Did God ever have a plan? I think not. This is why men of God insist their flock come back every Sunday in order to get THE BIG PLAN. One thing His Humble Children are going to hear, from the pulpit, is..


It is becoming clear the same men of of God are saying…


Last night I saw the Mayor of Missoula Montana, deliver a two-faced plea on CNN for citizens of his city to get vaccinated. I was reminded of a scene out of The Trial. Rena Easton moved to Misssouli after living on the Isle of Man with her Admiral. What kind of guests did she hostess? Apprently she is finding GOD and HIS PLAN and tells me I am “left-leaning” which is to say I have no REAL BIG PLAN.

So, here we are in THE REALLY BIG HIGH NOON SHOOT-OUT, where white folks are holding a SHOT-OUT. White Supremist for Jesus are crossing into Washington to get into hospitals because they got the secular virus – and may not want members of their church to know? Why? It is PROOF they own a SMALL FAITH. This is to suggest God has INSTALLED A GRAND TEST AND TRIAL. Only a handful of folks died in the Salem Witch Hunts. Christian nurses in Montana are refusing the get a shot. They believe BIG BROTHER GOD IS WATCHING THEM, and if they get vaccinated, they may be taken out of line for THE BIG RAPTURE!

Big Bill Virus

HELENA, Mont. — Health officials in both Missoula and Bozeman are begging Montana residents to wear masks indoors and get vaccinated as hospitals face increasing strain and the state remains without any statewide health mandates.

Officials in Bozeman and Missoula lamented their inability to implement public health restrictions to limit the spread of the virus after the state Legislature passed several laws earlier this year curtailing the power of local health officers to implement rules such as mask requirements and limiting gathering sizes.

“Now is the time when we would have mandates in place,” said D’Shane Barnett, Missoula County health officer. “Unfortunately, we have anti-health state legislators who went out of their way to make that not possible.”

Lori Christensen, public health officer for Gallatin County, said the legislative changes have “complicated the scene” in terms of immediate action she can take. She said she trying to navigate “the complexity of the law,” but a mask mandate is not on the horizon.

Laws passed earlier this year include one allowing county commissioners to override rules by local health officials, essentially taking away their power to take quick action addressing the pandemic. Another law states that if jurisdictions add public health rules stronger than state public health measures, they could lose 20% of some grants. There are no current statewide COVID-19 measures in place.

“We should be at the tail end of this pandemic, but we’re not. Our hospitals, more than a year-and-a-half into the pandemic, are in the most dire situation they’ve been in to date,” Engen said. “I’m begging you, if you are eligible for a vaccine, get it. We’re open seven days a week at the old Lucky’s Market in Southgate Mall, no appointment is necessary, you pay nothing and you’ll be in and out in no time. And you’ll be saving lives.”

Engen said Joyce Dombrouski, chief executive of Providence St. Patrick Hospital, told him St. Patrick and rural Montana hospitals are all experiencing COVID surges, staffing shortages and patient capacity issues.

Biden challenges UN to act together on pandemic, climate change (msn.com)

“We’ve lost so much to this devastating pandemic that continues to claim lives around the world, and impacts so much on our existence,” Biden said. “We’re mourning more than 4.5 million people, people of every nation, from every background. Each death is individual heartbreak.”

“But our shared grief is a poignant reminder that our collective future will hinge on our ability to recognize our common humanity, and to act together,” he added.

His speech Tuesday morning kicked off a week of global engagements amid tensions with key allies. The White House said Biden hoped to turn the page from conflict to global cooperation and competition.

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Lord Aukus and Bellona Rococo

A great Sea Lord has been born to rival Neptune. Lord Aukus, and his beautiful consort, Bellona Rococo, are now looking for a home port to rule the Pacific Ocean from, and the China Seas. May I suggest San Francisco – and Oakland? Have I not compared Rena Easton to Helen of Troy? Surely she owned the face that launched a thousand ships. And, there is her Paris all in a froth. I will write Libby the Mayor of Oakland about having the city I was born in, manufacture a Ghost Fleet, and submarines that will be manned by an all black crew. Surely China would not harass the vessels of Bellona Rococo. Already a great Sea Epic rises in me, that will rule the waves for ten thousand years – and all the Seven Seas! Why not? Why not a French port that launches ships out the Golden Gate?

I will send my proposal to Gavin Newsom the Governor of California. My vision of the Land of Fromond – is now real! Is Liz Trust and Lord Ricketts worthy of a letter from the new John Dee? When I am done with my epic sea poem, I will seek a great talent to compose a symphony from this great drama that will alter the course of history. Behold! A California Sea Symphony!

Lord Aukus – Ruler of the China Seas


John Presco ‘Seer after John of Patmos’

Paris is angry after Australia signed the Aukus pact

What have we here but more Trojan Horse treachery

another Greek stab in the back?

Where are the allies of Troy?

Look, over there by the craggy cliff!

Is that not the goddess Bellona Rococo

and her giant black canon she calls

‘The Red Dragon Slayer’

Is this the universal banner that is yet to wave

over horizon after horizon

as far as the eye can see?

“Flaunt out o’ sea

Your separate flags of nations!”


