Where Art Thou?

Rosamond Press

My twenty four year theological search for the Nazarites is titled ‘Where Art Thou?’ This was the first question God asked Adam and Eve in the Garden Kingdom.

My Dutch ancestors may be kin to the Zebulon a Lost Tribe of Israel, who lived in the Alsace before the came to Holland. The Rosamond family lived in the Alsace before they came to Holland. Are they the Zebulon, the Sea Peoples in the Torah, and thus they are the 600 Knights who took the Levite priest, Jonathan, to a city that would be named Dan? They stole the silver head that belonged to Jonathan that I believe is Baphomet. This has much to do with Salome wanting John’s head plated in silver.

The Tribe of Dan was to remain in ships, which suggests they lived on an island. I suspect that island was Malta. The Knights of Saint John on…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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