The Rosemondts of Toxandria

Many people claim Pharamond descends from Jesus. Who carries the Davidic blood, his mother, or father? New research claims Pharamond was the grandson of Priarios de Toxandrie ‘the Parthian’. Meher Baba’s parents were Parthians and Zoroastrians.

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Rosamunde married the son of Merovee the King of the Salian Franks who ruled Den Bosch that was called Toxandria. Did these long hairedkings establish the Bailiffs?

Jon Presco

Name: Argotta (Rosamunde) (Queen Of The Franks)
Given Name: Argotta (Rosamunde) (Queen Of The Franks)
Sex: F
Birth: 376 in France
Death: 406
Event: Alt. Birth Alt. Birth 376 France
Occupation: Queen of Franks
_UID: D20800E8C07F4810BA2B302FADE52DAF0BA9
Change Date: 29 Jan 2011 at 15:28
Note: Queen of Franks

Toxandria is the classical name for a region between the Meuse and the Scheldt rivers in the Netherlands and Belgium. The name is also spelled Taxandria. The Salian Franks that settled the area in the 4th century became known as Toxandrians. These tribes gave rise to the Merovingian dynasty that came to dominate what is now Belgium and France.
In these ancient times, the many barbarian tribes, given the broad label as Germanic tribes…

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