Heather’s Haters and Art Forgery

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Four years ago Bill Cornwell went after me for being overweight, like his mother, who he refuses to help. His father is a ex-cop who used to be a drill instructor, and now is big on the Tea Party. Bill is a dirt-track racer who sees himself as a big time Redneck boozer.  His pit-boss owns a Bar&Grill. As my Trustee, I was paying my daughter $20 dollars an hour to pay for things I wanted. This is when Bill called me back and said;

“You are about to lose your daughter and grandson!”

“Why is that, Bill?”

“You ruined Tyler’s trip to the Grand Canyon.”

“How did I do that. Bill?” I asked with disgust.

“You got tired!”

I was sixty-four and overweight. Seniors get winded at the Canyon because of the altitude. Last night, I finally got the whole picture. I had foiled Bill, Heather, Linda, and Flips plan to smooze my surviving sister , and get her money into their adventure that Bill lays on me for the first time in this conversation. There are millions of Americans who struggle with their weight. How many vote the Republican ticket?

Art forgery is the creating and selling of works of art which are falsely credited to other, usually more famous, artists. Art forgery can be extremely lucrative, but modern dating and analysis techniques have made the identification of forged artwork much simpler.

Garth Benton, Stacey Pierrot, Mark and Vicki Presco, knew Christine Rosamond did not paint ‘Dunkin the Frog’ and Sandra Faulkner did. This is ART FORGERY, and LITERARY FORGERY because Christine did not have interviews with Sandra Faulkner as state by Sue Barton of the Carmel Pinecone, a newspaper that was used by the forgers, along with a minor child, Drew Benton, to defraud the Art World. Because of my tireless and authentic investigation, I have shown that my kindred constitute a Art Dynasty that helped found lost Republican Ideals. Many honest reporters have asked if Trump is a drunk!


Literary forgery (also known as literary mystification, literary fraud or literary hoax) is writing, such as a manuscript or a literary work, which is either deliberately misattributed to a historical or invented author, or is a purported memoir or other presumably nonfictional writing deceptively presented as true when, in fact, it presents untrue or imaginary information.


I did not see or hear from my Grandson, Tyler Hunt, yesterday, on Thanksgiving. This ten year old minor has been turned against me by Art Forgers, and those that assisted their calculated FRAUD. Garth Benton is kin to John and Jessie Fremont, who founded the Republican Party that is up in arms, claiming Donald Trump is a FAKE, he not a real Republican. Indeed, he is bringing the party down – into the sewer. Trump’s antics and view are a perfect match to those of Heather’s ex-lover, who called me a “parasite” and accused Tyler Hunt of malingering. Bill Cornwell and his father are avid Tea Party Haters who Trump mimics and appeals to. How many of my readers thought I was mad when I disowned by daughter after claiming she represents – things to come! This is why I registered as a Republican seven years ago, so I could order these scum out of my kindred’s party!

Get out! And take T-Rump with you!”

Jon Presco



Six months after our family reunion in Bullhead City, Bill Cornwell calls me on the phone and accuses me of traumatizing my daughter by calling Heather too many times – after she does not pick up for me!

“She agreed to by my Trustee, Bill, I need her to purchase some things – for me.”

Bill knew this was the truth, and I knew it really irked him, because after my grandson, Tyler Hunt, got car sick, and Heather took him into the desert to throw-up, Bill said this to me from the driver’s seat;

“You know, Tyler is just faking being sick in order to get attention from his mother. I’m trying to break him of this habit by ignoring him.”

When I was looking at videos I shot two years ago, I noticed I had caught Tyler really being sick. It was Bill’s Dream to drive on Route 66, and being a race car drive, he was really burning up the road on tight curves. No being able to see the road because the high seat-backs, make me noxious. I was not enjoying the feeling of the rear end, sliding, nor was Tyler. I wish I had got my camera out when we stopped, and not after Bill maligned my grandson’s character, he basically saying he was a fraud.

In this phone conversation Bill accuses me of ruing Tyler’s vacation by getting “tired”. This Big Baby is referring to me tiring in the cave he insister we stop in on the way to the Grand Canyon – because of the altitude! Bill rushed ahead, leaving me behind. Tyler turned and said;

“Wait for Papa!”

