I just found this remark on FB messages from Krysta Albert. I will now be talking to my attorney. She says she-out mans me. This is discrimination and slander.

“You are a crazy man, un-medicated who harasses women and quite frankly, I out man you in every way. That being said you are a complete waste of my time, Indeed, you are a waste of anyones time you spend a breathe or stroke on the keyboard with.”

“Greg- after your postings, the committee had a teleconference and we decided you are not a fit for our organization. If you have questions about our organization or how it runs, simply Google it. There are plenty of news articles about FOE.’

I googled Krysta and behold Izzy, a Prankster and friend of the Kesey family. We have read poems on stage.

Here I am on KVAL. Tom Adams covered the story about my plight to honor my best friend, a homeless Vet, who I compared to Bill. Krysta is saying I am not FIT to be a citizen of Eugene. I live in Springfield. We were evicted from this house slated for demolition.

Krysta knew I was ‘The Competition’ when she spotted my grandiose ideas on FB ‘City of Eugene. She knew I was a Mad Hatter by the hat I wore. She knew Ken was not quite dead, so she invited me to be on her board. Then she is told libelous things about me. I will be speaking to a Civil Rights, and Advocate For the Mentally Ill attorney. I title myself ‘Big Ideas Jonny’. I wanted a big giant float of Godzilla! I had a vision. I didn’t need a gang of nine to hold my hand! I am a big boy. Now, I am……’The Monster’.

My novel ‘The Gideon Computer’ has been coming true for quite a long time, never more so then with the appearance of ‘Bad Monica’. Berkley Bill Bolagard is ‘The Last Hippie’ – of the future! Monica is Bill’s extremely beautiful wife, she holding the title ‘America’s Rose’.  She wasn’t happy to have just fucked this cocky beat full of grandiosity. Monica now encourages Bill to sleep with her roommate, Veronica, her ‘Friend-Foe’ her beautiful rival. Now she has something on them both. Now she is able to relax and be ‘The Good Wife’.

After Krysta Albert saw my grandiose ideas for a celebration on a city FB site, she invited me to be on her board. When I saw Anand Holthem-Keathly was a member I felt it was proper I inform her of the Belle Incident. Krysta sent me this message;

“Are you aware there is a website listing you as sexual offender?

No! This is no good! I feel for Belle. We need to retract, and heal. Did you find this site, or, was it shown you? Belle agreed to be my muse – with no sexually involvement. I was going to teach her my sister’s infamous style, she one of the highest paid artists in history. I am authoring the history of the Bohemians.”

My friend Nancy Hamren suggested I author the history of the hippies when I visited her at the Kesey Creamery in 1986. Six moths later I am writing about the fate of the last hippie – twenty years in the future! This novel is based upon the slogan;

“Don’t lay your guilt trip on me!”

Monica’s second husband, Thomas Gideon, was a devout Catholic who is kin to several Popes. He is really into Shame&Guilt. He invents a computer that gathers together our little snippets of guilt, our toss away shame, and, CAPTURES  humanity in his privately run prison system. How many men are in prison because a vicious, vengeful, and ambitious woman has put them there?

Three days ago I put this blog on the Festival of Eugene planning committee. I had attended a meeting in Skinner Butte Park. I wondered why Krysta Albert still KEPT me on the board. Only when I mentioned having a ‘Godzilla Run’ did she recognize me? I owned real fear Belle and her girl-gang would show up and we would have a rumble in the park while the statue if Eugene Skinner looked over the horizon at an age when men were allowed to be men – in Springfield!

Well, apparently she had a computer-phone teleconference, and I was being snubbed. FB told me eight people read this blog, but, not one comment, not one thumbs-up. In exchanging FB messages with KA, I concluded she called for a conference the minute I left that meeting. I honked the horn on ‘Big Blue’ as I drove by. Four women were in a huddle. No one waved.

About an hour ago, Krysta said I was unfit to be in her group. She states;

” You are literally an UN-medicated individual with ideas of grandeur.”

ratched2 reagan44

I’m sure Hemmingway, Kesey, and Artaud heard the same thing from one of the women in their life. But, I’m no Hemingway. I must be a failure, thus, I am suspect? I don’t think so. And, ten million men will agree….there are women who get ahead in the world, and get respect from their ilk by going after a man, but, not any man. He has to be a standout, a guy that is not going along with the crowd. When Queen Krysta read this blog, she became insecure. If her father abused her as a child, she overlay his image on me, put HIS GUILT ON ME in order to get back at Daddy, and bring him low by exposing his for what HE DID. He being dead, is not a drawback. Professional Women Victims will castrate a surrogates.  This was the fate of Berkeley Bill Bolagard, because Monica believed her father had molested her as child. Only when Bill can LIFT her Guilt Trip, can they both be free.

I kept asking Krysta if FOE is set up as a non-profit organization, and, is FOE paying taxes and keeping good records of their DONORS! Judging by her repsonse, she is a SUSPECT in my book. These Guilt Trippers are not, hippies, beats, or radicals. They are Moneymakers wearing the masks of Bohemians. They saw me as ‘The Fuzz’ because with Big Victim’s there is no quality control, no male control. If you get in their way they will title you a ‘Little Girl Abuser’ – or threaten to!

