College of the Falcon For Poor Students

Everything point to me being the embodiment of Saint Francis who taught PVERTY was the only way to Jesus and God. Millions of Republcan Christians WORSHIP Rich Donald Trump. They claime he is King David – even Jesus!

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Pope Adrien launched a Anti-Reformation, I suspect with help of his good friend, Gottschalk Rosemondt, the Master of Leuven, and the Falcon Art College. Adrien stipulated in his Will (that Rosemondt was the Executor of) that he wanted a residential college so poor students could come study Theology and the Arts. This was in answer to the Pope’s in Rome, and the Medici Bankers, who Adrien, and I assume, Rosemondt, saw as threat to the Papacy. I suspect Rosemondt is the founder of the Dutch Renaissance that produced Hieronymus Bosch, a member of the Swan Brethren, as were members of the Roesmont family. Bosch destroyed the idea of Decorative Art – as intended. His work is full of messages – from God – that can not be ignored! This is Dutch Bohemianism with roots in Humanism as promoted by Erasmus. It may have its roots in the Poor Knight of…

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