Rosamond – Queen of France

The last several posts on the Roesmonts is applicable to Dame Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor who is in the Peerage. The Rosamond Queens are the royal women of our past, present, and future.

Elizabeth Taylor was a movie queen and goddess, and thus the enemy of the Christian-right who want the whole world to admire their king Jesus, and no one else. On November 30, 2004, I posted the following on my yahoo group. The tea bag patriots are not born yet. I am trying to get the American People to rise up against the evangelicals who have all the Republican candidates dancing like puppets captured on their invisible strings. Wait till they go to South Carolina.

Jon the Nazarite

Declaration of Independence

Let it be known that on the very day the false evangelical President
swears the oath of office, the lost Kingdom of Atland will exist
once more so that the Freedom loving people of America will be able
to behold that which is still Free, the Kingdom of the Sea.

May you go there that terrible day and look beyond the horizon and
find courage in the knowledge this Sea Kingdom connects you with the
People Mundi, who will look to the New Frisians for support in her
quest to remain free. We must let them know we are here, and will
never bow down to the destructive warriors of the ugly End Time
teaching that beckons a Killer Jesus to come quick and topple many
tall buildings, killing millions in a demented blood-lust.

For the reason the evangelicos declared war on the Arts, and thus
Beauty, may there forever exist a Sanctuary as far as the eye can
see when one comes to behold the bounty of the new found Kingdom of
the Frisian Folk Mothers, and be reconciled that the land now taken
prisoner by the false Church of William Darbey is surrounded by a
truer vision of Justice, Hope, and Democracy, that has been handed
down by a peoples and tradition that is much older then the teachers
of Paulianity that usurped the original Nazarite Church of John the
Baptist whom I have identified as Melicertes who was a Merman, a Sea-
God, the son of Ino the White Goddess and Mermaid, who put an end to
human sacrifice of the innocent lambs, the children.

I associate Ino with Lady Liberty who holds high the lamp of the
Frisian Folk Mother, Rosamond, that stand guard at the harbor of New
Amsterdam letting the New Frisian Navigators know that the torch of
Freedom burns brightly, even though the land of the Free has become
imprisoned by the terrible doomsday tales of Tim LaHaye that the
evangelcios have come to love, they praying for the destruction of
all of humankind.

Beverly LaHaye works hard to take away all the funding for the Arts,
and has corrupted the spirit of the Frisian Folk Mothers from which
most Europeans descend. I am sure they would condemn her, even order
her death.

The LaHaye’s follow the teaching of Saint Paul, the ugly troll who
castrated himself and is like the split Smeagle in the Lord of the
Rings, he spreading shame all over the world so that his false
priests may exhort a perpetual sin-tax from all the peoples of the
world, empowering the rich, and causing much suffering amongst the

In the last five years I have uncovered the Rosamonds, the Roses of
the Worlds, and believe they have kept the Kingdom of Atland safe
from the false priests who stole the teaching of Jesus Krisen who
was born amongst the Frisians, who are now seen as the Atlanteans
the rulers of the sea. It was in the name of Rosamonde the Queen of
the Cimri, and wife of Pharamond the first King of the Franks that
Albemarle (Charleston) was founded. The first American Constitution
was written for this community by John Locke who would have a great
influence on the Declaration of Independence. This community is a
Grail Community that has hereditary ties to Joan Clifford also known
as Fair Rosamond. Then there is Queen Fredegond also known as
Rosamond who was married to the Merovingian King, Chilperic and is
of the Diasporas line, as is Rosamonde.

My great grandfather Sergeant Rosamond rode with William of Orange
the Statholder of the Netherlands, and was knighted by this
Protestant King. My Rosamond/Rougemont kin came from the
Netherlands, the land of the Frisans Folk Mothers. We are kin to
Denis de Rougmont one of the co-founders of the United States of
Europe. Godstalc de Rougemont was the Master of Theology at Leuvan
University and corresponded with the great Erasmus who “laid the egg
that Luther hatched” The history of my linage and there coming to
America, predates any claim the evangelicos make to owning the
Christian teaching of the Protestant church that they have forsake
for the weird fantasy of Tim LaHaye and Pat Robertson, not to
mention Rousas Rushdoony the Christian Nazi whose followers have
taken over our Democracy in order to establish a false kingdom of a
false Jesus, forever establishing a ecclesiastical monarchy. Over my
dead body!

Let us gather together a Free Peoples, and together write a new
Constitution that will sustain the principles of the originall, and
set new guidless on how to uphold true Freedom and Democracy, and
sustain the People who love Beauty and the Truth.

Let us revive the order of the Good Templars, and apply for a grant,
so we can bring relief to those who suffer from the disease of
Alcoholism. Let us be known for our good works. Let us champion the
poor who have been targeted by the greedy and rich evangeliocs for
destruction, they blamed for all the world’s ills in their place.
May Justice forever reign in the Land of the Free, and the Light of
Rosa Mundi drive out the dark ones, and light our Way in the coming
dark age.

