Phil Knight and The Wendlings

This might be Oregon’s most prophetic study and history.

Sallie learned about the bound servant version from a cousin she corresponded with after the children were all married and she didn’t have so much work to do. She also learned that they had a crest – had traced the ancestry back far enough to get a noble for the family tree.

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Highly religious people are very likely to believe that the Earth is sacred and that humans have a duty to protect it. Yet many of them—and particularly those in certain Christian denominations—do not think that climate change is a big problem or that humans are causing it.

I have been conducting an investigation as to why Phil Knight gave Betsey Johanson – A TIMBER HEIRESS – over three million dollars to run for Governor. Did he REALLY believe she has a snowball’s chance in hell of winning? Oregon is the Top Tree Huggear State in the Union. I believe I am being investigated to see if I am a violent stalker out to hurt billionaires who are hurting the plaent, but, that;s in my deluded acid-soaked head.

I have been posting much of my last posts on the three candidates Facebook – and other politicans – who really…

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