King of Jerusalem and Spear of Destiny

In 1961 the dictator of Spain, Franco, offered Otto von Habsburg rule of Spain after he died. Otto declined. Franco was a royalist. The Habsburg royalty lived in America during WW2 as refugees. Hitler put a price on the Empress’s head, whose husband held the title ‘King of Jerusalem’.

Pan’s Labyrinth keeps opening doors because it fashioned a key from key characters that suggest there exists a secret royal bloodline in exile. Alice in Wonderland is employed. Mercedes dresses like Alice, and looks like the girl in the large canvas ‘The Last Audience of the Habsburgs’ who is a war orphan.
Mercedes becomes a war orphan whose drop of blood is needed to open a portal to a lost kingdom. When she enters that kingdom to behold her parents, the Emperor and Empress, she is wearing a dress full of roses.

All this is key to politics in America and the cultural warfare being waged by the evangelicals who need the Antichrist to come, so Jesus will come. The late Otto von Habsburg fits the bill because he was a strong proponent of the European Union. Evangelicals disguised themselves as Patriots, but have a vision where Jesus returns as the King of Jerusalem, enters the new temple on the mount the Jews have built, and raises his chosen ones into the sky.
The is a religious fantasy that surpasses anything that has come before it. Evangelicals are put in office when they show their loyalty to this vision. I have opposed this fairytale for twenty four years. Two days ago I had a dream that called me to Jerusalem. I believe I am the tetular King of Jerusalem
through my Rougemont ancestors.

Mercedes looks like a young Zita who never came to sit on her throne again.

Jon Presco

Also: “When Franco’s regime was challenged in the late 1960s by members of Opus Dei and other reformer, Franco designated Prince Juan Carlos as king of Spain at the moment Franco died. It has been claimed that Franco initially invited Otto von Habsburg to become the new king, but Otto refused and recommended Juan Carlos. Franco, Juan Carlos, and Otto von Habsburg all were Knights of Malta”.

From early in World War II in 1940 to after the Allied invasion of France in 1944, Habsburg lived in Washington D.C., before returning to Europe to live in France, and then in Poecking, Germany after 1954.
Still, he was not allowed to return to Austria until 1966, five years after he officially renounced the crown. He later claimed to be baffled by the hostility and criticism he faced in his home country.
Despite his opposition to the Nazis, Habsburg was at times faulted at home for being too rightwing.
In 1961, Spanish dictator Francisco Franco offered to make him king of Spain after his own death. Habsburg declined, but later praised the fascist leader for helping refugees, calling him a “dictator of the south American type … not totalitarian like Hitler or Stalin.”

Otto von Habsburg saw the crumbling of the empire his family had ruled for centuries and emerged from its ashes as a champion of a united and democratic Europe.
The oldest son of Austria-Hungary’s last emperor fought Nazism and Soviet communism during his long decades of exile from his homeland, and was lionized by leaders across the continent as “a great European.”
Habsburg died Monday at age 98 in his villa in Poecking in southern Germany, where he had lived since the 1950s, with his seven children nearby, his spokeswoman Eva Demmerle told The Associated Press.
Habsburg used his influence in a vain struggle to keep the Nazis from annexing Austria before World War II, then campaigned for the opening of the Iron Curtain in the decades after the war.
With the fall of the Berlin Wall, he used his seat in European Parliament to lobby for expanding the European Union to include former Eastern bloc nations.

In 1913, Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany tried to obtain the Spear before launching a war. He sent a letter to Habsburg Emperor Franz Joseph in Vienna, asking to borrow it, as well as the Crown of the Holy Roman Emperor, for an exhibition in Germany. His request was wisely denied. One year later, Franz Joseph’s nephew, Archduke Francis Ferdinand and his wife were assassinated on June 28, 1914. Franz Joseph declared WWI to avenge the death. He died in the middle of the war and Charles I took over. It was him who was forced to abdicate the throne in 1918, having lost the war.

The Habsburgs are not the only royal family to claim Jerusalem as their birthright. The Dukes of Savoy, who became the kings of Italy until 1946, appended it to their titles for centuries. So did—and do—the Spanish Bourbons, which means that Karl von Habsburg’s main rival for the throne of Jerusalem is King Juan Carlos of Spain.

In my book Holy War, I suggest that the eschatological obsessions of successive European kings were a major factor in launching the entire Age of Discovery. King Manuel of Portugal, the sponsor of Vasco da Gama, was not alone in fantasising about reconquering Jerusalem from Islam, installing himself as the Last Christian Emperor of legend, and ushering in the End Days of the earth. Still, half a millennium has passed since then, and the survival of a claim defunct for 800 years is a striking thing. It’s a reminder, perhaps, that the notion of a Christian rebirth in Jerusalem is deeply embedded in the chivalric code that still lends a kind of atavistic glamor to European nobility.

The claims attract little controversy. Conspiracy theorists darkly murmur about the Illuminati who rule the world and the pretenders’ supposed seats at the inner table. Staunch republicans scoff that the honorific is a mere cockade on the hat, an empty echo of long-lost grandeur. Yet the real question is surely why anyone in their right mind would want to be king of Jerusalem. Could there conceivably be a more posioned chalice?

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