Rosamond – Queen of France

To escape the evil spell of Witch Daryle Bulkley, and her Tool of Vengeance, along with the Pierott’s Parasites, I transfer ‘Sleeping Rosamond’ to my kindred, Liz Taylor. Walt Disney snubbed Liz Rosemond because she had a bad reputation. Never the less, she is The Sleeping Belle.

08. Faramund [Pharamond], 1st King of France
family of Faramund [Pharamond], 1st King of France
01. Faramund [Pharamond], 1st King of France 418 (d428)
=1 Imbegride, dau of Basogast, a Frankish prince (above)
=2 Rosamunde, dau of Genobald, early Frankish king
issue by 1:
a. son [name unsure], mur 428
issue by 2:
b. Argotta [Siegse], mother of Merovech by 1st marriage
=1 Quintus Tarus, Prefect of Provence, a desposynic prince in Roman service (d438), descended from ten generations of “Fisher-Kings”
=2 Chlodio “Le Chevalu”, King of France, a Balthae prince (below)
c. Belizde (dau)
= Gundicar [Gunther], King of Burgundy

Rosamond Press

The last several posts on the Roesmonts is applicable to Dame Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor who is in the Peerage. The Rosamond Queens are the royal women of our past, present, and future.

Elizabeth Taylor was a movie queen and goddess, and thus the enemy of the Christian-right who want the whole world to admire their king Jesus, and no one else. On November 30, 2004, I posted the following on my yahoo group. The tea bag patriots are not born yet. I am trying to get the American People to rise up against the evangelicals who have all the Republican candidates dancing like puppets captured on their invisible strings. Wait till they go to South Carolina.

Jon the Nazarite

Declaration of Independence

Let it be known that on the very day the false evangelical President
swears the oath of office, the lost Kingdom of Atland will exist
once more so…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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