Mars Must Rule The Waves | Rosamond Press

List of water deities – Wikipedia

Marin City Sea Cadets | Rosamond Press

New Nation of Fromond | Rosamond Press

Rococo – Wikipedia


Rococo (/rəˈkoʊkoʊ/, also US/ˌroʊkəˈkoʊ/), less commonly Roccoco or Late Baroque, is an exceptionally ornamental and theatrical style of architecture, art and decoration which combines asymmetry, scrolling curves, gilding, white and pastel colors, sculpted molding, and trompe-l’œil frescoes to create surprise and the illusion of motion and drama. It is often described as the final expression of the Baroque movement.[1]

Aukus: France pulls out of UK defence talks amid row

By Alex Therrien
BBC NewsPublished2 hours agoShareRelated Topics

https://emp.bbc.com/emp/SMPj/2.43.9/iframe.htmlmedia captionAustralia’s ‘risky bet’ to side with US over China

France’s defence minister has cancelled talks with her UK counterpart amid the row prompted by a new security deal between Britain, the US and Australia.

Paris is angry after Australia signed the Aukus pact to build nuclear-powered submarines, pulling out of a major contract with France in the process.

UK PM Boris Johnson said France had nothing to worry about from the deal.

But Florence Parly’s meeting with UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace in London this week has been called off.

Lord Ricketts, a former British ambassador to France who was due to co-chair the two days of talks, confirmed the meeting had been “postponed to a later date”.

‘Very friendly relationship’

Foreign Office minister James Cleverly told BBC Breakfast that “all bilateral relationships go through periods of tension”, but added: “I have absolutely no doubt that ultimately our relationship with France will endure.”

He said the pact with Australia and the US was intended to “strengthen and deepen” the relationship with two long-standing defence partners and to support high-tech manufacturing and technology companies across the UK.ADVERTISEMENT

The Aukus agreement brokered last week, widely seen as an effort to counter China’s influence in the contested South China Sea, ended a deal worth $37bn (£27bn) signed by Australia in 2016 for France to build 12 conventional submarines.

French foreign minister Jean-Yves Le Drian has described it as a “stab in the back” that constitutes “unacceptable behaviour between allies and partners”.

And in a rare step among allies, French President Emmanuel Macron ordered the recall of the French ambassadors to Washington and Canberra.

The European Union has said it was “analysing” the impact of the Aukus agreement on its trade negotiations with Australia, which are due to resume in October.

BBC Brussels correspondent Jessica Parker said it appeared the EU had hardened up its position over the weekend, as the extent of France’s anger became clear.

She said the commission wouldn’t elaborate on what “analysing” the impact of Aukus could actually mean for the trade talks with Australia – but the language might lead to speculation that negotiations could even be suspended.

Speaking on a flight to New York, where he will take part in the UN General Assembly, Mr Johnson said France should not “worry” about the alliance, insisting that Anglo-French relations were “ineradicable”.

The prime minister said Britain and France had a “very friendly relationship”, which he described as being of “huge importance”.

“Our love of France is ineradicable,” he told reporters.

“Aukus is not in any way meant to be zero-sum, it’s not meant to be exclusionary. It’s not something that anybody needs to worry about and particularly not our French friends.”

Mr Johnson is being joined on the trip with new Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, who launched her own defence of the agreement in an article for the Sunday Telegraph.

Ms Truss said the deal showed the UK’s readiness to be “hard-headed” in defending its interests and had the potential to create hundreds of new skilled jobs.

Liz Truss
image captionLiz Truss became foreign secretary in this week’s reshuffle

Meanwhile, Australia has defended scrapping its deal with France in favour of the Aukus pact.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison rejected accusations that Australia had lied, saying France should have been aware it was prepared to break the deal.

Speaking on Sunday, Mr Morrison said: “Ultimately, this was a decision about whether the submarines that were being built, at great cost to the Australian taxpayer, were going to be able to do a job that we needed it to do when they went into service and our strategic judgement based on the best possible of intelligence and defence advice was that it would not.”

The agreement means Australia will become just the seventh nation in the world to operate nuclear-powered submarines.

The pact will also see the allies share cyber capabilities, artificial intelligence and other undersea technologies.

But it has been criticised by China, which has accused the three powers of having a “Cold War mentality”.

And on Monday, North Korea, which has its own closely-watched nuclear weapon and missile programmes, warned it could spark a “nuclear arms race”.

“These are extremely undesirable and dangerous acts which will upset the strategic balance in the Asia-Pacific region,” state media KCNA quoted a foreign ministry official as saying.

Irene Victoria Easton Christensen – Helen of Troy

Posted on May 8, 2021 by Royal Rosamond Press

China and Russia ambushed Blinken at the United Nations yesterday. But, I saw it coming. What inspired me to write a James Bond book – is a book in itself! To consider it becoming a movie – took a lot of guts!
Richard Rosenberg and Huey Newton 1 | Rosamond Press

My Kinship With Liz, The Gettys, Ian Fleming | Rosamond Press

China and Russia ambush Blinken at UN Security Council (msn.com)

Secretary of State Antony Blinken was lectured by China and Russia at a United Nations Security Council meeting that saw the authoritarian powers attempt to invalidate Western diplomatic initiatives and the U.S. alliance network.
“I’m sure that all countries would be glad to see the United States changing course and make a real contribution to practicing multilateralism,” Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Friday, moments after Blinken concluded his remarks.

Blinken denounced Chinese hypocrisy, although, like Wang, he avoided mentioning the target nations by name.
“A foundational unit of the United Nations, from the first sentence of the charter, is not just the nation-state — it’s also the human being,” Blinken said. “Some argue that what governments do within their own borders is their own business. … Asserting domestic jurisdiction doesn’t give any state a blank check to enslave, torture, disappear, ethnically cleanse their people, or violate their human rights in any other way.”

