A Line Drawn In The Sand

It is time. With the Finger of God I wil draw a line – over the line that the Rich have drawn for the Least in God’s Kingdom – that has come!

Many claim they know Jesus,but they know him not! Some claim they know what he wrote in the dust – while most only guess. I know what he wrote, for God reveals turths to me. I am His prophet. Prophets were titled ‘Sons of God’ for they spoke for their Father. I have come to take Jesus down from that evil Cross of Shame, and cast those who have used Jesus to shame others – in the bowels of hell! Every dog of hell – has their day!

John the Nazarite

Why and What Did Jesus Write in the Dust?

Ron McRay

Sat, 01 Dec 2007 10:47:00 +0000

To quote a friend of mine, “there is a rock solid reason for every word in the scri pture. None of it is there without a purpose.” If there were not good reasons for John revealing that Jesus wrote in the dust, then there is no purpose of it being there, and we can believe that there are “fill-ins” in the bible and they do not mean anything.

If we do that, who is to decide what and how many are only “fill-ins”? If we approach the bible with that method of interpretation, we might as well scrap the bible. No, there are no “fill-ins” in the bible. Yes, things like Nicodemus coming to Jesus by night and Jesus writing in the dusthave meaning. They were put there to be understood. If we would only study the entire bible more, we can come to understand the metaphors that YHVH used to reveal things for the particular benefit of the first century Israelites.

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