Belmont History Scandal

What could have been.

Rosamond Press

Here is the come-on. The City of Belmont offers free membership to THE Belmont Historical Society IF POTENTIAL BUYERS ATTEND the book signing ceremony for the book CYNTHIA KARPA McCARTHY wrote 2014. Why didn’t the city, the society, and Cynthia, get on google to see if anyone had copyrighted some of this history – before they singed off on it, gave their signature and O.K.? I have every reason to suspect they went into my archives via the search, and found my copyrighted material. THEY knew what was going on, and kept me in the dark. Then THEY threatened me and GASLIGHTED me. Never in the annals of History Keeping, has such an outrage occurred. I am actively seeking an attorney. I have a right to affix my name to my family history and have it publicly displayed with other history pertinent to my family. How did McCarthy come to…

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