Heather’s Haters and Art Forgery

Tiny Trump helped the evangelical-right cut funding for the arts. I have long objected to my father, my brother, my surviving sister, and my daughter and her family, from getting involved in the family arts that Christine and I established. These thugs, boozers, and neo-Nazis did their best to destroy Rosamond’s mentor, so they can loot the estate.


Rosamond Press


Four years ago Bill Cornwell went after me for being overweight, like his mother, who he refuses to help. His father is a ex-cop who used to be a drill instructor, and now is big on the Tea Party. Bill is a dirt-track racer who sees himself as a big time Redneck boozer.  His pit-boss owns a Bar&Grill. As my Trustee, I was paying my daughter $20 dollars an hour to pay for things I wanted. This is when Bill called me back and said;

“You are about to lose your daughter and grandson!”

“Why is that, Bill?”

“You ruined Tyler’s trip to the Grand Canyon.”

“How did I do that. Bill?” I asked with disgust.

“You got tired!”

I was sixty-four and overweight. Seniors get winded at the Canyon because of the altitude. Last night, I finally got the whole picture. I had foiled Bill, Heather, Linda, and Flips plan to smooze…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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