End Sinning In The State of Sin


Since the Constitution was signed, Christian Leaders have tried to make Gambling illegal. They failed. They did make Drinking illegal, but, after giving rise to Violent Crime Bosses – who hated to pay their taxes – Drinking was made legal again.

There are 1, 600,000 Americas who associate with being Transgender – THAT IS NOT A SIN! Why then are so many alleged Christians trying to harass Transgender folks – and not owners of Casinos in Las Vegas and Reno? Who does the most harm? How many fathers have committed suicide after gambling away the deed tot their happy home?

DeSantis is determined to destroy Disneyworld for telling him to leave Gays alone.. With the Emergency Law that creates the New Seabees and the Atlantis Casino of Alameda, I suggest President Biden create The CB Bank of Alameda where all the profits from Federal Casinos are kept. These profits will go to create small Seabee Businesses. Very low interest loans will be available. The Seabee Vet will have the option of putting his/her Social Security in the CB Bank. Upon reaching retirement age, the CB Vet has the option of leaving his/her home to Heirs, or, giving it to the CB bank in exchange for a pension that will go towards Retirement, or, a stay at a Seabee Retirement Community.

I suggest President Biden make Gambling in Nevada illegal, and create the CB Bank of Nevada. Citizens of Nevada will be able to invest their Social Security in purchasing the homes that will become vacant because of the lack of Casino jobs. Small Businesses will be restructured. Nevada will be modeled after the teaching of Jesus, and all the Homeless of America will be offered homes, apartments, and land in..


I know nothing about economics. But, I do know my Bible, and God’s intentions when he led 660,000 of God’s Chosen Children out of servitude in Egypt. Jesus came to restore the Jubilee Laws. I am talking about a Nevada Homestead Act, that will empty all the Homeless from every city in America!

Let my people go – TO NEVADA!

With our Downtowns free of vagrants, I suggest our LAWFUL PRESIDENT offer low-interest busing loans to Small Businesses so they can – COME BACK!


Johnny Oregon

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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