Beautiful Miss Oregon Was Homeless

Trump would love to grab this Beauty Queen by the pussy. Would the Reeds and the Holy Choir of God, protect her? Or, would that be too controversial? Going after me, verses a man with lot of money and power, is more PROFESSIONAL!

Rosamond Press


When I posted on Miss Oregon, a beautiful black woman, and after she accepted my friendship, Ms. Kathy Vrzak attacked me. She threatened to sue me and protect her people “whatever it takes”.  She was a on a mission – from God! Is Ms. Vrzak – a prig? Is she the Black Church Lady?

There was no Secular Hippie-like Celtic-like Eugene Celebration this year. Not once was a giant cross hauled down Main Street in a wagon – in the past. There was a celebration of black culture, however, held at the Hult Center partially funded by Lane Council For the Arts. I heard the name “Jesus” shouted out many times. The woman next to me, whose husband helped put on this cultural event, shouted;

“This is just like church!”

Jesus is the Grand Muse to millions. Of course putting a beautiful young woman before Muse-Jesus, is the Sin of…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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