Rosamond Press

The European Union is acting as a World Police Force in warning Iran about the seizure of a ship. My old muse, married well. Irene is more that a female James Bond. She is the embodiment of Britania.

The portrait I did of Rena is a ‘Historic Portrait’.  Not even Rena can take this truth from me. She was my, and my late sister’s muse. She is redeeming. She is redeemed by her choice of a husband, who made history.

John Presco



Rena as Britania and American Eagle

Posted onJanuary 27, 2017byRoyal Rosamond Press


Rena’s late husband was Former Head of the British Defence Staff which was founded by Winston Churchill to insure these two allies would forever be on the same side. It appears Theresa May is responding to the pledge of unity in meeting with Don Juan Trumpster.

New Nation of Fromond

Posted on November 13, 2016 by Royal Rosamond Press


The New Nation of Fromond will be born the day after Trump is inaugurated. I suggest we have a massive celebration in San Francisco celebrating the transfer of all America’s Creative Spirit over the The People of Fromond. Frodomond is a alternative spelling. Let us create a collective legacy that will be passed down for generations to come. The Counter Culture may not have suitable Heirs.


The Fromondese will be as Green as can be. More details are coming. Study the plans for Cascadia. John Fremont founded the West. I have read his French surname is derived from Fromond. He was the first Presidential candidate for the Republican Party he co-founded. We will take away Trumps permission to use our founding father’s name. Indeed, we will pass around a petition demanding the Trumpites leave our sacred Abolitionist Party. We will broadcast a Declaration of Emancipation across this Democratic Land, the very moment Tricky Trump places his hand on the Bible. The next day, women will march on Washington. We will reform the Jessie Scouts and make sure centers that cater to the needs of women are a safe place.

I implore you take me seriously. I am a wealth of Historic Permission, that will trump the vile permission you have already heard spewing forth from the Trumpster.

Jon Presco

Designer of Fromond

Copyright 2016

 Tens of thousands of people say they are participating in a “Women’s March on Washington” the day after President-elect Donald Trump is inaugurated.

The event, which is publicized on Facebook and scheduled for January 21, has garnered national attention and is titled the “Women’s March on Washington.” Previously, it was called the “Million Women March on D.C.”



The 2019 #Calexit Independence Referendum

In the Spring of 2019, Californians will go to the polls in a historic vote to decide by referendum if California should exit the Union, a #Calexit vote.

You will have this historic opportunity because the Yes California Independence Campaign will qualify a citizen’s initiative for the 2018 ballot that if passed would call for a special election for Californians to vote for or against the independence of California from the United States.

This is a very important question. It is the responsibility of this campaign to explain what a yes vote will mean for you, your family, your community, our state, our country, and our world. We have designed this website to answer many of these questions and look to you to ask more.

“As the sixth largest economy in the world, California is more economically powerful than France and has a population larger than Poland. Point by point, California compares and competes with countries, not just the 49 other states.”

In our view, the United States of America represents so many things that conflict with Californian values, and our continued statehood means California will continue subsidizing the other states to our own detriment, and to the detriment of our children.

Although charity is part of our culture, when you consider that California’s infrastructure is falling apart, our public schools are ranked among the worst in the entire country, we have the highest number of homeless persons living without shelter and other basic necessities, poverty rates remain high, income inequality continues to expand, and we must often borrow money from the future to provide services for today, now is not the time for charity.

However, this independence referendum is about more than California subsidizing other states of this country. It is about the right to self-determination and the concept of voluntary association, both of which are supported by constitutional and international law.

It is about California taking its place in the world, standing as an equal among nations. We believe in two fundamental truths: (1) California exerts a positive influence on the rest of the world, and (2) California could do more good as an independent country than it is able to do as a just a U.S. state.

In 2016, the United Kingdom voted to leave the international community with their “Brexit” vote. Our “Calexit” referendum is about California joining the international community. You have a big decision to make.

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Covid Contaminating Christians

It is clear that millions of Christians are using the Covid Crisis as a political weapon. I believe Christian think tanks have blamed Covid-19 for the downfall of Trump and the end of political evangelical ambitions to rule America. I will post on this many times before I make my conclusions. Do Christians own the right to spread Death amongst us? Consider their laws making it impossible for women to have an abortion in Texas. Do non-believers have a right to protect their children – even while in their mother’s wombs?

Seer John

“Palin, 57, said that her family was diagnosed with the coronavirus after one of her daughters woke up not being able to taste or smell, which is a symptom of the virus. The daughter “immediately had a positive Covid test, then was quarantined in isolation,” Palin said in her statement.”

Sarah Palin urges mask use after revealing Covid-19 diagnosis (nbcnews.com)


White Evangelical Churches and the Crisis of Vaccine Hesitancy | Health News | US News

“In the ensuing months, inoculation numbers have climbed significantly – with a few persistent outliers: among them, white evangelical Christians, whose vaccination refusal rates have remained high even as similar figures for other groups have fluctuated or decreased. The difference underscores how religion has emerged as a key fissure between those who will get the shot and those who refuse.

About 14% of American adults say they won’t get vaccinated under any circumstances as of June, while the number is a much higher 22% among white evangelical Christians, according to a rigorous ongoing survey by KFF, the policy arm of the Kaiser Family Foundation. In fact, the 22% refusal rate was among the highest of any demographic group the foundation measured.

