Long Live the Godsister







wolf0002The actor, James Gandolfini, is dead. He played a Mafia Boss. He was not the real deal. My late father alluded to the idea he was the real deal. He drove a 1960 pink Cadillac and made loans out of his home to folks who were in default. Vic wore plaid jackets not unlike the one above. He was born in San Francisco but grew up in Oakland. He owned a produce market in Jack London square. For six months he wore a black patch on his right eye. My father may have been the most interesting man in the East Bay. His good friend and partner had ties to the Mexican Mafia. Captain Vic shipped his third wife across the border in a marijuana shipment.

Vic declared Vicki his only child and prepared her to take over his Loan Shark business. Vicki and Ken Prather were into trading silver commodities and made a bundle. They bought three homes in Redmond. When Ken sold one, Vicki absconded with $60,000 dollars – and ran for her life! Vicki was forced to join the Navy, and when she got out, she went to live with Captain Vic, whom I titled ‘Captain Victim – The Biggest Victim I know’. I had got sober and into therapy, and was applying what I learned to my insane father. I was like his therapist. He listened to me, and began to change. However, he formed a partnership with Christine and Vicki, who put up the money she stole from her insane husband. When Vic ended up in bed with his granddaughter, he broke the rules of the partnership – at least! Vicki was furious she was not going to get her money back she stole, and committed crimes just after our sister was declared dead.

Mark was a good bud of a real Mafia Chief, and hooked Christine up with him. He abused her, beat her. One day Christine picked up his .45 and pointed it at him. She pulled the trigger. The safety was on.

I told my sixteen year old daughter and her mother to stay away from my family, especially Lil Vicki, the cute Lil Godsister who is a pathological liar – and BIG VICTIM for King Jesus! Patrice and Heather wanted to believe Vicki and Shamus when they said I was insane – and dangerous – so they can get in there and get some family stuff.

Vicki, and Mark made Stacey Pierrot their front, and blessed the terrible biographies about Rosamond. When the Rosamond Gallery webpage came out, the novel ‘Love Match’ was being advertised because allegedly the author was chosen by Christine whom she hired as co-author of her autobiography. Faulkner is a trained psychologist who helps pick Jurists for criminal trials. When I told the court appointed executor Faulkner’s notes were the intellectual property of my nieces, according to Vicki Faulkner stole the $5,000 dollar advance, and was fired. Mark and his God-sister – who he blessed while lurking in the background – wanted to make millions from the book and the movie. They did not want to share their windfall with the two Heirs, because Rosamond VICTIMIZED them!

In 1987 I wrote a forty page letter to my three siblings telling them BOTH parents abused us equally, and WE should be treated for our mental illness.

Christine Rosamond Benton’s 270 page handwritten autobiography has disappeared. Rosamond first sober birthday fell on her funeral. There was a party planned at Rocky Point. My sister got sober and was going to AA where she began to tell her story – our story. She was beginning to sing – spill the beans. I called Faulkner, left a message, but never returned my call. Both Christine and I were made out to be insane. My daughter went along with this idea, sent down from the Godsister, who was in control of $60 million dollars worth of prints.
Rosamond had defaulted on her loan. Everything about the Sopranos, was fiction. Not so with the Prescos. There are two screenplays out there about my family. My brother threw me out of the family when I refused to bless the author Tom Snyder and his failed biography ‘When You Close Your Eyes’ that blames everything on Christine. I was asked by Pierrot to remove my blogs in order to secure a movie deal. Serious producers understand my blogs are the real deal.

Above we see Vic looking like Vinnie the Chin who walked around the Village in his bathrobe in order to appear insane and keep from going to jail. Victor would be in his bathrobe all day for many days. This was my father’s Toga Period because Vic’s dream was to go back in time and be a Roman General – an Italian slave owner. Vic sang in the Barber Shop Quartet. Was he a Soprano?

Jon Presco

Copyright 2013

James Gandolfini probably died of a heart attack, according to the head of a Rome hospital’s emergency department where the actor was taken after falling ill at a hotel in the Italian capital.
The body of the actor was transferred to the morgue at the Policlinico Umberto I hospital in Rome early Thursday, where it awaited an autopsy.
By law, medical examiners in Italy are required to carry out the postmortem 24 hours after the body’s arrival in the morgue, a hospital spokesman said.
Professor Claudio Modini, head of the emergency department where the actor was taken, said he could not be certain of the cause of death until after the autopsy — but it was “probably a natural cause of death, myocardial infarction,” or heart attack.


Former Texas beauty-queen Nelson tells–as written by sociologist Faulkner–of her eight-year affair with tennis great Martina Navratilova, as well as of the pair’s litigious breakup and eventual out-of-court settlement. Nelson (a “latter-day Doris Day,” according to Rita Mae Brown’s foreword), mother of two and married for 17 years, was introduced to the Czech superstar in 1982 by Nelson’s 11-year-old son, Eddie. Nelson and Navratilova met again in 1984, and the mutual attraction proved so great that Nelson consulted a psychiatrist. Even so, the tennis star moved in with the Nelson family while recovering from an injury. The details of what happened next aren’t made clear, but Nelson’s husband, increasingly aware of the pair’s relationship, asked Navratilova to leave–and Nelson went with her, as her lover, traveling companion, and “maid” (Nelson later told 20/20’s Barbara Walters that Navratilova paid her $90,000 a year for her services). The couple finally exchanged rings and vows in an empty church in Brisbane, Australia, and they later videotaped a “nonmarital cohabitation agreement” that became the focal point of the litigation when they split up. Since homosexuality is illegal in Texas, and a court cannot enforce a contract to perform an illegal act, all parties were on unsure ground during the legal battle. Nelson charged not only breach of contract but claimed that she was entitled to the same rights as any spouse: half of all earnings garnered during the marriage. Navratilova countered that she thought she was agreeing only to a 50-50 split of any joint business venture. The couple’s businesses and real estate were divided up, but Nelson offers absolutely no details of the final agreement other than to note that her desire to write this book was one of the sticking points. Numerous questions go begging in the emotion-laden, self- serving text–making this hardly the work by which to judge Navratilova, the pair’s relationship, or, for that matter, Nelson herself.

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    Vic left about 3 million dollars worth of his partnership prints to Connie Redon, a Mexican citizen with five kids. She got married to my father just before he died. Vicki Presco told me she did not give Connie her prints as agreed. She was Vic’s Trustee. Stacey Pierrot sold these images in the Rosamond gallery when it reopened. She told me in a e-mail she had nothing to do with them. She lied. In theory, she and her family failed to maintain good trust, and I recognize Connie and her children as the rightful heir of the Creative Presco/Rosamond Family Legacy. I will be contacting my Congressman and Nancy Pelosi, as well as the Mexican Consulate – and Interpol!

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