Simon Magus and Helen of Troy

In looking at Belle Burch’s profile I saw Helen of Troy who was CAPTURED by Paris. We are going to another level now that we know Litigation based upon Judaic-Christian-Roman tradition – doesn’t work. Or, am I mistaken?

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magus5Years ago I described Rena this way;

“The face that launched a thousand Rosamond prints.”

Simon Magus had a consort who he claimed was the reincarnation of Helen of Troy. It is claimed Simon was a sorcerer. Allegedly Jesus was crucified for being a sorcerer, but, no one is bothering Simon, but, Paul, who uses Peter again as his rock to smite Paul’s enemies. Paul hated women, and outlawed them from speaking in the original church he took over – ousting many women founders of Christianity.

Above are two portraits by Rossetti the Pre-Raphaelite, one is Helen of Troy, and the other Fair Rosamund. Fanny Cornforth was the model and Rossetti’s mistress. I saw our family as another Rossetti family. I showed the Pre-Raphaelite Women to Christine. I wanted Rena to help me rekindle the Pre-Raphaelite Movement. I have done two paintings of Rena and am working on the third…

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