“They don’t see the virus as a major threat to themselves, and they see the vaccine as a greater threat to themselves,” KFF researcher Ashley Kirzinger says. “It doesn’t matter whether they’ve seen someone die from COVID.”

Photos: COVID-19 Impacts Religion

TOPSHOT - Annalise D'Andrade (L) her wife Kara Danner and daughter McKayla watch Pastor Sarah Scherschligt as they attend mass online from their living room on May 17, 2020, in Great Falls Virginia. - Annalise D'Andrade her wife Kara Danner and daughter McKayla Danner have attended Pastor Sarah Scherschligt's mass online every Sunday since the Peace Lutheran Church had to close following the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak. (Photo by Eric BARADAT / AFP) / This picture is part of a series of images taken at the same time as the mass with Pastor Sarah Scherschligt from her basement and inside the home of a parishioner. (Photo by ERIC BARADAT/AFP via Getty Images)View All 25 Images

Anti-vaccination attitudes have long been prevalent in America’s white evangelical community, says Monique Deal Barlow, a research and doctoral candidate at Georgia State University. That anti-vax position, Deal Barlow says, has been incorporated into a conspiratorial, anti-science political view she describes as Christian nationalism.

Some evangelicals have found biblical justifications for their opposition to vaccination, Deal Barlow says. But much of it, she says, stems from a “suspicion of science and the global elite” fed by misinformation and conspiracy theories stoked by right-wing, white supremacist political figures.

“The ways we approach science and the ways we communicate it in our churches has become such a political issue,” she says. “I haven’t seen anything so divisive.”[ 

READ: Faith Meets Science to Overcome Black Vaccine Barriers ]

Adam Klekowski, executive pastor at Flood Church in San Diego, doesn’t doubt that some among his politically diverse congregation of 700 to 800 are refusing to be vaccinated. He describes his racially mixed but mostly white church as nondenominational and from the evangelical tradition. He’s spoken about his positive experience with the vaccine, and promotes it with a subtle touch out of concern that pressure would divide the church along what amounts to partisan lines.

“Unfortunately,” the 39-year-old pastor says, “something that shouldn’t be political has turned into something that’s political.”

Klekowski says church leaders at Flood Church won’t survey the congregation to determine the vaccination rates. He’d like to, to ease the minds of those reluctant to bring themselves and their children back to in-person services, but knows doing so would be divisive.[ 

READ: The Uncertain Future of Faith and Health ]

“Because of all the information they’re hearing on the news, you end up with a fight within the church that really feels silly,” Klekowski says. “You’re holding these tensions while trying to guide people toward what we think is true and helpful for them.”

Misinformation about vaccination is a challenge, Klekowski says. But, as he sees it, the bigger problem is the politicization of the vaccine. A medical decision that might otherwise be driven by science has transformed into a question of personal freedom.

“You can have the scientific conversation, but that’s not really what they’re talking about,” he says. “They’re taking it to a different place.”

Klekowski sees personal interactions as the most effective way to nudge those who are adamantly against vaccination toward taking a vaccine. Kirzinger, the KFF researcher, shares that view, in part because nothing else appears to work.

“We really haven’t found a single message or messenger that moves people out of that ‘definitely not’ group,” Kirzinger says.

But mixing between people who’ve been vaccinated and those who are decidedly anti-vaccine is rare, Kirzinger says. In most households, all the adults are either vaccinated or unvaccinated. Social networks are clustered.

Parsing responses from the KFF survey that’s reached 20,000 Americans so far, Kirzinger draws a distinction between those who say they definitely will not take the vaccine and those who said they haven’t because of outstanding concerns.

Some church leaders in other religious communities, notably Black evangelical churches, have pushed their congregations toward vaccination, going as far as to host vaccination clinics and take the vaccine in public.https://bf9cccdf83906f41f21723e8a77dc7d1.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-38/html/container.html%5B 

MORE: America’s Religious Communities Confront Coronavirus ]

“Black adults and Hispanic adults weren’t hesitant about vaccines,” says Kirzinger, KFF’s associate director of public opinion and survey research. “They just had questions.”

At Calvary Temple Baptist Church in Kansas City, Pastor Eric D. Williams promoted COVID-19 testing and, when it became available, vaccination to his mostly Black congregation. Working with other faith leaders, community groups and institutions, he’s also pushed to make the vaccine more accessible to people who struggled to receive proper health care well before the pandemic set in.

The coronavirus was not the first pandemic Williams’ church has faced. Williams recalls a call in the late 1980s from a mortician reporting that a family who’d lost a son to AIDS needed someone to lay him to rest. Williams did and has been searching since for ways to minister to public health issues, including politically divisive ones.

“Similar to now, we really felt that the power of hope can be significant,” Williams says. “We’ve done it with HIV. We’ve done it with diabetes. We’ve done it with mental health. We’ve done it a number of ways. And now we’re continuing that with COVID.”

Williams says he hopes those who share his Christian faith will look to a letter attributed to John, in which the apostle wishes the recipient health “above all things.”

Too often, Williams says, clergy look after the souls but not the bodies of those who fill their churches, mosques, synagogues and temples. He urges those in his profession who’ve chosen silence on vaccination to speak up.

“This is a public health crisis,” he says. “If we don’t address this, our pews will be empty. Those who used to sit in those seats will be dead.”

