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A Triple Portrait of May Morris

A Triple Portrait of May Morris


Untamable, tigeris a painting by John Trivett Nettleship which was uploaded on August 13th, 2019.

a forest idyll by john trivett nettleship

  • John Trivett Nettleship
  • A forest idyll, 1899
  • 58.5 x 76 cm. (23 x 29.9 in.)

John Trivett Nettleship

(British, 1841–1902)


John Trivett Nettleship – Wikipedia

He was one ofThe Brotherhood, a group of the 1870s includingJohn Butler YeatsandEdwin John Ellis. They were admirers ofWilliam Blake, on friendly terms with thePre-Raphaelitesor at least the Rossetti brothers, and part of theBedford Parksocial and artistic group.[2]He created a group of what he called “Blake drawings” exploring the style of the poet-artist. He also made the Blake-influenced illustrations toArthur O’Shaughnessy‘s poetry collectionEpic of Women and other poemsin 1870.

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