I suspect 99% of the real hippies came in contact with a ‘Bad Monica’ and wondered why a woman would want to destroy them. They’re ambitious! They are predators roaming free in the real Bohemian Art World, for the money – and the power! After using the ‘Predator’ label, they get addicted to using it, because – it works!

I told Krysta that all her board members were self-promoters with something to sell. I told her and her board are interfering with my right to make money going on the lies of a woman who was arrested for Trespassing in the office of the City Planner because they didn’t like his ruling. What if these anarchists start carrying guns, they coming to believe they own the right to shoot someone for their cause?

“The chicks are packed!”

I know Krysta is a Christian, and her parent who gave her that name. Is she a Republican? Is she going to take Kitty Piercy’s place. Did she read my post where I declare I am the ‘End Time Elijah’?

Here’s the really BIG QUESTION……..How many millions of INNOCENT men, were threatened like I was threatened, and caved in, kept their mouths shut, did what they were asked knowing it was a lose-lose situation?

I have a book, because my famous sister’s 272 page auto-biography was disappeared, because she was accusing most of the men around her of being sexual predators. Three women helped silence my sister’s voice. They did it because they wanted money from the books and the movie! This entailed kissing my racist brother’s ass.

I have attended ‘Incest Survivors’ meetings in Eugene. I am steeped in Women’s issues and understand Co-Dependency. I have healed victim’s of incest! I am fit to be in the company of Saints!

This faux bitch has no empathy for Bohemians and the long struggle we fought. Yet, here she come to lap up the cream on top of the milk with her – snobs!

Thanks for the great line Krysta! I will use it in the breakup scene.

“You are literally an UN-medicated individual with ideas of grandeur.” said the dark side of Monica.

“I’m leaving you. I’m going to the South of Spain with Thomas. His grandother has invited us to stay in her villa.”

“Does thus mean we won’t be planting these tulip bulbs?” Bill asked, crestfallen.

“Oh, just fuck your flowers!” and Bill winced as she slapped the bulbs out of his hands.  Monica was now doing Veronica the day they went to visit her in the mental ward. Bill had stopped dropping huge hints Veronica was going to the cross for Monica, for their collective betrayal. In her book, someone had to be guilty.”

A year ago I tried to tell Krysta Albert that I caught Belle and Alley Valkerie holding a clandestine take-over of Ken Kesey Square, knowing the venders did not want them there  – of the city.  When Belle sent me a poem where she says she is bar-hopping while sleeping in a tent in from of City Hall, I said this to her;

“You better not be partying with money meant for the homeless!”

This is when they called Alley to come rescue – THEM! I never met Alley. Anand Holthem-Keathley knew what her son and his friends were up to. She heard them conspire to break the law. Now, THEY are going after the whole city! And I own delusions of grandeur? How many votes have any of these people received?

Thank God we got a real newspaperman on the job! The Gideon Computer begins with my homeless hero bedding down in an old Victorian…….slated for demolition!


Jon Presco ‘The Man From FOE’

Copyright 2015


No one will listen to you. You will have no book. No IRS agent will take you seriously,. You are literally an UN-medicated individual with ideas of grandeur. You have no power, and are no threat to me or the Festival. We are law-abiding citizens and anything you do with further cast disparaging ideas about you and your character.

 Sounds like Krysta is talking to a rape victim.

Two days ago I made one post about FOE on my blog. 8 people looked at it and not one person gave a like, or, made a comment. You did not invite me to work with Suzen on the Art Zone. Trinity did not respond to the e-mail I sent her after I talked to Peter DeFazios’ office about his classic car being in the parade. Tresta avoided me after making an appointment. I must assume the Belle Burch and Alley Valjerie LOE is behind this. It began when I told Belle she better not be misusing funds for the homeless. Are you a non-profit orginization? How are handling donations. Can any of your administrators make appeals for money? Shouldn’t you have a real board, instead of another Kangaroo Court? I asked Anand to resign. I posted my STATE history and ideas on the FOE page. I am going to publish a book – for profit. I see other planners and yourself, are self-promoters. I demand to be reinestated on the FOE planners page, or, I will make public accusations you are oppressing my right to make money in Eugene, and you have set up a Cronie System to make your friend and business contacts, money.


You and your gang have not backed me off. I will author a book on these bullshitters who have taken over the bohemian culture of this area and Oregon. I will begin my book with this quote. “Are you aware there is a website listing you as sexual offender?

Kindly refrain from contacting me further.I am a reporter for a real newspaper. I will seek out the news. I will expose the frauds all around you.Kindly refrain from contacting me further.


Thank you and your people for the great book, the expose I will publish and get gobs of money from. It will end with the Feds lining up all the venders at the FOE to get their id’s and see if they paid their taxes So long, fraud! See you in the fed lock-up after they doo the books for your wedding business!.


Sir, you are unstable., Your threats are that of a lunatic. Kindly refrain from further contact as its clear you are an individual bent on being destructive, angry, mean and quite mentally ill.





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