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Kennedy Met Fleming

President Biden has now entered the world carved out by President Kennedy and Ian Fleming. Warships and spies are – to the front!

Ian met Kennedy at a Washington party where I suspect Rena met Ian Easton. I am going to contact the French Government and offer to act as their agent and promoter.

Seer John

” He also gave Bond a bit of his own character in that Bond was basically a womanizer, he drank heavily, he smoked cigarettes, he liked the high life, and he liked gambling particularly. So, basically, Bond ended up with many of the personal characteristics of Ian Fleming.”

How James Bond author Ian Fleming created a movie icon | EW.com

The Relationship Between  John F. Kennedy and Ian Fleming James Bond 007 (007museum.com)

Ian Fleming served in British Intelligence MI6 during World War II. From this experience, he learned the workings of the system of spying and the secret service. He started writing his series of James Bond books around 1952 and wrote a book every year or two until completing 14 books.

Fleming and Kennedy Meet

Fleming was somewhat dashing and had many friends within British government. Thus, he was invited to a party in Washington D.C. held by newly elected American President John F. Kennedy.

Fleming was introduced to President Kennedy, and in their conversation, he told Kennedy that he had a way to get rid of Fidel Castro, the Communist leader of Cuba. This piqued Kennedy’s interest, since Castro had been a thorn in the side of Kennedy.

Gave amusing suggestion

Fleming said that Castro’s beard was the key. Without the beard, Castro would look like anyone else. It was his trademark. So, Fleming said that the U.S. should announce that they found that beards attract radioactivity. Any person wearing a beard could become radioactive himself as well as sterile!

Castro would immediately shave off his beard and would soon fall from power, when the people saw him as an ordinary person.

Kennedy had a good laugh about this bizarre suggestion.

Kennedy tells about books

John F. Kennedy was a young and fun-loving president. He had a good sense of humor and certainly enjoyed a joke or two. His style and grace caught the Country by storm.

When he found out that Fleming had written some spy stories, Kennedy promised to read one.

Later, in a press conference, a reporter ask President Kennedy what type of books he liked read. He said his favorite books were the James Bond series, by Ian Fleming. Once the public found out about it, the books rose to the best-selling list.

In conclusion

After President Kennedy was given an amusing suggestion of how to get rid of Fidel Castro by author Ian Fleming, he promised to read some of his books. They became favorites of the President, and when this was broadcast in the press, they became national best sellers.

Some lessons learned here are:

  • Being charming with a good sense of humor helps in becoming successful
  • A promotional plug from the President can be invaluable
  • Movies aren’t as good as the books

Fleming swiftly followed Casino Royale with Live and Let Die and then MoonrakerDiamonds Are ForeverFrom Russia with LoveDr. NoGoldfinger, and the rest of the Bond library, averaging a book a year through the ’50s and early ’60s. In addition to gifting Bond many of his real-life characteristics, the author routinely named characters after real-life people, borrowing the moniker “Goldfinger, for example,” from the architect Erno Goldfinger. (When the real Goldfinger subsequently threatened to sue Fleming, the author supposedly toyed with changing the villain’s name to “Goldprick.”)

Fleming was enthusiastic about Bond being adapted for the screen. In October 1954, CBS screened an hour-long version of Casino Royale, just seven months after the book was published in America. The show depicted Bond as American and at one point in the live broadcast audiences saw Peter Lorre, who was playing Le Chiffre, get up and walk away to his dressing room after his character had supposedly died. “Ian Fleming was desperate [for his books to be adapted] partially because he’d just had a kid,” says Mark A. Altman, co-author of Nobody Does It Better: The Complete, Uncensored Unauthorized Oral History of James Bond. “The books were successful, but they weren’t huge like they ultimately became. He was desperate to make a movie deal. In that sense, he was kind of ahead of his time. Because if you look at his contemporaries, they were only interested in the books and the literary pursuit. Whereas Fleming always had his eye on the prize, which was selling the lucrative rights and having it be a franchise.”

In America, Bond received a major plug from President Kennedy in March, 1961, when Life magazine revealed that JFK was a fan of the womanizing spy. “Kennedy has confined himself mostly to nonfiction,” wrote the magazine’s correspondent Hugh Sidey in a lengthy article about the new commander-in-chief’s reading habits, “but like many of the world’s leaders he has a weakness for detective stories, especially those of British author Ian Fleming and his fictitious undercover man, James Bond. When CIA director Alan Dulles learned about this, he told Fleming and the next time Fleming came to the U.S., Kennedy had him over for dinner.”

The last film Kennedy ever saw before his assassination was reportedly the second Bond movie, 1963’s From Russia with Love. Of course, it was Bond’s arrival on the big screen, starting with 1962’s Dr. No, which really turned 007 into a publishing phenomenon. Fleming visited the set of Dr. No when the movie shot in Jamaica and later traveled to Istanbul to see some shooting on From Russia With Love. Both films were successful, but Bond-mania really got going with the third 007 adventure, Goldfinger, which doubled the box office gross of its predecessor and caused a dramatic spike in book sales. In 1965, the year the fourth Bond movie, Thunderball, was released, Fleming’s novels sold 27 million copies in 18 languages.

The author would witness only a small pa

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No Battleship For Bozo

Christian Crusaders went for Bozo. How come those Christian Leaders, who lay their hands all over our president on the Oval office, didn’t keep Trump abreast of world affairs so he could continue to be the King of Christendom and Protector of the Holy Grail against the enemies of France? How come no Christian prophet saw it coming?

