – from God! Is Ms. Vrzak – a prig? Is she the Black Church Lady?

There was no Secular Hippie-like Celtic-like Eugene Celebration this year. Not once was a giant cross hauled down Main Street in a wagon – in the past. There was a celebration of black culture, however, held at the Hult Center partially funded by Lane Council For the Arts. I heard the name “Jesus” shouted out many times. The woman next to me, whose husband helped put on this cultural event, shouted;

“This is just like church!”

Jesus is the Grand Muse to millions. Of course putting a beautiful young woman before Muse-Jesus, is the Sin of Sins! We live in a shame-based society and the Christian Church is THE SOURCE of racism. The real Jesus dealt with the homeless. How about beautiful women? Did he tackle them? There is a brand new cult around Mary Magdalene that is being fueled – by white women!


lThe question I put to the head of NAACP, is, would he allow any homeless people to camp out on the lawn of the Mims House, or, will only black people who are homeless be welcome? Miss Oregon and her parents were homeless. Belle Burch was homeless.

“We became homeless because of my parents not being able to work and the rest of our family living too far away to help.”

There is a scene in the movie ‘Excalibur’ where Parcival is hanging in a tree surrounded by dead knights that were on The Quest. I associate with him. I had such a beautiful vision when I filmed  Belle Burch in Ken Kesey Square while a musician sang a Grateful Dead song,. No beautiful vision in the history of the world, has been more slimed, the holder of the vision demonized in order for others to work their imperfect civic dream. What they do not realize, is, that Camelot lie in ruin.

Back in December, after Natriana Shorter, who is African-American, won the crown for Miss Oregon, Albert commented on a KEZI news story that, “I know this is going to sound racist and it’s not my intention. But I can’t help but think it’s awfully strange that a woman of color would represent [the] state of Oregon. The state that has one of the smallest amount of minorities of any race compared to other states. And yes, she is very beautiful.”

Here is Belle Burch with Showers at Ken Kesey Square. SLEEPS was holding a fake art festival when I came into the square with my camera. They came after me because of anarchists politics. I am sure Ms. Vrzak was going to try to get the NAACP after me.

Greg Presco's photo.

06/24/15 at 2:20 AM

Tom Adams

Tom, over a year ago, Krysta Albert invited me to be on the board of Festival of Eugene after seeing my posts on the City of Eugene facebook. I inform her there is someone on the board who is the mother of the anarchist whose friends  threatened me, and she bans me. This is SLEEPS. I suggested one of them was using monies given for the homeless, to party with. Alley Valkyrie posted libelous accusations on Kitty Piercy’s FB.

I am going to do all I can to get Krysta out of the celebration. I inquired about her non-profit status, and if she is paying taxes. How about the venders? When I saw I was back on FOE, I attended their meeting on the 18th. I was banned once again, and told I was not “fit” to serve the community and was too mentally ill. Here is my blog on this matter. I will not rest or back down.

“Before attending NHCC I did not imagine my life would be as wonderful as it is today,” said Natriana, a college junior. “My intentions as a student were only to attend school. I did not want to make friends. I did not want to open up about my life, and I did not want to openly share about what God had done for me or my relationship with Him.”

Past family struggles made opening up to others difficult for Natriana. “I kept my personal life very private,” she said. “When I was younger, my parents both struggled with physical sicknesses and various hardships. It began with my mom being diagnosed with breast cancer. Shortly after that season, my dad was diagnosed with severe rheumatoid arthritis. We became homeless because of my parents not being able to work and the rest of our family living too far away to help. I did not have a lot and while I did have Jesus Christ as a part of my life, I did not know Him intimately at that time.”

