Evangelical Nuts Will Vote For Degenerate

I might be the only human who got death threats because they were not WOKE. Alley Valkyrie is in France helping burn stuff.

Rosamond Press

The FBI have confirmed the Biden campaign bus was harassed and impeded by Trump supporters. Demand to know how many of them were evangelical lunatics that need to be locked up – because they believe Trump is the reincarnation of King David? What has happened, is, secular and religious anarchists have become one. Both want to do away with the Federal Government. Eugene did have a ‘King and Queen of Anarchy’. One of them was my neighbor – and an ally of Ally Valkyrie – who I get to write about!

Above is my neighbor, Kim Haffner, who impeded my way to and from my abode with 500 hundred pounds of blubber that sagged down to her knees. She attacked a beloved pet of the complex on several occasions, she doing her damnedest to keep it from coming upstairs and visiting me. Below El Lardo is Alley Valkyrie and Belle…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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