Biden may have made a mistake. He may be shooting from the hip there a need to show he is in control and calling the shots. There is talk about France selling their subs to Vietnam. 

Seer John


Battle of the Chesapeake – Wikipedia

French officials CANCEL gala dinner celebrating ties with US in protest at losing $90bn sub contract | Daily Mail Online

Why the US should offer to buy France’s submarines for Vietnam (msn.com)


Rosamond Press

The Christian Clown Car keeps rolling! The Christian-right keeps sending VERY WEAK messages to our enemies, telling them our prayers – and votes don’t work. Our Navy did not want to be used to make God look good, they reasoning – He doesn’t want their help, and, He is still good to go with Mr. Bozo! To prove this is so, God bid Gaetz to declare he will nominate Bozo to be the Speaker of the House, after God takes back Congress. I guess it’s O.K. to say these are GOD’S PLANS. Why keep it a secret any longer. God wants His Loyal Ones to line up behind China and Russia and attack the President of the United States and his party.


Trump rally at Battleship Park nixed after political concerns raised | WPMI (mynbc15.com)

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz on Saturday told a crowd of Trump supporters that he’ll…

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Knights Templar and The Death of History

How come France and NATO did not send spies to America to see which way the wind blow? They could have hired the Goldbrick think tank.

Rosamond Press

With the taking down of the statue of Albert Pike and petition to take down the statue of St. Louis, I declare American History – dead! Why Cervantes? Anything that looks white, or, smells white – is under attack! My history has been under attack since 1994. My  discovery that the Rougemont Templars owned the Shroud of Turin was attacked by Sinclair Freemasons.

John Presco

“The national reckoning over racism spilled into Golden Gate Park on Friday night, where demonstrators pointed their rage toward statues of St. Junipero Serra, President Ulysses S. Grant and “Star-Spangled Banner” lyricist Francis Scott Key — toppling the emblems of a nation’s history fraught with violence and ambiguity.”



Vladimir Putin is concerned that civil unrest in the U.S. may make President Donald Trump and Washington unpredictable in its dealings with Moscow, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

“Resolved, that in vindication of the prerogatives…

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Marie D’ Medici and New France

I saw it coming and tried to prevent it.

Rosamond Press

The Roses and the Lilies


John Presco

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Today is June 21, 2020.  I may be the only historian who can pen this history without threats and ridicule. I am the family historian of Senator Thomas Hart Benton, his daughter, Jessie, and her husband, John Fremont who was the first to emancipate American slaves. I am the only historian who can restore the history that has been torn down by angry mobs who came to believe they have the right to tear down what they did not make. Who made their anger? Did not a white man make them angry?

An hour ago I began this essay/story after being awoke at 5:00. I had a dream about the Rosamond Family Motto. This post was written in an hour. I believe a Higher Power assisted me.

In looking at the history of Saint Louis, King of France, I found…

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Birth of the New France

Only I saw our relations with France as being important. Too bad this blog is not more well known.

Rosamond Press

I believe the ancestors of Jesus were Kurds. All Knight Templars prepare to work for the Kurds, and New France in America! Trump and the Republican party destroyed my Democracy and Chivalry. Our allies will never trust us, which is what Putin dreamed. Trump is a Russian.

Thomas Jefferson believed the Lousiana Purchase was not legal as it went against the Thirteen Colonies and the Constitution. He believed Napoleon had no right to sell this land – that I claim due to my ties to many Royal Houses. If Virginia and I get married, we will be the most Royal Couple in America.

John ‘The Prophet;



Creating New France Will Destroy Republican Anarchists






Proposal 019Virginia Hambley de Bourmont’s great, great grandfather, Louis Auguste Joseph De Ghaisne Comte De Bourmont, rekindled the Colonial ambitions of the French Crown when he took Algeria.

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Mars Must Rule The Waves

Visions of the Ghost Fleet will prove to be one of the most literary importance. There is a love story here, between myself and Rena Easton. The Crusade of the Radical Christian-right, ended yesterday in front of our Capitol. The armed fake patriots I perceived that were behind Rena having Deputy Dan Mayland call me – had their day! It is over for them. Turn out the lights!

Now, it is Frances turn. A naval celebration is canceled over Uncle Sam putting his long arm around the Britannia of Australia. Does that work? I found a new Goddess of War, Bellona, that should replace the Statue of Liberty that France gave us. We need a more aggressive goddess, one that has to be kept on a leash, a chain, so eager is she to shred China.

Seer John

Bellona (goddess) – Wikipedia

Bellona was originally an ancient Sabine goddess of war identified with Nerio, the consort of the war god Mars, and later with the Greek war goddess Enyo. Her temple in Rome was dedicated in 296 BCE near the Circus Flaminius by Appius Claudius Caecus, during the war with the Etruscans and Samnites.[1]

Her festival was celebrated on 3 June, and her priests were known as Bellonarii and used to wound their own arms or legs as a blood sacrifice to her.[3] These rites took place on 24 March, called the day of blood (dies sanguinis), after the ceremony. In consequence of this practice, which approximated to the rites dedicated to Cybele in Asia Minor, both Enyo and Bellona became identified with her Cappadocian aspect, Ma.[4]

Often in poetry the name Bellona is used simply as a synonym for war, although in the Thebaid of Statius the goddess appears as a character, representing the destructive and belligerent aspect of war. There she is described as carrying a spear and a flaming torch or riding in a chariot and waving a blood-stained sword.[7] Classical allusions to Bellona later appear in Shakespeare‘s plays in the appropriate context of warrior characters: Hotspur describes the goddess as “the fire-eyed maid of smoky war”, for example,[8] and Macbeth is referred to as “Bellona’s bridegroom”,[9] that is to say, the equivalent of Mars.

