Rosemary ‘A Thorny Tale’

I am…The Spud King!

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I am now launching a search for the Tribune article about Rosemary’s arrest in 1962. A week before our mother told us she was making pornographic movies, and hooking for Big Bones Remmer, our friend Randy Silver brought over a porno movie his father owned. Did Rosemary hear about this? If so, this may have caused her to gather Mark, Christine, and myself together when we we sixteen, fifteen, and fourteen, and tell us (while in tears)…

“I’m making porno movies and hooking for the mobster, Big Bones Remmer, who you met. I’m afraid you will come across one of my movies. You need to be extra good, because the authorities will take you away from me, and put you in an orphanage. You will be seperated. “

The Hooker’s Ball is a San Francisco tradition. My mother was a Woman’s Liberationist, and would be all over Patricia Hanson for…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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