Rebooting Bond

Are you – ready?

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There is discussion about rebooting Bond. I offer my opinion on a Facebook group.

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James Bond 007 Fans | Facebook

Next James Bond Movie Will Be a Total Reboot — Again | Fatherly

So, what happens now? Where does the Bond franchise go from here following – SPOILER —the shocking end ofNo Time to Die? If you waited until the very, very, very end of the movie, after all the credits rolled, you will have been greeted by the words“James Bond Will Return.”But what does that mean? Here’s why the next Bond movie will have to be a complete reboot, and why in the long history of the franchise, that’s actually not that weird.Spoilers!

Could James Bond Return from the dead?

Believe it or not, James Bond has died before. At the ending of the fifth James Bond novel — the 1957…

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