Marianne (pronounced [maʁjan]) has been the national personification of the French Republic since the French Revolution, as a personification of liberty, equality, fraternity and reason, and a portrayal of the Goddess of Liberty.

Marianne is displayed in many places in France and holds a place of honour in town halls and law courts. She is depicted in the Triumph of the Republic, a bronze sculpture overlooking the Place de la Nation in Paris, and is represented with another Parisian statue in the Place de la République. Her profile stands out on the official government logo of the country, appears on French euro coins and on French postage stamps.[1] It was also featured on the former franc currency. Marianne is one of the most prominent symbols of the French Republic, and is officially used on most government documents.

By Alex Marquardt, Jennifer Hansler and Kylie Atwood, CNN

Amid a rift over a new security agreement between the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom, the French Embassy in Washington has canceled a Washington reception and toned down celebrations commemorating a Revolutionary War naval victory by the French that helped the US to win its independence.

The embassy said the celebrations have been made “more sober” and the reception planned for Friday at the ambassador’s residence to mark the 240th anniversary of the Battle of the Capes has been called off. A reception on a frigate in Baltimore has also been downsized, a senior French official told CNN, who said the changes were “to make the people more comfortable.”

“It’s not anger. We are not happy but it’s the practical way of adapting ourselves,” the official said. “In the context we have taken some things from the program, kept some others so that we kept the celebrations but don’t want to have people to be obliged to be together.”

Other parts of the celebration will continue, including a wreath laying in Annapolis on Saturday and a visit by a French destroyer to Baltimore Harbor on Monday.

The move comes a day after the United States announced a trilateral security arrangement with the Australians and British focusing on the Indo-Pacific region. Under that agreement, the US will help Australia acquire nuclear-powered submarines, costing Paris a multi-billion dollar submarine deal.

In a tweet Wednesday, French Ambassador to the US Philippe Etienne noted, “Interestingly, exactly 240 years ago the French Navy defeated the British Navy in Chesapeake Bay, paving the way for the victory at Yorktown and the independence of the United States.”

The French must see there is no point in wailing about having been shoddily treated. They were.

But who ever heard of a nation short-changing its defence priorities out of not wanting to give offence? The fact is that the Australians calculated they had underestimated the Chinese threat and so needed to boost their level of deterrence.

They acted with steely disregard for French concerns but, when it comes to the crunch, that is what nations do. It is almost the definition of a nation: a group of people who have come together to defend their own interests. Their own, not others’.

Of course, sometimes nations decide their interests are best served by joining alliances. That’s what the US did in suppressing its isolationist instincts in the last century.

But the second painful truth exposed by the Aukus affair is that the US no longer has any great interest in the outdated behemoth that is Nato. Nor does it harbour any particular loyalty to those who have stood by its side.

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France Withdraws Ambassadors Over Warships

I need to author a book and promote myself as the Greatest Seer since Nostradamus. i have talked about forming a College of Spies and Diplomats in Belmont California. i believe Ian Fleming and his kin, Sea Lord Caspar John, are speaking through me and my muse I now identify as….My Martian Muse!

Where is the prophet Jesus of Christianity? He has been assigned to Donald Trump to be his personal muse, and somehow, get the ex-Commander-in-Chief back in the White House because our fair Democratic elections – were fake? Are you serious! Millions of Christians are traitors to their country. They refuse to back our President in perilous times. In the name of Jesus – they don’t believe in Democracy!

Seer John

The French government has immediately recalled its ambassador to the US for consultation in response to the recently announced national security partnership with the United Kingdom and Australia.

France recalls its ambassadors to the US and Australia over new national security partnership (msn.com)

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Saturday’s rally on the grounds of the Capitol ended with little fanfare and none of the violence feared by law enforcement and residents of DC ahead of the event, likely due in no small part to the small crowd size and overwhelming police presence.

Justice for J6 updates: Live from DC rally supporting Capitol rioters (usatoday.com)

Philippe Étienne, the French ambassador to the US, confirmed the news when reached for comment.https://www.dianomi.com/smartads.epl?id=3533

In a statement, Jean-Yves Le Drian, the French minister for Europe and foreign affairs, said Friday that the move was made at the request of President Emmanuel Macron.

“This extraordinary decision reflects the exceptional seriousness of the announcements made on September 15 by Australia and the United States,” Le Drian said. “The abandonment of the ocean-class submarine project that Australia and France had been working on since 2016 and the announcement of a new partnership with the United States aimed at studying the possibility of future cooperation on nuclear-powered submarines constitute unacceptable behavior among allies and partners; their consequences affect the very concept we have of our alliances, our partnerships, and the importance of the Indo-Pacific for Europe.”

It’s believed to be the first time the French have resorted to such a move in modern times, a French official told CNN.

The New York Times was first to report the news of the recalls.

The US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin spoke with the French Minister of Defense on Friday morning, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said during a briefing.

Kirby said it is clear there was “still much work to do in terms of our defense relationship with France,” after the talk between the two leaders. Kirby clarified, “I mean more things to work on, that there are opportunities and shared challenges and shared interests that both ministers are committed to continue to explore.”

