Muse of the Love Dance

How many of my readers thought I was crazy about wanting to do a Broadway show?

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renap0004The Bollywood super star, Prihanka Chopra, is trying to become a super star in the West. She did a song with Hip-Hop star, Pitbull, titled ‘Exotic’. A year ago I sent an e-mail to my old friend, Jeff Pasternak, suggesting he produce a musical combining Bollywood dancing with the music of Love. Jeff and I went to University High School with Bryan McLean of Love, who became my good friend. Jeff was in love with my first girl friend, Marilyn Godfrey, and took her to Paris on a ship after we broke up.

Jeff tried to get the Doors in his father’s movie ‘The Sweet Ride’, but, he chose Moby Grape. Jospeh Pasternak made ‘Girl Happy’ starring Elvis Presley, who were a big influence on the Beatles. Joe exploited the hippie culture, and was the forerunner of Bollywood, that could have influenced these exotic musicals. That Moby Grape did a…

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