The Rosemondts of Toxandria

Rosamunde married the son of Merovee the King of the Salian Franks who ruled Den Bosch that was called Toxandria. Did these long hairedkings establish the Bailiffs?

Jon Presco

Name: Argotta (Rosamunde) (Queen Of The Franks)
Given Name: Argotta (Rosamunde) (Queen Of The Franks)
Sex: F
Birth: 376 in France
Death: 406
Event: Alt. Birth Alt. Birth 376 France
Occupation: Queen of Franks
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Change Date: 29 Jan 2011 at 15:28
Note: Queen of Franks

Toxandria is the classical name for a region between the Meuse and the Scheldt rivers in the Netherlands and Belgium. The name is also spelled Taxandria. The Salian Franks that settled the area in the 4th century became known as Toxandrians. These tribes gave rise to the Merovingian dynasty that came to dominate what is now Belgium and France.
In these ancient times, the many barbarian tribes, given the broad label as Germanic tribes (Latin Germanicus) by the Romans, originated from Scandinavia and had by the 2nd century BC spread through vast areas of today’s central and western Europe including northern Gaul (Gallia Belgica).
Because of their continuous raids, these tribes subdivided into separate clans and moved on to other areas. In the middle of the 3rd century, two members of the tribal confederacy known as the Franks, the Salians and the Ripuarians, began penetrating the Roman frontier around Mainz but were soon driven back by Emperor Probus. Despite the temporary setback, the moves against the ever-weakening Roman masters resulted in Emperor Julian buying peace in 358 by handing over Toxandria to the Salians who then became Roman allies and provided troops for the imperial army. This entente would shape both the Salian language and law, resulting in the 6th century Salic law written in Latin. The Ripuarians took up residence in a strip of territory between the Rhine River and the Meuse and, like all the wandering tribes, never formed any permanent alliances with the Salians in Toxandria.
In the ensuing years, the Toxandrians did not continue to collectively wander from one place to another as other Germanic tribes, but instead began to expand their territory outwards. The Romans were soon again under attack with the emergence of the first strong leader Meroveus, after whom the Merovingian dynasty would be named. Notably, his son, Childeric I made further agreements that expanded their territory while aiding the Romans in driving out several invaders from around Orléans and Angers. In the ensuing years, Childeric’s son Clovis I emerged as the dominant force who would, through his military might, add parts of present day Germany to his kingdom and shape what was to become modern day France.

The Salian Franks or Salii were a subgroup of the early Franks who originally had been living north of the limes in the area above the Rhine. The Merovingian kings responsible for the conquest of Gaul were Salians. From the 3rd century on, the Salian Franks appear in the historical records as warlike Germanic people and pirates, and as Laeti (allies of the Romans). They were the first Germanic tribe from beyond the limes who settled permanently on Roman land. In 358, they came to some form of agreement with the Romans that allowed them to settle in Toxandria (roughly the area of the current Dutch and Belgian provinces of Noord-Brabant, Antwerpen and Vlaams-Brabant).
The Salians fully adopted the Frankish identity and gradually ceased to appear by their original name from the 7th century onward, when they evolved into the Franks par excellence.[1] The Lex Ripuaria originated about 630 around Cologne and has been described as a later development of the Frankish laws known from Lex Salica.

Father: Genebaud II b: Abt 350 in France
Mother: Miss GENEBAUD b: Abt 358 in France

Marriage 1 Pharamond Of The West Franks b: 370 in Westphalia, Germany
Married: 394
Change Date: 29 Jan 2011
1. Clodion Of Tournai (Clodius Crintus) (Lord Of The West Franks – 430-446) b: 395 in Westphalia, Germany
2. Adalbertus Of The Salian Franks (Duke Of France) b: 396 in Westphalia, Germany
3. Albero (Adelbertus) b: Abt 394
4. Frotmund Of The Salian Franks b: 397
5. Siegse (Argotta) (Princess (“Basina”) Of The Thuringians) THURINGIANS b: 398 in Thuringia, Germany
6. Belizde (Bellicies) (Princess (“Basina”) Of The Thuringians)
7. Fredemundus Of The Salian Franks DESPOSYNI b: 394 in Swaben, Bavaria

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    Many people claim Pharamond descends from Jesus. Who carries the Davidic blood, his mother, or father? New research claims Pharamond was the grandson of Priarios de Toxandrie ‘the Parthian’. Meher Baba’s parents were Parthians and Zoroastrians.

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