“Ensuring a free and open Indo-Pacific is a shared interest between the United States and Europe, and we will continue our close partnership with NATO, the EU and other partners on that kind of endeavor,” Kirby said.

National Security Council spokesperson Emily Horne said the White House has been in contact with the French government regarding the decision to recall its envoy to Washington for consultation in Paris.

Video: France recalls its ambassador to the U.S. and Australia, a move ‘normally reserved for adversaries, not for allies’ (CNN)Video Player is loading.PauseAd -:- – up next “France recalls its ambassador to the U.S. and Australia, a move ‘normally reserved for adversaries, not for allies'”Loaded: 0.00%Unmute0France recalls its ambassador to the U.S. and Australia, a move ‘normally reserved for adversaries, not for allies’

“We understand their position and will continue to be engaged in the coming days to resolve our differences, as we have done at other points over the course of our long alliance. France is our oldest ally and one of our strongest partners, and we share a long history of shared democratic values and a commitment to working together to address global challenges,”

The French government said earlier this week that it felt betrayed when Australia pulled out of their existing multibillion-dollar defense deal, agreeing instead to attain nuclear-powered submarines through a new deal with the United States and the United Kingdom.

The effort to provide Australia with nuclear-powered submarines — a major step toward countering China as President Joe Biden works to build international backing for his approach to Beijing — is part of a new trilateral partnership among the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom, dubbed “AUKUS.”

France stands to lose the equivalent of $65 billion US dollars from an existing deal to provide Australia with conventional, diesel-powered submarines.

The canceled deal with France, a major global weapons exporter, is expected to make a significant economic impact on the French defense sector. France also stands to lose out strategically in the Indo-Pacific, where the country holds significant interests.

On Thursday, after the nuclear-powered submarine deal with the US and the UK was announced, Australia formally announced it would be withdrawing from its previous contract for conventional submarines with France.

The deal with Paris had been in the works for years.

Australia previously planned to acquire 12 conventional attack-class submarines from the French shipbuilder Naval Group, which successfully beat out competing German and Japanese bids in 2016.

US officials on Friday defended the deal, and both the Americans and the Australians have indicated that the French government wasn’t blindsided by the reneging of the original contract, saying high-ranking French officials were made aware of the decision by the Australian government.

A senior administration official also said top American officials had communicated with their counterparts in France about the new agreement before and after it was announced. “I will leave it to our Australian partners to describe why they sought this new technology,” the official added.

Australia’s Defense Minister Peter Dutton said in a news conference on Thursday that the decision to choose the American nuclear-powered submarine over France’s conventional diesel submarine “is based on what is in the best interests of our national security.”

Biden attempt to thread the needle of European diplomacy and navigate a post-Brexit world has left some loyal allies suggesting Biden’s actions have ignored their needs or have been in line with those of his pro-nationalist predecessor, former President Donald Trump.

Prior to recalling the French Ambassador, Le Drian, in response to the deal, had strong words for the US, saying, “This brutal and unilateral decision resembles a lot of what Trump is doing.”

Biden is scheduled to meet with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson next week at the White House, two officials confirmed to CNN on Thursday. And several foreign leaders are expected to visit the US for the annual United Nations General Assembly in New York next week, but many leaders coming to the US for the assembly are still waiting to hear if they will get sessions with the President.

This story has been updated with additional details Friday.

France is now deeply upset over Australia’s cancellation of a contract to buy tens of billions of dollars worth of submarines from its Naval Group manufacturer. On Friday, France recalled its ambassadors from Washington and Canberra. Instead of the French submarines, Australia will access U.S. nuclear technology and develop a nuclear powered submarine fleet. Whatever the economic considerations, however, Australia’s possession of Naval Group’s Shortfin Barracuda submarines would have had security value. Again, it’s all about the technicalities of sound, geography, and submarine operations.https://www.dianomi.com/smartads.epl?id=3533

Consider that the most likely geographic locale for a U.S.-Australian conflict with China is the South China Sea. That matters because the waters surrounding the PLA-Navy’s keystone bases in this area are very shallow. This is especially true in the Gulf of Tonkin waters bounding Hainan island’s western coast to the Chinese mainland. Depths here rarely exceed 150 feet, and never more than 300 feet. Much of mainland China’s South China Sea coastline is also very shallow. And while the waters immediately surrounding Hainan’s Yulin submarine base are deeper, they do not range above 350 feet.

That brings us back to the Shortfin Barracudas that France was set to build for Australia.

Equipped with latest air-independent propulsion systems, those diesel-electric powered boats would have been very quiet. Considering the air, surface, and undersea sensors that China will likely have employed around its naval bases, the French boats would have had an advantage over U.S. Virginia-class nuclear powered submarines. (Incidentally, this utility would also extend to the Strait of Malacca choke point separating Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. Were any conflict to extend in duration, the U.S. would likely block Chinese trade flows through the Malacca Strait.) But it is far from inconceivable to think that, in war, bold Australian submarine commanders could have lurked quietly, sinking Chinese submarines and surface warships as they entered and exited port. Instead, in any future conflict, the U.S. and its allies are likely to operate their nuclear attack submarines in deeper waters.

Top line: What’s done is done. But don’t believe those who say that this is the best possible choice. It is not. That would have been for Australia (or even the U.S.) to buy a mix of nuclear and diesel-electric submarines.

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