Epstein Rapes Fifteen Year Old

I though easy access to PORN was the plagues that is destroying our youth. Is the real President setting a fine example by giving a ton of money to a PORN star to keep her mouth shut so he can win the White House forever abd ever – in the name of Jesus?

Rosamond Press




Not once have we heard POTUS be concerned for victims. How much does Melania know about this Rape Ring of Children? Is this part of the King David defense? Jesus descends from King David and Solomon. How come the Evangelical Angels – who guided Donald to the Presidency – didn’t intervene on the behalf of these children who were being RAPED? One child was made to perform a lude ritual while Epstein wore fake breasts. Note ‘The Hand of King David’ resting on the shoulder of a Trump Alley. If you are rich, you are his bosom buddy. If you got access to underage females, you are on Team Degenerate Pussy Grabber. Trump is a degenerate who makes jokes about being a sleaze ball. Evangelicals voted for him after seeing the Access Hollywood in order to get back at disbelievers.

The evangelical voters put The Devil in…

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