The Alchemist’s Rose

The work of Remedios Varo is full of Alchemy. The Rosenberg brothers were patrons of John Dee. I had to cut away my natal family who were dragging me down into the abyss of ignorance. I will reveal The Cluster that Pynchon is a member of. “Remedios Varo’s small, complex paintings portray a world in which alchemy, magic, mysticism and science co-exist. Varo was a relentlessly inquisitive, intelligent woman of great wit, whose slight build and striking features are often echoed in the humans and hybrid creatures who inhabit her paintings. As a girl she dreamed of travel, but after world events forced her twice into relocation and exile she came detest travel and chose instead to journey inward, exploring her creativity and spirituality through her painting. It is instructive to trace how Varo’s interests, talents and personal history, combined with her place in world events, lead to a merging of subject matter and style that was so uniquely her own.”

Rosamond Press

My daughter and her ilk choose to believe I am an insane person, a leach who has attached himself to my sister’s fame, and our rosy family name, who then go about the web gathering a meaningless bouquet.

Another possibility is that I have been chosen by folks unseen, perhaps those who have died, but want to convey their secret unto a living soul? These are your two choices. Vote, please!

Oh, I’m sorry, I left out the rosy possibility aliens from another planet are at work here, and my obsession is driven by extaterestrials. Oh, and you can’t leave out the fact I died as one of Stanly Augustus Owsley’s chemical guinea pigs, I on a massive dose of LSD when we foolishly climbed that rock. Now, that was insane!

“Better living through chemistry!”

The one great fact is, we are all going to die. However, a handful of…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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