Sister says ‘Rosamond always had nightmares about water’




The Pinecone is a commercial newspaper, that carried the only story of my sister’s death. It says;

“Christine went back and sat down (on the final rock) after saying we should go get lunch and rent fishing poles.”

I took this article to Vic’s house. I had a hunch. I asked this question;

“You told me Vicki and Shamus came over to your house the evening they headed out to Rocky Point. Why did they stop by?”

“Vicki got off work and came by with Shamus. Vicki stayed in the car because we were not getting along. I gave Shamus the keys to the shed so he could get my fishing poles.”

I then showed Christine’s father the article you see above. The look on his face – was priceless – a Hallmark Moment!

Surely Christine understood if you fish on the rocks by the ocean, you are asking for trouble, asking for your nightmare to come true. To lie about the fishing poles is aimed at saying Christine was asking for it – and it’s all her fault! It is Vicki who wants to get away from the rocks, away from danger – or does she? Christine is taking a big risk. Vicki is helping her take a big chance. Vicki knew about her sister’s nightmares. Did my surviving sister recall Christine telling her about these nightmares – before that rogue wave struck?

What did Shamus do with Captain Vic’s fishing poles? Did he go fishing?

Jon Presco

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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