That’s when a seemingly chance visit to the NHCC website led to a divine confirmation. While Googling “Christian colleges,” Natriana came across New Hope Christian College. Though she is from Nevada, Natriana liked the idea of moving to Oregon and the College’s smaller community. “I secretly felt like God was saying, ‘This is the school for you,’ but I was so unsure,” she said. “The next day I went to a prayer meeting at church and as soon as I went forward for prayer, the pastor put his hands on my shoulders and said, ‘There is a school you want to go to. You should go.’

Kathy Vrzak discusses “In Celebration of African-American Gospel Music: A Musical Journey. The program will follow gospel from its African roots, through slavery and emancipation, the first Black churches and the jazz and blues genres, to Martin Luther King Jr. and the civil rights movement, into the present and a look into the future. The program will take place at the Hult Center on Sunday, May 1

EUGENE, Ore. – Nightingale Health Sanctuary, a homeless rest stop, is moving to the Eugene Mission Tuesdsay.

Nightingale originally planned to relocate to Lone Oak Parknear Division Avenue. But they delayed those plans after hearing concerns from neighbors. So they’ll be moving out of their current location near Autzen Stadium to a spot at the Eugene Mission. They’ll be living there for about 6 months.

“And what this really does it gives the community a chance to sort of think about where the best location for this site may be,” said Eugene Mission Executive Director Jack Tripp.

At the Mission, Nightingale Campers will have access to all the facilities and services. That includes running water, something Nightingale didn’t have for a while. The Mission had to relocate a garden to make room for the newcomers. Tripp’s wife, who is the lead garden volunteer, says that’s okay.

“She said, ‘Well it’s far more important to garden people than it is to garden plants,'” Tripp said.

The Mission welcomed Nightingale campers with open arms, even though their new kitchen has been under construction. The Mission said having the kitchen outside actually increased the number of people they feed.

“Because it’s a lot less intimidating for them to walk through a big gate than it is to walk into a building,” said Tripp.

Nightingale Camp Manager Nathan Showers said he’s grateful for the Mission. But he has to cut the number of campers to about 15.

“I wanted to get bigger and bigger over time by proving that we are good and that we are helping people,” said Showers.

Nightingale Health Sanctuary is the second camp the Eugene Mission is helping. There’s also a veteran’s camp next door managed by the Community Supported Shelters.

Our income comes mainly from membership dues, performances and donations. An occasional  choir garage sale in the spring is great fun.

We are most grateful to our community , private donors, for their generous support. Scholarships are available and dues set on a sliding scale allow persons at every income level to participate fully in choir activities. We are incorporated as a 501(C)3 non-profit public charity. Our corporate structure is a Board of Directors consisting of 10 elected officers. Decisions are made at the Board’s regularly held business meetings where we ensure everyone is heard and arrive at solutions together.

Before Albert took charge, I appeared before the Mayor on June 6 2014. “Yesterday I presented to Mayor Kitty Piercy my idea for the New Eugene Celebration that would be centered around the Cuthbert Amphitheater and the Mill Race that I see as flowing from the Woodminster Amphitheater Cascade. I see O Lake as a reflecting pond. I see a Japanese arch at the end of a pier where is docked a Japanese boat. Up the hill is a Zen Garden and the cottages rescued from Columbia Terrace located in the lost city of Fairmont platted by George Melvin Miller, the brother of Joaquin.

There is a Writer’s Grove planted next to the cascade. I see a similar grove planted near the Cuthbert. Where will sit the two Craftsman housed rescued from Columbia Terrace. Once house will be a Miller Brother’s Museum, and the other a Museum of Bohemian Art and Literature. Ken Kesey lived in one of the barracks that was moved from Fort White. I see a Museum to Peace, with Kesey and Hippie memorabilia. Our Mayor should contact officials I Japan to see if they see these barracks that once housed soldiers destined to go to war with Japan, of historic significance.

The Calm Waters of Peace, Poetry, and Art, flow underground all the way from Oakland California, and surface in a New Arcadia in Eugene. From brother to brother. let there be a New Cultural Unity!

Jon Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Presss

Copyright 2014

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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