You can see how fare behind I was in this video. Bill was furious when I came up to this dude who was allegedly ready to propose to my daughter after knowing here – and Tyler – for only two months. He really digs my daughter, but, is having doubts about her son, because, Tyler has behavior issues. Bill of course, does not. So, to make this relationship work, Heather has given her sexy funfilled drunken lover carte blanche to make over my grandson in his image, so he will not long be a malingerer – like his grandfather! It must be something in my genes, that escpaped desvistating my daughter’s life, but, lay this six year old boy – low!

Bill Cornwell is a professional Child Handler like his father the ex-cop and Military Drill Sargent who name I failed to record. This Big Bullish Man is a real G.I. doll and a Tea Party Crazy, who flew to Texas to meet his future daughter-in-law, and her son! Of course he was impressed with Heather, the professionally trained Starlette, but, was not impressed with this six year old boy who was not brought up right. I mean, look at the good job he did on Little Billy!

Bill made my daughter late in getting to the Las Vegas Airport. He had to attend his pit bosses wedding that came up after my sister, Vicki, paid for Heather and Tyler’s fare. She had never met Tyler. Heather’s aunt Linda, her lover, were too alcoholic to pick us up. Vicki had to get up early for her twelve hour day, and was pissed when she had to wait two hours. I would not let my sister get in the long line of cars at the MGM where Bill was going to go on a two day drunken bachelor party thingy-wingy, which they made some movies about! He later let me know he had to walk two blocks.

When Heather and I went to pick him up at the Greyhound, we were twenty minutes late. Bill was struggling to get in some shade because it was 110%. Bill was really hung-over and needed a greasy slice of pizza that helps his stomach ache, coats it with grease In the store, I saw Billy Boy trying on cowboy hats, because he got a little burn waiting for us. I bought Vicki a new wooden toilet seat, because the one in the guest bathroom was broken.

I was hoping Billy Baby would get a clue and buy Vicki something to make up for the inconvenience he caused her. Heather’s job was to take care of her Lover Boy, and did not get aunt Vicki anything, either. For the next four days, I saw my daughter buy Bill Beer Boy, one cold one after another to be sure he stayed hydrated! These were not cheap beers! If I was still a drinking man I would have bought Billy the cheapest beer in the cooler, you know, Brown beer, with the duck hunter on the can! And, if he whined at me, I would have kicked his ass!

When Bill started reciting the history of the Vincent Rice Trust, where members of my family were left about a half million dollars, he told me I was being stingy with that money I got from the government. When I tried to tell him I could not spend that money the way he wanted, because a Special Needs Trust was set up for me, he called me a liar. I demanded he put Heather on the phone.

“Did you tell Bill all about my personal finances?”
“Yes!” she spat.
“Because we love each other, and we took an oath to tell each other everything.”

Heather told me Billy Beer gave her a job just after they met, which entailed she being the chief fundraiser for his racing career. Heather did not tell me er and her Bubba Redneck Boy were going to talk about going into the Bar&Grill business with aunt Linda and Flip, who died of acute alcoholism a year later.

Above is a photo of Billy and his Play Bar his daddy bought him so he would stay at home and not waste all his money on the high cost of booze in a bar. Note the nautical theme. This is Billy the Pirate with some mother’s child dressed in a sailor suit. Bill almost had a son before Heather and Tyler came along. Now that he had a woman to cook for him, Little Baby Dearest would not be eating steak at the Steak & Brew, laying out his paycheck, and washing it down with six pack at $8 bucks a pop!

Being she was my Trustee&Daugter, Heather felt she should give me some warning about what trouble was coming my way, lest I screech at her, ask why she did not let me know Billy would be competing with me for all the attention, and for my grandson. In a called she said;

“I’ve decided to downgrade my expectations. I no longer want to be a famous singer. I just want to sing at little clubs.”

Heather did not tell me Bill talked her into hitting up her rich aunt for money to open a Bar& Grill. You see, Bill Cornwell does not have a steady job. He is a handy man who talked someone into drive their race car, because that is Bill’s dream, to be a race car driver. Bill has never won a race!

Jon Presco

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