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One of the original members of the group LOVE has reformed this group and is performing songs from ‘Forever Changes’.

Above is a photograph taken outside the Glen’s church in Topanga Canyon. I have just got married to Mary Ann Tharaldsen, the ex-wife of Thomas Pynchon. Bryan Maclean was my best friend at University High School. We are singing Amazing grace. Bryan and I have given up alcohol and drugs when this picture was taken. This is my first attempt at sobriety. I have twenty four years of being clean and sober. I trust John has taken good care of himself in order to be the oldest revival group member, now that Paul Revere is dead.

Bryan was the lead guitarist for the rock group Love that had a powerful influence on Jimmy Hendrix and Jim Morrison who was a good friend of my friend, Michael Harkins who was asked to contribute to Oliver Stone’s movie. Thier first album that came out in 1965, was a stepping stone. Bryan had taught me how to play the guitar, and turned me on to marijuana atop a high and windy hill in L.A. We were the artists in residence at Uni High. Bryan drew sexy surfer girls that were the forerunner of the Rosamond Women my late sister would become famous for. Christine Rosamond, and Bryan Maclean, were lovers. Christine’s funeral fell on her first sober birthday. She died clean and sober and was just beginning to turn her life around.

The vision I had for ‘Love Dance’ that I ran past Jeff Pasternak, and my Rebel Muse, is coming true. Love has AWOKEN!

Jon Presco

How did you create your sound?

Actually, Arthur was more of a poet than a musician. He played and later on he got better as an instrumentalist, but basically he was a poet. He would do his poetry and myself or Brian, but mostly he would talk to me and tell me ‘I’ve got this and I’ve got these words’ and then we would add music to them and sometimes we wouldn’t discuss whether or not that song needed something else besides the guitars, because basically that was our thing, an acoustic guitar, a finger-picking guitar with an electric guitar added over it and then sometimes like when we had Jake and Shelley we would have sax or flute, but our mainstay was the two guitars.

REMEMBER !!:Joining the event will not get you in. To get in you’ll need a ticket. The tickets are here:

Together again for the first time, on October 24th, LOVE revisited will perform Love’s 1967 album release live at the El Cid, “Forever Changes” remains on most critics top best lists and has for decades. It was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2008. It will be performed live at this show, with the same personnel as it was when Arthur Lee performed it for the first time, ever, at the House of Blues on Sunset ten years ago.

LOVE revisited is “Baby Lemonade” with Johnny Echols, original co-founder and lead guitarist of the group Love. Joining them will be …Paula Yoo, Heather Lockie and Ana Lenchantin on strings, Dan Clucas on horn and flute and Willie Aron on the keys. Find LOVE revisited on Facebook here:

PUGWASH is an Irish pop band fronted by Drimnagh-born musician Thomas Walsh. Pugwash has released four albums since its debut LP Almond Tea in 1999. Influences on the band’s sound are regularly cited as including XTC, Electric Light Orchestra and Jeff Lynne, The Beach Boys, The Kinks, Honeybus and The Beatles, though Walsh dismisses the Beatles comparisons as “lazy.” Find Pugwash on Facebook here:

BUNNYNOSE is a new band on the L.A. scene, in the psychedelic garage cowboy mode, and features obscure covers and the occasional original song. Find Bunnynose on Facebook here:

Your master of ceremonies will be Dave Soyars.

The El Cid is not an all-ages venue at night but you may bring your under 21 child to this event and inculcate them to the music that will nourish their souls to the end of their days.

Keep in mind that the El Cid has a GREAT menu of food and a spectacular array of specialty drinks for you to enjoy. (

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