From: “Jon Presco” <braskewitz y…>
Date: Mon May 31, 2004 6:03 am
Subject: Rosamond

“That which I was obliged to tell you of the beauty of Rosamond, in
recounting to you what fashion she appeared to the eyes of my master,
hindered me from extending something upon that of Albisinda: but I
may tell you with truth, that if Rosamond were not in the world,
perhaps there would be nothing more beautiful then that Princess; and
that next to Rosamond, she has those particular charms, which nothing
can withstand: she has without doubt has less splendor and Majesty
than the Princess of the Cimbrians.”

In 1677 de Costes de la Calprenede is said to have written the first
historic romance novel when 1668 he compiled the history of the
Merovingian Frankish Kings in his monumental work ‘Pharamond’. Within
we have an account of Pharamond’s love for Rosemonde, the Cambrian
princess whose tribe, the Cimri, are mentioned in the Bible, they
associated with the Royal Scythians and the people of the ‘Prince of
Rosh’ that Ezekiel prophecised against in chaper 38. They are the
horseman of the Russian Steppes who would form the Celtic peoples
when they moved west. The ancestors of the Merovingians are kin to
the Cimri, who they chased into Asia, all the way to Ceylon India.
The union of Pharmond and Rosamonde will create the Sicambrian
Franks. Gardener says this union brought together to Grail

Gauthier dedicated ‘Pharamond’ to the Dutchess of Albemarle who
marired Christopher Monck, the son of George Monck the Duke of
Albemarle. Albemarle is the orignal name of the city of Charelston
which was a city founded by the The Lords Proprietors. George Monck
was instrumental in restoring the Stuarts to the throne.

“The Stuarts succeeded Queen Elizabeth as monarchs of Britain.
Charles I was beheaded in 1649 and Oliver Cromwell ruled during
the “interregnum.” Charles II returned the Stuarts to the throne in
1660 and rewarded his loyal supporters. Eight of these loyalists
(Edward Hyde, Earl of Clarendon; George Monck, Duke of Albemarle;
William Craven, Earl of Craven; John Lord Berkeley; Anthony Ashley
Cooper, Earl of Shaftesbury; Sir George Carteret; Sir William
Berkeley, Governor of Virginia; and Sir John Colleton) were rewarded
by King Charles II by being made Proprietors of his new colony,
Carolina, which reached from the southern boundary of Virginia,
incorporating the Southern Plantation, to the northern boundary of
the Spanish colony of Florida. The western boundary of Carolina was
to be the “South Seas.”

I have traced the Grail Liniage to Alan de Gros to Albemarle and
Skipton castle where lived Fair Rosamond. This Rose Line came to
America when the Rosamond/Rougemonts came to live in South Carolina
where they owned a plantation, that may have consisted of land
granted by William of Orange. John Locke wrote the Fundamental
Constitutions for the Albemarle colony, he a good friend of Robert
Boyle, one of the Grand Masters of the Pirory de Sion.

What I suggest is We Americans who have no interest in being part of
a Nation now being taken over by the false kingdom of Paul’s Jesus,
gather together in the name Rose Grail “The Rose of the World” and
form an alliance with all those who share and respect our roots, here
and abroad, keeping the fire of Peace and Freedom that Denis de
Rougemont lit, forever searching for Truth and Freedom.

Let us compose a letter to the People of France letting them know we
have no union with the neo-Confederates who have taken over our
Democracy, and have formed another alliance with British Royalty and
Rothschild banking. Let us extend a welcome to Italy as well, whose
people marched in the streets of Rome against the new Roman conquest
of Iraq. Let all the Celtic people of the world know, that we know
this Democracy sprang from their Dream – and not the nightmare that
Saintan Paul has inflicted upon all of Humankind. May his evil reign
be brought to an end, and the roses amongst the thorns, bloom again.

Jon Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press Co

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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  1. Reblogged this on Rosamond Press and commented:

    To escape the evil spell of Witch Daryle Bulkley, and her Tool of Vengeance, along with the Pierott’s Parasites. I transfer ‘Sleeping Rosamond’ to my kindred, Liz Taylor.

    08. Faramund [Pharamond], 1st King of France
    family of Faramund [Pharamond], 1st King of France
    01. Faramund [Pharamond], 1st King of France 418 (d428)
    =1 Imbegride, dau of Basogast, a Frankish prince (above)
    =2 Rosamunde, dau of Genobald, early Frankish king
    issue by 1:
    a. son [name unsure], mur 428
    issue by 2:
    b. Argotta [Siegse], mother of Merovech by 1st marriage
    =1 Quintus Tarus, Prefect of Provence, a desposynic prince in Roman service (d438), descended from ten generations of “Fisher-Kings”
    =2 Chlodio “Le Chevalu”, King of France, a Balthae prince (below)
    c. Belizde (dau)
    = Gundicar [Gunther], King of Burgundy

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